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Job Haunt...

Since I came back from beautiful Beirut leaving behind people I loved & a job I adored, the idea of staying and working in my homeland seemed to be growing by the hour, why not waste my energy for my country?

Wait I now know why, my poor country is being ran by selfish money slaves who are not very fond passionat when it comes to what they do for living, they don't work cause they want to, they work cause they have to, they study one thing, end up doing something else, complain about it, then die, have they really got no choice?

I love what I do I always have & am darn good at it, so when I started the passed 2 weeks looking around here at WHO I'll be working with, I got deeply disappointed, and was reminded that this is Kuwait, OK leKuwait 3ala 3aini o 3ala rasi, intaw mino & why do you wish our country harm? how can you know for fact what you're doing is wrong yet insist on doing it just cause everybody else is! shakhbari hal mentality, am I the only Kuwaiti who refuses being pointless? this is one reason why I refuse to work for gov. I do not want to end up on a desk full gshoor 7ab everywhere playing solitaire, apart from not doing anything & being another source of waste of oxygen & space, I strongly pass and demand you give me something to create! ehy salfat give me money o bs.

OK not gov. wala tze3loon, let's see our private sector =} al7een my experience is all Media related as my résumé clearly reveals, shako offer me to be in Sales! where did you see in my CV that I can do that! la wel thany yegooly project consultant, ALLAAAH! ayshay? la ra7aw il 3alam! I have no experience, but I so can give you an advice here, based on WHAT you decided I should be hired! I "look" intelligent?!! I "look"!? I place my head between my hands & wonder, is that how we get hired now? has it always been like that? or is this another "habba"? so I can look all I want & it means it's what I am, este3bat oho?

Now I got an offer to leave again, Splendid, but I worry.. I seriously worry about Kuwait, can I leave my mislead country in these hands? I know I'm only one person but should I give up on it just because am one? am sure there are more people who understand how I feel & probably feel the same way, wainhom? are they giving up? are we completely unable to do anything!? I wonder.

I am lost now.. should I leave my country go down the drain, stand, watch and wave with a tear? or.. or what! what could there be to do!



To Kill Or Not To Kill...

How can someone find the balls to pull a trigger and end someone's life? Regardless of what would BOTH families go through?

How can a "supposed to be" life saver decides to end another life saver's life?

May your soul rest in peace and the hands of your killer be cuffed soon to face justice...

allah yer7ama o ye3een ahala..



Why Do Motorbikes Suck...

I have always had hard feelings towards motorcycles due to what we hear happens, the keyword here is "hear".. until today, I was out with my cousin and there was this guy right infront of my car on one of those death traps, suddenly a car hits his bike slightly on the side and he loses control.. of course all we can do is watch him do the flips over and over and over again, my little cousin "allah ya7fetha" came across my mind right at this moment, he had one of these nasty accidents where we weren't there for him, so I step down to help this one since am there, did I mention he was helmetless? he was wearing jeans and regular t-shirt, I have no idea how cars were avoiding running over him, I swear he was lucky, I have no idea how I managed to stop before he was my next breathing streetbump..
I hunk my horn for him to snapout and get himself off the road, which he did, madri how bs he picked himself up and throws himself on the sidewalk.. I got outta my car and ran to him (madri shako!!) ee and of course my car got hit but I couldn't tell who did it, it got hit while I was stepping out so ma sheft...
Me: Are you okay!?
Breathing Streetbump: "looking all dizzy and scarred" Yeah yeah I'm fine..
Me: Need a lift? you have to get to a hospital judging from your flips..
Breathing Streetbump: I'll be fine.. thanx..
I backed off as it started to get crowded, thinking okay somebody will take care of him now, mo sa7? I kinda felt bad about leaving him like that not making sure he's all well when I could have ran over him, you should have seen the flips you would have felt just as bad too.. they were fast and.. really fast! haram his arm was bleeding and.. all I can think of is.. what is this happens to one of my brothers?? they don't have bikes but one of them was nagging about getting one.. guess what, HE WISHES! we "hear" they had an accident but we never "see" .. inshalla you won't hear or see it happen to your loved ones.. allah ya7feth-hom o ya7feth 3yalkom..
Bikes Suck...



It Was Nice...

God Bless Lebanon




I hope they stick to it..



A Bunch Of Cowards...

They are so out-numbered!!
All of that chicken shit couldn't stand up for Lebanon?!
Don't you sense sometimes that if you could you actually would do something & solve it?
Don't you wonder what is keeping those who may look like they can but don't?
Don't you sometimes think that the more they talk the worse it gets?
Don't you worry after every speech Nasrallah gives that he just pisseed Israel off & now they will bomb more beautiful places & kill more beautiful kids and innocent people?
Does it seem childish or more of selfish what both sides are doing?
Don't you feel that no matter what you try to give or do for the lebanese victims won't make any difference to them morally seeing what they are going through?
Don't you worry about the beauty of it and how it may never be the same again?
.or is it just me? ...
Hamad Al Thani is a good talker, but is he a good shaker? updates after their little get togather.



In Germany...

Back to war & stuff...

from a different angle...


Rough Night To Remember...

Off War...
My brother, cousin and I were playing GameCube at around 1:00 am when suddenly my sister tripped off as she got in the main door into the living room screaming something I couldn't make out, I turned to yell at her since she was making so much noise disturbing our peacefun night, then I understoon she was on the floor screaming "mom .. mom.." pointing outside. In my PJ's, bear footed, I run out to the street to find mom's car just sitting at the entrance of the neighbourhood, as fast as I was running not caring what might I step on, things seemed really slow and the far did not seem to get any close, but we finaly get there, my brother and I all freaked out grab her and while she's all tired and sweating going low sugar rate, we get the car closer to the house and get my mom in who refused to go to the hospital and just wants to go to sleep, as we get closer to the door I hear screaming I did not get the point of since we already went and got mom, when we got in I see my other brother who was asleep in his room "bs allah yaba" carrying my sister and putting her on the couch "tell her to shut up" I say "mom is okay she just needs to relax" and walk my mom to her room make sure she's relaxed while the yelling is still going on in the livingroom, I storm down angry to shut them up, battaw chabdy! omy taby terta7! I found my brother spraying water at my sister's face who suddenly was in a state of shock, eyes all red looking upwards, shacking and blabing, there was no reaction when I slapped her there was no reaction when I hugged her, that's when I go nuts, and came mom =} ekmalat, yekoon kenna nagseen, sees us all around my sister with the state she was in trying to get her to focus with us, she collapses too, but at least she was still with us she was just too scared, we took my sister to mom's room to laydown as mom, my brothers, my cat and me all sat beside her, but she was not getting any better, a thought crossed my mind, I felt glad how they all stuck togather like that holding her hand, I did not have to worry when I was away. My cousiun calls 777 and throws the phone at me since it was in my hand for the whole time I just couldn't tell when 7 was, it happens, I do not know what I said but they showed up. Mom hates ambulances, she kept on refusing that she goes but since we did not know what was it she was having or didn't even know how to deal with it we insisted she goes, my borthers and I follow leaving my cousin home alone 7aram.
We found out later on that my sister "being a teenager and all" pissed my mother off and they started having a fight which cause my mom's sugar rate to go low and so gets tired, my sister then thinks mom is in a serious condition because of her, she actually thought mom was dieing and that it was all her fault. I won't lie, the way she was pointing at the door and yelling? I did not know what to expect.. I felt that nothing is guaranteed, and life is dangerous cause no matter what we do the result is one.. sooner or later.. I wish I was still in Beirut.
We got to the hospital, she calms down after a drip and a shot, we get home at like 4:00 am put her to bed and continued our game.



"Paradise Lost" UPDATE

Elegant buildings lie in ruins.
The heady scent of gardenias gives way to the acrid stench of bombed-out oil installations. And everywhere terrified people are scrambling to get out of a city that seems tragically doomed to chaos and destruction. As Beirut 'the Paris of the East' is defiled yet again, Robert Fisk, aresident for 30 years, asks: how much more punishment can Lebanon take?

Some cities seem forever doomed.

From Robert Fisk's article

In the year 551, the magnificent, wealthy city of "Berytus" - Old Beirut - was struck by a massive earthquake. In its aftermath, the sea withdrew several miles and the survivors out on the sands to loot the long sunken merchant ships revealed in front of them.That was when a tidal wall higher than a tsunami returned to swamp the city and kill them all so savagely, then the old Beirut was damaged that the Emperor Justinian sent gold from Constantinople as compensation to every family left alive.When the Crusaders arrived at Beirut on their way to Jerusalem in the 11th century, they slaughtered every man, woman and child in the city.

In the First World War, Ottoman Beirut suffered a terrible famine; the Turkish army had commandered all the grain and the Allied powers blockaded the coast. I still have some ancient postcards I bought here 30 years ago of stick-like children standing in an abandoned orphanage.

How does this happen to Beirut? For 30 years, we've watched this place die and then rise from the grave and then die again, its apartment blocks pitted with so many bullets they looked like Irish lace, its people massacring each other.

Two Israeli invasions and years of Israeli bombardments that cost the lives of 20,000 of its people. I have seen them armless, legless, headless, knifed, bombed and splashed across the walls of houses. Yet... they are a fine, educated, moral people whose generosity amazes every foreigner, whose gentleness puts any Westerner to shame, and whose suffering we almost always ignore.

most disgraceful of all, we leave the Lebanese to their fate like a diseased people and spend our time evacuating our "precious foreigners" while tut-tutting about Israel's "disproportionate" response to the capture of its soldiers by Hizbollah.

I walked through the deserted city centre of Beirut yesterday and it reminded more than ever of a film lot, a place of dreams too beautiful to last, a phoenix from the ashes of civil war whose plumage was so brightly coloured that it blinded its own people. This part of the city- once a Dresden of ruins - was rebuilt by Rafiq Hariri, the prime minister who was murdered scarcely a mile away on 14 February last year.

At the empty Etoile restaurant - best snails and cappuccino in Beirut, where Hariri once dined Jacques Chirac.
Hariri loved this place and, taking Chirac for a beer one day, he caught sight of me sitting at a table. "Ah Robert, come over here" he roared and then turned to Chirac like a cat that was about to eat a canary "I want to introduce you, Jacques, to the reporter who said I couldn't rebuild Beirut!"

In a modern building in an undamaged part of Beirut, I come, quite by chance, across a well known and prominent Hizbollah figure, open-neck white shirt, dark suit, clean shoes. "We will go on if we have to for days or weeks or months or..." And he counts these awful statistics offon the fingers of his left hand. "Believe me, we have bigger surprises still to come for the Israelis - much bigger, you will see. Then we will get our prisoners and it will take just a few small concessions."

Did the tens of thousands of poor who live here deserve this act of mass punishment? For a country that boasts of its pin-point accuracy - a doubtful notion in any case, but that's not the issue - what does this act of destruction tell us about Israel? Or about ourselves?

Beirutis are tough people and are not easily moved. But at the end of last week, many of them were overcome by a photograph in their daily papers of a small girl, discarded like a broken flower in a field near Ter Harfa, her feet curled up, her hand resting on her torn blue pyjamas, her eyes - beneath long, soft hair - closed, turned away from the camera. She had been another "terrorist" target of Israel and several people, myself among them, saw a frightening similarity between this picture and the photograph of a Polish girl lying dead in a field beside her weeping sister in 1939.

I go home and flick through my files, old pictures of the Israeli invasion of 1982. There are more photographs of dead children, of broken bridges. "Israelis Threaten to Storm Beirut", says one headline. "Israelis Retaliate". "Lebanon At War". "Beirut Under Siege". "Massacre at Sabra and Chatila".

Yet when I was fleeing the bombing of Ghobeiri with my driver Abed, we swept right past the entrance of the camp, the very spot where I saw the first murdered Palestinians. And we did not think of them. We did not remember them. They were dead in Beirut and we were trying to stay alive in Beirut, as I have been trying to stay alive here for 30 years.

how easily we forget these earlier slaughters

I am back on the sea coast when my mobile phone rings. It is an Israeli woman calling me from the United States, the author of a fine novel about the Palestinians. "Robert, please take care" she says. "I am so, so sorry about what is being done to the Lebanese. It is unforgivable.I pray for the Lebanese people, and the Palestinians, and the Israelis." I thank her for her thoughtfulness and the graceful, generous way she condemned this slaughter.

Fairouz, the most popular of Lebanese singers, was to have performed at this year's Baalbek festival, cancelled now like all Lebanon's festivals of music, dance, theatre and painting. One of her most popular songs is dedicated to her native city:

To Beirut - peace with all my heart to Beirut - And kisses - to the sea and clouds,To the rock of a city that looks like an old sailor's face.From the soul of her people she makes wine,From their sweat, she makes bread and jasmine.So how did it come to taste of smoke and fire?

Published: 19 July 2006

The Independent


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