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Generally, you're very happy being a single woman.And anyone who has a problem with that... well, that's there problem! (HELL YEAH!) Not that you wouldn't share your life with the almost perfect guy.You simply won't settle though. Your life is too good to share with some substandard man!


Now what do you know! Those test are somewhat accurate! To those who worry about me, see? No reason to worry =}

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Virgin Sucks...

regardless of everything I heard, I had hope!
I got a new cell after finally deciding what I want, since I already have a couple of things to take care of in Marina Mall I thought I'd pass by Virgin & buy it..

I stood there for good 20 minutes before somebody finally came to my assistance, after apologizing for not having the color I wanted "white" I decide yeah whatever a cell phone is a cell phone, am going for the granite, so the guy went, got a box that didn't look so new, I am still okay, he opens it & it's "white" .. "You're lucky" he said as he closes the box again & took it to the cashier who was THE SLOWEST PERSON ON THIS PLANET!!!! yanenatny!!

Yey am lucky! Not! I got home, all excited can't wait for the device to charge & get it all discovered wohoo.. I opened the box, find that the charger is not rolled up properly "indicating that it's been used" & the battery is not even in its plastic bag.. I assumed maybe the guy wanted to check that everything is in there so he probably did it unintentionally, I start charging the cell, check in after 5 minutes to find it charged!

The my friend brought up a point "Sponts! Was the device even wrapped?" he was right! it wasn't! I look as closely as a naked eye can & yes ladies & gentlemen, the dork gave me a display device without mentioning it to me, I don't know how any of you would take it but I do NOT like to have anything from display stand, plus the cell refused my SIM card, for some really odd reason it wouldn't accept my Kuwaiti line, but it would accept my other lines from other countries.. what the hell was that!?

I went today, to return it.. the hassle begins here..

Cashier: Yes?

Me: I am returning this, you gave me a returned box & a device that was on display without telling me that it was, plus it doesn't accept my chip, do your thing & give me my money back please.

Cashier: Ofcourse, let me get you the guy in charge.

The guy in charge comes in & you can tell from his face he does not have the intention of making your day any brighter.. he asked what's the problem & I explained again..

The guy in charge: am sorry ma'am I can't help you, the manager is not here & I am do not have the authority to decide on this.

Me (getting all unhappy) : Not my problem, find a loupe to fix what your friend did yesterday I do not have all day.

The guy incharge: okay okay I will call him & see..

I go back to the cashir since he seemed to know his way around & told him that the guy incharge is not making things better, so he says he's going to call for a manager to help me..

Me (trying to compromise): if exchanging it with another cell helps I am willing to do this just don't take too long please.

15 minutes later a girl comes (also a cashier) & asks me why do I want to return this.. GOSH NOT AGAIN!

I got really really pissed at the world after 4o minutes, I was like "Screw it! Give me my money back I do not want anything from you people! what kind of treatment is this!"

The Lady: Oh sure, you have the bill?

Me: (!!!) Yes.

The Lady (all smiley) : Here's your money thanx for shopping come again.
You think?!

I never go through that sort of crap anywhere else! what the hell is wrong with these people!




My baby cousin called me on my way out of work "We're going shooting" she screamed "Come you'll so love it" .. she has been going there alot & I was getting all excited about it specially when she showed me the bodies "it's what we call the piece you shoot, only after shooting it of course"

So I hesitate knowing that I just left work & I may need like an hour to like rest a little & to be in the right mood, but my cousin was all like no let's go no let's go, so I picked her up & went on our way with a couple of her friends.

The place felt so deadly cold, like a hospital, you know how creepy these places are? so dead & cold! We sign some papers just incase we shoot someone or ourselves the place is not responsible for our action.

We got the headset to plug our ears & went into the shooting range where some people were shooting, then I get out, Yes sirry, I freaked out :) the bang bang thing? so not me, I am jumpy, & the sound the guns make freaks me out bigtime, hell the sound a balloon when it pops makes my heart race! What on earth was I thinking!! I hated the little guns, the 9mm and those they were so .. personal!

Then my cousin felt bad so they offered to try the sniper's guns, me thinking okay maybe those are friendlier.. let's give it a shot <-- hehe give it a shot :) aaanyways, yeah it didn't get anybetter, there was this guy who was using this gun that made a sound that scared me from behind the glass off the shooting range, I do not want to know what that sounds like inside!! so my cousin's friends asked to have an empty range "I know" so that I can try, 3ashan la7ad yekhare3ny, & they got me one of those that don't make so much noise "or so they said" from behind the glass it didn't & I was like yeah I could do that! I asked my friend to shoot one shot infront of me just to know what to expect.. she did, I freak out, I leave.

Don't laugh but I think guns remind me alot of the invasion, the sound they made took me back & the images of what these toys did came rushing into my head like a poorly produced movie, I don't want to play.


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