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Sponty Is Not O.K.

I'm sick :~( .. I don't like being sick, I can't sleep well, I can't breath well, I look terrible, I can't stand myself am either way too cold or way too hot, I sound like a broken engine and my head hurts along with my joints :~( .. my eyes are burning and I feel dizzy, I thought I'd feel better if I went to work and got myself a little busy, no use :( .. I don't like how I feel it's bugging :~( my stomach is acting weird too I feel sick it's probably something I ate yesterday, am still fighting and trying to make the day through, won't give up until I actually have to..

Tequila, remember you said in an earlier post with the puppy pic reminded you of a hot dog? I told you I have something more hot doggy, check this out..

ok now I'll go back to work and pretend that everything is ok and that am functioning as good as every other usual day.. be good y'all and be healthy .. *sniff*

Ma tshofeen shar Sponty..

I hope you will get well soon.
Sponty salamat! Hope u feel better :) hahaha the pic is so cute! Sij hot dog :p
wai khara3tooni I was still editing! :~)

True faith, il shar mayeech I love the balloons thank you :~) check them out you guys they're so pretty..

Tequila, allah yesalmech sweets am glad you like :~)
awwww 7araaaaam

get well soon babe
Sarah, thanx hon :~* I'll do that
matshoofeen shar sponty... want me to fix you a quiche ;)
bo_ghazi, il shar mayeek.. YES PLEASE!! :~)
afa..afa..afa.!!!!...Sallaaaamaaat!I would say 3adoweenich inshallah but I know you probably don't have any...ma tshofeen shar...and don't worry...you're not alone...I think there's something going around and it's only getting the good people..:)..take care
Salamat. I would eat the puppy alive! hehe JK. :p
misscosmo, oh I do have some :P keep the prayer hehe 7atta o ana mareetha atelai3an.

thanx babe, you guys better watch out it's one ugly feeling :~|
salamat o matshoofeen shar!
WEEEEEEEEEEESSS, he's so cute!!

Salamat Spony!!!! i hope you feel better. I know the feeling of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. GET WELL SOOOOOON!!
equalizer, hehe inta bas you wanna eat? allah yesalmek.

Flam, oh thank yyooouuu I could use a hug :~} ilshar mayeech Amen ya rab.

Samboose, isn't he eyanin? thanx honey I will :~)
salamat and hope you feel better :)
machiatto, merci sweets :}
Hope you feel better soon.

cute puppy
Qet Will son
salamaaaaaat :)
Being sick feels like shit...shope you feel better ver soon ;*
I'm sorry ur feeling so bad :/ ma tshoofen shar inshallah & hope you get better soon :*

ya llabi puppy puppy puppy puppy lol Hot dog min galb. I want chithee!! Sponta, Maybe all u need to feel better is a dose of puppy love ;p

equalizer, What spices would u suggest for this cuisine? lol
Salamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat hope you feel better..go back home, wear comfy pyjamas and run to your bed, sleep, and sleep, and sleep, until you feel better..doctor's orders :P
hanan, thanx I hope I get better too cause malait :s

NuNu, In Shall Ah :P

deedee, allah yesalem you :~}

Shopa, ana ash-had :| am not happy :~( thanx sweets
Peach, hehe thank you, I don't think that would be a good idea for the puppies!

Petita, I try to sleep but I can't, head hurts and stuff, I know it's only a matter of time I can't wait for it to be gone.. thanx sweets.

Q8Sultana, allah yesalmech sweety :~)
Salamat wo ma tshoofi shar.. get rid of that dog and you will be fine! I am glad I had eaten before I saw the post :P
Poet, you're mean :( he's such a cute little thing! o ham allah yesalmek :P
hang in there.. o0 get well soon!
;* MwaH! (a kiss to make u better)
that's my missing puppy, where did you get that picture from, those are my buns as well, oh my god
ilchalb 7ada CUTE!!!!!!!! abeeh !!!
ooops o sorry matshofeen shar!
waaay how cute =)

salamat sponty..
salamaat o matshofeen shar! Hope you will feel better soon!
Oo ilchalb 7ada cute!
Hey, just checking up on you, hope you're feeling better!!!
I’m gonna let you on a little secret of mine.. I haven’t gotten sick for three years now.. well.. flu sick that is.. and all of that because of one thing that I have been doing for the past 3 years on a daily bases.. I drink a huge glass of Orange Juice 3ala ereej every single day when I first raise my head of the pillow..

I hope you are feeling better.. *Hugs*

GET WELL SOON... How do you feel today ?? Enshalla a7san ?
Charisma, thaaank yoouu, a kiss will get you sick actually! hehe ra7 a3adeech!

Kharabee6, hehe maqboola :P il shar mayeek.

ray, merci sweety.

tango, thanx ilshar mayeek.
Panda, =|.. walla mo ana ={

Samboose, la walla not yet I actually got worse than yesterday =~{ I don't like this..

The Don, sweet of you, an orange juice is a must for breakfast since forever, I guess am a bit weaker, want a better advice? warm milk every night before you go to bed, you'll have pink cheeks hehe, thanx for the tought hon =~}

Wild Mare, No =~{ worse be3eed 3annich =~{ I can't wait for this to be over abi anaam nafs il 3aalam!! =~{

I will get better I promise =~|
HI spont...how are you feeling? If you feel worse...that's a sure sign that you're gonna get better very soon..so just relax and don't over exert yourself...take care and keep us posted..."I'll be there for you..."...that's just me singing the theme from friends to cheer you up...bad karouki...hope you don't feel worse!
misscosmo, hey babe =} thanx the song cheered me up hehe .. am trying to fight it and I have this bad habit of wanting to be away from home when am sick which means I don't get to relax much, I think I want to convince myself that am ok but come on who am I kidding! .. I hope it's the turning point now.. I really don't like this headache and eye burn and the coughing and the dizzyness, I love sneezing though hehe it makes me giggly! don't judge =P

I'll be ok soon inshalla =~} ..
salaamtch matshofean shar inshalaa

walaa very cute dog

oo al pic from EC i loved it its so funny walaa enty shemwadeach ehnaak lamaa al7ean fee nas etroo7 ehnaak :P
Cosmifree hi welcome back, o allah yesalmek, sglad you liked the pic, re7na entertainment city min il malal bs we're glad we did, e7na il wa7eedeen mo yahal, bs we looked like kids hehe we had a great time and the pic made things much more exciting for us hehe :P
Hope you get well soon! Ma tishfoon shar :) btw that pic of the puppy is wrong on so many levels hehe
Shewolf, hehe thanx sweety ilshar mayeech, it's weird how it's looked at from many many different views!
Salamat babe :*
Hope you're feeling better now
Shorouq, thanx babe, kellesh no hehe bs il7emdella anyways am sure it can't get worse =}
for some reason, I was trying to comment on your blog for the past few days and was not able to. HMMmm
not able to comment laish =s
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