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guess what .. am %70 weirdo

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right? But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks.


hehehe shda3wa! =P bs funny picture..

so now I guess am supposed to mention some weird things about myself? .. hmmm! what's weird! that's the question.. let me give it a shot...

* I could live on only taboole or cheese and toast or just cucombers for months.

* I wouldn't want a house, I'd rather a fancy boat to live in, awnas =}

* There's no telling how much chocolate bars and icecream I can eat, I smashed records believe you me.

* I do not have Kuwaiti female close friends, never had, my bestfriends are all from out of town, nothing personal I just haven't yet found one I could get along so well with.

* Even though I am so crazy about traveling and seeing new different places, I am afraid of flying, I would still skydive.

* I can easily hate people, When I fight with someone I know I never wanna hear from again, I add them all under one certain name, like "Zeft".. they're many, so when they call I wouldn't be able to tell who was calling me, I delete the name before I could see the number, I never wanna know.

* I have Pepsi with my breakfast.

* Just like everyone death to me is a scary thought since it's in the unknown, but am not as scared of death as I am of being locked up in a grave 6 feet under ground in such a tiny area, that's the part that freaks me out the most, I'd rather be burnt or whatever.

* I feel awful when I see homeless drunk angry people with animals, the animals yakseroon khatri, used to drop off pets food to those who gathered by the supermarket I always shop at.

* I weight myself every morning, just like supermodels.. you know fat ones.

* I never wanna have kids, it's the giving birth process am not to excited about, don't give me all that "it's a must" crap I am not going to do it.

* I don't like happy ending movies.

okay, I rearranged them since I thought all we had to speak of were only 5 =} I still don't know if it's weird enough!



He's Gone..

SoLong Our Prince ={

May Your Soul Rest In Peace..




I think this one is trying to get out of it..

Happy Sheep Murder Day You Guys..




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