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Why do people expect us to congratulate them for wearing Hejab?! Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against it I think it's a your choice to go for it or not, but Me, why do I have to congratulate you? Cause you reached your holy destination? really? so you're all goody good now? wait now how would I know that you did it for "why it's supposed to be worn"? when many wore it for the unholy reasons? wanna hear some?
.Her husband said after the 2nd child so if they never had a seond child??
.Her dad wants her to
.She hates her hair/She has bad hair
.To protect it from the weather
.All of her friends wore it

.She had a dream
.Her teacher scared her
.It looked really really nice on her
.Her boyfriend said he'd marry her if she wore it (I swear I got that, should have seen my face)

& my personal fave:

Madri, chithey :) <-- that's a reason I heard many many times
I know I'll wear it one day, but I wonder what will my reason be, will let you know, promise.

I don't want to get into what wearing hijab stands for to whomever wears it since it obviously means different meanings to many, according to HOW it's worn, with some hair showing? with neck showing? with ears showing? with cleavage showing? with mini skirts & boots?! with tights? see through?
شخليتولنا؟ احنا اللي سفور ما انمصخها كثرهم
I'm not saying that I am okay with what some sofoor girls wear either, but they're not disrespecting what they represent, I terribly disagree on what many supposedly met7ajbat now adays wear, very very impertinent yet shows which reason was your choice based on.

يا زين اللي يلبسونه عن اقتناع ذاتي واختيار شخصي.. تحياتي


On a different story...

I hate holidays, specially those where you have to spend it indoors since outdoors involves alot of maskhara & halaga & people opening your car door to spray you with foam..

Picture taken from Miskan's blog

Ha Ha you jerkfaces, very funny..

oh well..

Happy 25th & 26th everybody

Wanna do me a favor you guys? if you see our flag on the floor in the streets pick it up, I did so I know you can, unless you don't care then whatever :)



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A Day With The French...

Yeah so I was asked to show up at work on a Friday to translate French, it's not worth mentioning but I have been out with my friends all night till pretty late, so I did not have enough sleep, I still am cranky to tell you the truth, so anyways, I show up & there they were, walla cute too =P at least one of them was, first thing I say:

Me(in French): I am here to translate, but you'll have to speak real slow it's been years since I last spoke or even heard French..

Monsieur Fabris:
but you don't seem to have a problem you sound perfect.

Me(in English): ah (happy (make that real happy) face) I love you =~}

now I like them...

& it went .. well.. okay.. not perfect... ... what!! I don't know technical terms! but still it turned out just fine, so my boss suddenly comes up with this fab idea:

Bossy: Sponts, why don't you take the guys on a tour to know more about Kuwait (since it's related to why they're here) & since you happen to be the (one &) only who speaks French, arrange with them what time & all, have fun.

I looked a little like this, Me:.. ... b.. but shisma.. yeah fine okay...

I really wanted to go rest a little, ah well..

Next day went pretty fine, they gave me Valentine's chocolate from paris, my love is official, of course it was, they touched me where it counts!

We went to Kuwait Towers, it's been ages since I last went there, I got a weird tingly feeling.. I mean really, last time I was there I was a kid, I was with one happy family, I was indifferent, I was innocent, I was pure, little did I know.. & now I go there, to the same place where once was a place of a happy gather, becomes now alone & full of issues <-- ha ha

My friend told me that the towers were a gift from Yugoslavia, I didn't know that, I thought it was Japan.. "Yugoslavy?" the French asked, "how come Yugoslavy would give away a thing like that & not have any themselves!?" I didn't have an asnwer to that one, "why did Yuguslafy give you these towers?" they asked, I was like "why did you give the states the statue of librty?" they were like "oh okay".. they understood how it was I guess, but I knew they were built on March 1979, I know cause it's my cousin's birthday =}
so they had the funniest questions, about anything & everything, things we may take for granted, maybe that's why I enjoyed their company.

They told me they googled Kuwait since they've never been there & were really worried about coming, since it's close to Iran, Iraq & Lebanon, they were unlucky that google showed them a part that has broken tanks in it, what was that all about?! I didn't know we still have those since the invasion! & how can google show them! & why! bohoo google!

I took them to marina mall to get some books from Virgin about Kuwait ma Kuwait, which sucked big time! no books! okay I knew the censorship was whipping Virgin's ass, but what's up with everything else?! we went to other places & found really good books, big bohooo Virgin.

We went for Lebanese lunch since they felt like something light & Arabian, o ana I suck when it comes to food, am not that creative in that area, so Lebanese food to me count as top, I love tabooleh man, makes me happy.. we forget work completely & start talking about family & stuff, it was fun, one of them has the cutest kid ever, I may not be a mother but I do have a kid, my cousin just gave birth to her.. what! you expect me to do that?! non merci! I pass.

Yeah so it was pretty cool :) now I have to go sleep, been a long weekend + day

lots of hugs to the ones I love, WhiteWing, missing you dearly & truly, bel salama :)


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