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Cheating Concerns Again...

So, my dearest friend and I got together hanging out and of course talked about guys and relationships, I love this particular friend cause she's so spontaneous, she never judges and she doesn't try to play shrink or anything she just speaks her plain simple thoughts directly and bluntly.. God bless her.

We were thinking, it's funny how it's all girls think of! it became an obsession.. their main concern and automatically it's all they speak of! don't get me wrong I do think about that too but.. aren't we thinking just a little too much? We're not allowing faith to do its thing we meddle and over analyze situations which eventually would create another memory due to scrutinize.

Of course we got into the matter of cheating, and how now it almost became an existing part of just about every marital life that at least we know off, I don’t mean only husbands I admit that, but I do mean mostly.

I personally can’t help my doubts, okay I might be somewhat the jealous type, but that is not what I would put up a fight for, it’s my self respect that merits the struggle, seeing as once I’d know for a fact that my partner is cheating I’d quietly walkout of the relationship and not even argue, a cheater is never worth it, that is something we both agreed on and am sure most of you *hope all* do too.

Then again what if we don’t know but we feel these tiny teeny sings that he/she might be cheating… no clue no actual proof just small cipher here and there of unexplained behaviors or situations that could still mean nothing at all, yet it could also mean something.

I said *hope all* thinking of a friend who knew that her husband was cheating, she chose not to confront him with the truth, she didn't want to believe, affirming that she'd rather be with a cheater than to be alone, she chose not to see.. I died a little inside, I think she saw that on my face, I mean to know the bitter truth and not speak up! for what!

"I would speak and ask him or her if they’re cheating.." You'd say, but would you really expect an honest answer out of a cheater? Whether the partner is cheating or not the answer will always be “No I am not” .. give it a thought.. would you tell? regretfully we know that is not an option.

My friend suggested continuing your life normally and hope they’re all in your head, I liked that one first cause it seemed like the harmless solution, then I thought "Wouldn’t it suck when you come to realize that you’ve been punked for the past years and wasted your precious years with a fraud?" I've seen a couple of situations, believe me it would suck bigtime.

We couldn’t really think of anything else to solve this *cheating* issue, how can you know? how can you tell they're telling the truth?! how can you tell he's not cheating with all these little signs which could still be something your head came up with!? when they can still be real! ... that I don't know but I for one do know I would so want to know, I wouldn’t mind in fact I wouldn’t care! I would simply leave and let him kick it off with his slut for as long as they want as long as it means that I would be living my life cheaters-free and loving it.




Organ Donor..

I've always wondered about organs donating...

My mother refuses to talk about this issue, I know I would swiftly give her my kidney if she ever needed *la qaddar Allah* that is of course if my kidney still works well enough, that’s a whole different issue.

What about when am dead? and my corpse is of no use, yet some of my organs are! wouldn't it be the right thing to do to give them to those who would use them wisely? to help those who have a chance? I am dead either way, gone, yet a part of me would still live! I know that some may define it as a wrench, but is it really? It’s not like it’s being cut for no reason! Some people would actually thank pray for your soul for the rest of their lives..

What do you think? Would you give away your organs? And if you think you would you think your parents or people who care about you would let you? would you accept that someone you care about donate?

How would you feel if a dear one *la qaddar Allah* happens to need an organ transplant? Wouldn’t you pray they would find someone who would do it?
think of these questions sincerely, put yourself in those shoes one by one, share your thoughts, would you share your organs?



Petite Marie By Francis Cabrel...

Petite Marie je parle de toi parce qu'avec
ta petite voix
Tes petites manies
Tu as versé sur ma vie des milliers de roses.

Petite furie je me bats pour toi pour que dans
dix mille ans de ça
On se retrouve à l'abri
sous un ciel aussi joli que des milliers de roses.

Je viens du ciel et les étoiles entre elles ne parlent que de toi
D'un musicien qui fait jouer ses mains sur un morceau de bois
De leur amour plus bleu que le ciel autour.

Petite Marie je t'attends transi sous une tuile de ton toit
Le vent de la nuit froide
me renvoie la ballade que j'avais écrite que pour toi.

Petite furie tu dis que la vie c'est une bague à chaque doigt
Au soleil de Floride
moi mes poches sont videsEt mes yeux pleurent de froid.

Je viens du ciel et les étoiles entre elles ne parlent que de toi
D'un musicien qui fait jouer ses mains sur un morceau de bois
De leur amour plus bleu que le ciel autour.

Dans la pénombre de ta rue
Petite Marie, m'entends-tu?
Je n'attends plus que toi pour partir

Dans la pénombre de ta rue
Petite Marie, m'entends-tu?
Je n'attends plus que toi.. pour partir

Je viens du ciel et les étoiles entre elles ne parlent que de toi
D'un musicien qui fait jouer ses mains sur un morceau de bois
De leur amour plus bleu que le ciel autour.

if you want to hear the song you can go to:




Add To My Birthday Wish List...

If you're a sea person you will love this =}

check it out..




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