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Only for A-Beer

1- Available or Single: what's the difference?!

2- Best friend: Nat

3- Cake or Pie: laish mo icecream? well I'll have to say Cake then.

4- Essential Items: Camera? Chocolate? I can't think!!

5- Favorite Color: Ah too moody to decide, one minute it's red next minute it's grey, then another it's baby blue.. moodswing queen!

6- Gummi bears or Worms: gummy bears

7- Home town: that's a tricky one! I don't really know where home is :) maybe SF? maybe Kuwait? maybe Lebanon?

8– Indulgence: shopping baby!!!

9- January or February: January

10– Kids: blekh! you have to be a very special kid for me to love you, can't stand them, parents, keep your kids away from me, I kick!

11– Life: I like the idea of experiencing it :) am loving it.

12- Marriage: definatly not an ambition, if it happens it happens :) not a must, career comes first.

13- Number of siblings: 2 brothers and a sister

14- Orange or Apple: madri! moodswings takeover again!

15– Phobias: ... can I list what am not phobic about? less time I assure you!

16- Favorite Quote: treat as wanna be treated

17- Reason to Smile: a good gather :)

18– Season: you guessed it, moooooddswinnnggg, I love summer only when am at the beach, but I llllove my winter clothes so .. it's a tie

19- Tag three people: madri kel obohom entaggaw!

20- Unknown fact about me: it's unknown for a reason ;)

21- Worst habit: I forget!!! I could forget instantly you can't believe it! you'll see

22- Your favorite food: Pasta, so Italian, I also love lebanese food.. yummm taboule..

23- Zodiac: Taurus b3eed 3ankom..

and now something to remember from my birthday party :)

Yes Sir!!

don't I have the coolest friends?

WhitestWing I did not disappear I am just so addicted to my work that I don't have time anymore to post, I am alive and not really "quitting" something as harmless as blogging :) I do howsoever miss you so much, why did we stop our Friday thing? I love our Friday thing! mowah hugs and kisses


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