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My Medication..

Please Read With Flu Accent, Thank You.

It's been 3 days and am still feeling awful! *sneeze* I did not go to the Dr. because I know what I'll they'll give me and I know it's pointless cause I know it's not what would make me feel better, wanna know what medication would actually work? THAT!

aaaah life is beautiful =} .. I feel better already just looking at him =}




Sponty Is Not O.K.

I'm sick :~( .. I don't like being sick, I can't sleep well, I can't breath well, I look terrible, I can't stand myself am either way too cold or way too hot, I sound like a broken engine and my head hurts along with my joints :~( .. my eyes are burning and I feel dizzy, I thought I'd feel better if I went to work and got myself a little busy, no use :( .. I don't like how I feel it's bugging :~( my stomach is acting weird too I feel sick it's probably something I ate yesterday, am still fighting and trying to make the day through, won't give up until I actually have to..

Tequila, remember you said in an earlier post with the puppy pic reminded you of a hot dog? I told you I have something more hot doggy, check this out..

ok now I'll go back to work and pretend that everything is ok and that am functioning as good as every other usual day.. be good y'all and be healthy .. *sniff*



A Day At E.C.

Entertainment City! Yep! Me and my friends were bored enough to finally find our selves wanting to go to Entertainment City, and we did, I haven't been there in like ten years if not more, I called mom to ask for directions and it took her awhile to get where we wanted to go, she kept on asking if we're sure of the place, my friend's mom gave us a look and was like .. okkkay!
So we went there and we actually had a blast! We laughed so much and we probably were the only grownups that were there for ourselves and not for their kids, we actually were our kids!.. I had fun, I needed that, am thankful for such a beautiful day, oh and before I go I have to share this with you guys..

At the famous Sinbad ride, or more like tour, that usually is children’s favorite, we noticed that they have changed a lot in there and left some exactly as they were from the early days, below you’ll find one of the things I’ve never seen there before.. a word of warning though, it could be a little shocking hehe! I guess E.C. can also mean Erotica City :P

We wondered how long has it been this way and how long will it be there until someone notices and says something!? whomever pays a visit, please do check the Sinbad ride and have us updated :)



The Woman From Hell

I think lost almost all of my friends, especially male friends, once they got married, unexplained phenomenon.. but wait! not all! I have one who didn't :)

Which means there could be few more out there, I SEE HOPE!! I have this friend of mine he’s very dear to me, we know eachother very well he’s a wonderful wonderful guy, well he might have a few ticks here and there like we all do but really, a wonderful guy, I could totally disregard these ticks, oh and compared to almost everyone else I knew? Yep, he sure is an angel, we count on each other on many things, we seek eachother’s advice and help once we need one with no hesitation, it’s good to have someone like that in your life.

So he recently got married like a year and a half ago, I didn’t expect him specifically out of our friends to be cool! I mean he always seemed to value traditional beliefs and wouldn’t speak much of his problems, I never thought he could be this open minded, he introduced me to his wife and I have to say it meant a lot to me, it made me realize that this guy trusts me for real, I appreciated that dearly, she
seemed to be a good person, her and I didn’t
become friends but she totally understood that him and I have been friends for a very long time and we’re as close as a brother and a sister can be, sweet of her of course.

I was happy to see him happy, he had a babyboy and it was fun to hear him speak about his life and see him as the husband and the father I never thought he would be, am proud :) but guess what, like everything else, that didn't last.. it was only in the early days, and I do mean days, he’s still the same amazing person he always been, not her though, he’s so unhappy.. and suddenly! I don’t know what to say when he tells me about the troubles they have, specially that he never told anyone about this.. it made me feel like he's reaching out.. and it keep on getting worse! I tried to explain that it’s what being married is all about and that it's normal but then what do I know, and I don’t get what suddenly happened!! she suddenly became WEIRD!
I hate to be in this shoe, I try to help and to make him see that it’s fine and it’ll be okay and it’s only a matter of time bla bla blaaa… but who am I kidding!! This woman is from hell!!! She means to piss him off and would be super mean to him over stupid stuff and in front of strangers! she shows no respect! No man would let that go!! Hell no woman would let a man treat her that way!! he doesn’t know what to fabricate to make her happy! my advice of “it’s okay it’s only a matter of time” made him seem to be accepting what she’s doing! I messed up! I thought if she saw that he's still a sweet heart even though she's a total bitch she'd come around! but she keeps on getting nastier and nastier!

At first I got to think.. okay he’s just making it up, but then things got rrrrreally obvious, Only hearing the stories give me headache.. The poor thing has to live with it! I’ve always hated meddling in issues like that but IT’S TOO MUCH!!! she was becomming bitter slowly but she reached the top only after she had the baby!!!

I swear if his mom knew what he’s going through she would kick her out herself! What kind of advice can I give him now! I don't like to see my friend going through such horrible moments while he's reaching out to me! and I can’t say get a divorce even though it seems to be the perfectest solution! Who would want to live such life!? Laish 3awaar il raas laaish!! He has a kid! He will have to sacrifice for the sake of this helpless child, but then would it be mentaly healthy for this child to see his parents living this way!? You guys .. I don't know what to do...



They Were Freezing!

Cyprus has declared three days of mourning for the victims of Sunday's crash of a Cypriot passenger jet near Athens.

Helios Airways Boeing 737 took off from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus full of vacationers crashed to a mountain at about 09:20 GMT somewhere north of Athens yesterday killing 115 passengers "48 of them are children" :( and six crew members on board just a few minutes before its scheduled landing time on a flight from Larnaca International Airport of Cyprus to Prague via Athens.

The causes of the crash are still unclear, the pilots reported before crash that something was wrong with the air conditioning system and that the plane was going cold, officials suspect a sudden drop in cabin pressure that deprived the crew and passengers of oxygen
pilots are typically trained to deal with loss of pressure, but at 35,000 feet, they only had seconds to act, soon after the jet crossed into Greek airspace, all radio contact was lost.

Two Greek F-16 fighter jets were immediately out to investigate and met the airliner at 34,000 feet. The fighter pilots saw the 737 co-pilot slumped in his seat appeared to be unconscious when the captain was nowhere in sight, and oxygen masks were dangled.

The F-16 pilots said they saw two people apparently trying to take control of the aircraft, it was unclear whether they were crewmembers or passengers.

The whole thing is very upsetting! but the most distressing part is that one of the passengers sent an sms to his cousin to say Goodbye! in his sms he mentioned that the pilot was unconscious, there was no hope of surviving, he also said "Farewell cousin, we're freezing"

Reports said that dozens of bodies were still strapped into their seats, some with the remnants of oxygen masks over their faces, two charred bodies were still hugging each other, it appeared that the pilot was already dead and that the plane was flying on automatic pilot when it hit the mountain. It was possible that few on board were alive when the plane smashed into the small mountain near the city of Grammatiko.

The plane's two black boxes have been recovered.



So I've Never Seen Mary PoppinGs!

I went over to my cousins' place for a sleepover, I love doing that, we love watching movies specially whether hits or like new released or just the ones we saw when we were kids, it birngs wonderful memories, so we know each other since forever and know almost everything about each other, so we were watching the disney classic "The Little Mermaid" which I just LOVE! until we saw this add of the old time movie "Mary Poppings" then I said: you guys know I've never seen this? suddenly my cousin was shouting out calling her sister's saying: "SPONTA" NEVER SAW MARY POPPINGS!!! and the other one was just as shocked and said: What!! how did you go on with your childhood! they went on and one and I was like .. ermm .. okay! and there it hit me! I've seen almost all children movies, why not Mary Popplings?! even though I saw clips of it in every pre add of every movie! there was something about that umbrella I guess! oh or maybe the dancing pinguins? I don't know exactly! did I really miss out not seeing it? is it too late to watch it now?! I mean we watch the old ones cause they bring nice memories and such, and point out what we might have misunderstood then as children and laugh at how we looked at things then, would it be pointless to see Mary Poppings now?!



Good Is Good

Why would anyone end something good? Why make things different?? What is wrong with good times and good feelings and.. good?! Why would anyone want to have less than good!? Could there be better than good? Could “better” be any good as good once was? Isn’t good just perfect? Don’t you miss good when it’s gone? Even when you think it’s better? What more would one ask for?! I love things the way they are, just because I complain a little or cry doesn’t mean I want things to change, In spite of everything!.. so you want better?! Fine! Go have better, I hope better treats you as good as I treated you, I’ll be here with good, and it’s as good as it could ever get.



15 Years Later.. God Bless Our Home..

Think again! Can you ever forget? Can you really ever forgive?!


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