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Add To My Birthday Wish List...

If you're a sea person you will love this =}

check it out..


yaalaa anaa abee wa7ed b3d ;p

when is ur bday ??
interesting, bs still would prefer a jet
the only word that popped into my head when I saw this was.. "yabeelah" :/

I hate TV! >_<
btw, 3eedich umbarak (sorry for being late!)
Cosimfree, May 13th =} I know I know it's jinxed =P

Temetwire, for some reason I never liked them jets!

3baid, hehe ayamek sa3eeda =} it's never too late ;} and about yabeela! weird it didn't pop into my head!!
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abeee abeeeeee,,, but it seems that its hard to control , need to practice a lot to get used to it.

sponta shrayech we share it ;-p
Mother Courage, la bel3ax mayabeelha shay tara nafs il wake board wel water ski it's so much fun! we'll share and I'll teach you =} you'll love it =}
Very cool but it looks complicated and we don't have those big waves in Kuwait
daffy you don't really need big waves for those, unless you wanna do flips!! that I don't think I can do right away they can wait =P

im kidding, i cant surf to save my life man.. but looks like fun.. i need someone to teach me so any volunteers here?

may 13th.. yeah with that number i doubt u'll get what u have jotted down on ur bday list girl ! sorry...
nice ;)..
get me one 2 ;)
I'll just look @ it I wont use it ;)
listen look @ my new post,I wrote something about you ;)
Dr.Lost, that is not surfing that is more like wakeboarding, you don't need waves =} it's funner! =}

Rimyoleta, MEE?!! =~} khanashoof!
wanasa :)
Loving it! There's a dealership in Kuwait hmmmm interesting... Can't wait to try it, im sick of jetskis ;p
ana ba3ad abee
sounds like a great toy to own....
Chatterbox, =}

Q8Prodigy, were you thinking of the deal? =P

MeWho, sif bel dor =P

Mello, I so do agree =}
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