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Job Haunt...

Since I came back from beautiful Beirut leaving behind people I loved & a job I adored, the idea of staying and working in my homeland seemed to be growing by the hour, why not waste my energy for my country?

Wait I now know why, my poor country is being ran by selfish money slaves who are not very fond passionat when it comes to what they do for living, they don't work cause they want to, they work cause they have to, they study one thing, end up doing something else, complain about it, then die, have they really got no choice?

I love what I do I always have & am darn good at it, so when I started the passed 2 weeks looking around here at WHO I'll be working with, I got deeply disappointed, and was reminded that this is Kuwait, OK leKuwait 3ala 3aini o 3ala rasi, intaw mino & why do you wish our country harm? how can you know for fact what you're doing is wrong yet insist on doing it just cause everybody else is! shakhbari hal mentality, am I the only Kuwaiti who refuses being pointless? this is one reason why I refuse to work for gov. I do not want to end up on a desk full gshoor 7ab everywhere playing solitaire, apart from not doing anything & being another source of waste of oxygen & space, I strongly pass and demand you give me something to create! ehy salfat give me money o bs.

OK not gov. wala tze3loon, let's see our private sector =} al7een my experience is all Media related as my résumé clearly reveals, shako offer me to be in Sales! where did you see in my CV that I can do that! la wel thany yegooly project consultant, ALLAAAH! ayshay? la ra7aw il 3alam! I have no experience, but I so can give you an advice here, based on WHAT you decided I should be hired! I "look" intelligent?!! I "look"!? I place my head between my hands & wonder, is that how we get hired now? has it always been like that? or is this another "habba"? so I can look all I want & it means it's what I am, este3bat oho?

Now I got an offer to leave again, Splendid, but I worry.. I seriously worry about Kuwait, can I leave my mislead country in these hands? I know I'm only one person but should I give up on it just because am one? am sure there are more people who understand how I feel & probably feel the same way, wainhom? are they giving up? are we completely unable to do anything!? I wonder.

I am lost now.. should I leave my country go down the drain, stand, watch and wave with a tear? or.. or what! what could there be to do!

I've heard a lot of people who wish they'd just leave :/
ما في المقام لذي عـقـل وذي أدب ... من راحة فدع الأوطان واغتـرب

سافر تجد عوضـا عمن تفارقــه ... وانْصَبْ فإن لذيذ العيش في النَّصب

إني رأيت ركـود الـماء يفســده ... إن ساح طاب وإن لم يجر لم يطب

والأسد لولا فراق الغاب ما افترست ... والسهم لولا فراق القوس لم يصب

والشمس لو وقفت في الفلك دائمة ... لملَّها الناس من عجم ومن عـرب

والتِّبرُ كالتُّـرب مُلقى في أماكنـه ... والعود في أرضه نوع من الحطب

فإن تغرّب هـذا عـَزّ مطلبـــه ... وإن تغرب ذاك عـزّ كالذهــب
stay 6ab3an!! etha you and i left, min yebga?? just keep looking for a job.. i still am.
3baid, different causes, different needs..

Error, that should cover it?
Flam, I don't think my work is appreciated here that's first of all, second.. I eventually am comming back, bs when I know it's time ya3ni, I guess I'll feel when, just like I feel that now it's time to be away for a while.. mayendara, haven't decided yet.
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