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Rest In Peace...

Geryes Haibe May 1977 - April 2007
Luccia Haibe Feb 2007 - April 2007

Friday 13th 2007, a night Nathaly will always remember, where she came out of the terrible car accident with only an injured arm, a dislocated shoulder yet no longer a wife or a mother...

It's a mad world, which unfairly lost 2 precious souls that day, I never met baby Luccia, she was born 6 months after I came back from Lebanon, I wish I had, Geryes however is (was) a very good friend of mine who I counted as a brother in difficult times.. even sometimes a father for the wise man he was, the carring friend he was, the fun company I'll always remember..

Farewell my friend, may your soul rest in peace...

Nathaly.. what can I say.. sorry for your loss, and ours.. really sorry...




When The People Spoke 2

it scared me a little bit to see my people go through so much mess on their own, I heard of the orange ones last year yet I hear about the blue ones for the first time today, shocking! I missed out on the action as I used to be working abroad during the incident, loved the devotion, felt like being there, great job monsieur Amer, straight to the point.


My babiest cousin the one & only beautiful Phoenix "who to me is still only 2" tagged me, I usually don't do tags but this one I do with a huge smile on my face just for you sweetness =}

okay so 10 weird things about me huh? only 10? but I don't know what's weird to others everything seems 3adi to me! I'll just put down stuff people run away from me due to.. shall we?

... aaaaaand GO!

1. (ma3arf ajamel) Unlike you baby cousin I have so much face expressions they even have a mind of their own, I can NOT hide how I feel it just lays right there on my face, hate acting like I like you when I don't, live with it, so don't try to make me hate you unless you really want me to, cause I willingly will.

2. I dance in elevators and sizing rooms.

3. I weight myself every morning, I never want to stop losing weight till am like 0 kilo.

4. Like you sugar I am much better friends with boys than I am with girls, girls are such dramaqueens! with all the moodyness and all it's just not worth it! =P for those who don't believe in friendship between opposite sex, I am your living proof.

5. I can go on 5 days diet liquids, not easy but possible, done that twice, hesitation on doing it again, any volunteers? it's good for your.. I forgot what it's good for but it's good for something!

6. I cry over stupid things, no really, I once cried over a beer commercial.

7. I self treat myself when am in physical pain, hate Doctors, no offence.

8. I worry about my dear ones way too much, my family & my cat mean the world to me.

9. I have a ouija board that am too afraid to try, it glows in the dark too.

10. I am myself, I don't lie I don't see the point of it, to many out there even close ones find this weird.. I really don't give a flying rat's ass =}

Love you sugarpie,


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