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aaaaaahh.. *daydreaming*



oh Hi there!
word of warning, this is a very girly post, so boys; sit back & comment if you have a girly comment =}


I went for a quick stop at IKEA yesterday, it took me a couple of turns before I could find a parking spot.. I was upset at the begining cause I had so much to do, and there he was... Mr. Hunky Hottson, in a pickup truck (I KNOW!) it was then when I thought "Thank you full parking lot"..


I shake my head around & go "focus Sponty".. I park my car & go in REALLY FAST cause I don't want to run into him knowing that I might do something spontaneous, or in other words stupid.

I love their convenient stuff in IKEA so the moment I walked in I completely forgot about Mr. Hottson, ... okay not fogot but I really was distracted by some cute stuff, so I wasn't fast anymore, now to make long story short, I ran into him, I thought he was hot in the car, now I can see he's even hotter & taller off the car pushing a cute little trolley.. aaaaaaahh *day dreaming*... I was actually daydreaming at that moment, until our eyes met & he smiled at me.. I snap! smile and look away running so fast it felt like I was leaving dust behind me...

Ya3ni being in Kuwait & all, it's not easy to walk up to a guy, present your phone number & say "Hi, I think you're hot, call me." especially when you know he's checking you out too, YES HE WAS! I really would do that if I saw a guy I thought was hot, maybe pretend I know him from somwhere or if he was someone's I know's brother? shfeeha! don't look at me like that! am single & life is all about chances! I wouldn't let a good chance like that walk by! ..

no no no no, he'd probably look at me like am some kinda wa7da ray7a feeha, which is only what it sounds like I know, I hate their mentality here! (who's their!?) when will they get that it's good to be yourself & not to fake stuff, why act! why put on a show!? hefff baykheen..

I was thinking about that as I was trying to run away again, when I reached the "lights" section I was very attracted to the lights like a bug, I again completely "forgot" about Mr. Hottson, when he on the other hand must have thought I was a goofball as he saw me (I didn't know he was right behind me then) test touching the torch light to see how hot it was to check the surface of the thing, it wasn't hot at all, I felt stupid, so you can imagine what I looked like when I knew he was right behind me =}

"how did he get there so fast anyways!"
I didn't have to look at him directly I just glimpsed on my side &.. you should have seen my face =}

he did have a sweet smile on his face though..


aaaaaaah *day dreaming*

yeah so, I thought this is impossible, I can't shop with hot vibes, am outta here, and left.. la shopped wala ya7zanoon.


would you walk up & say hi? would you create a scene? like "I know you from somewhere don't I" or maybe just smile?? or chicken out like I did & not knowing if you have the right to regret..




I can't stop eating chocolate!

& don't give me that "Oh you need.. whatever you may come up with" crap I am under no stress and I have no reason to attack chocolate the way I do, even when I have chocolate & someone calls asking what do I need them to get me "CHOCOLATE BARS" I scream! oh & also IceCream.. it's been 2 months and I see no end to it, if we're like having dinner or whatever, I keep my chocolate bar beside my dish and gaze at it with a huge grin waiting for the moment, it really is the work of the devil believe you me! oh you think this is bad? good, cause it is.


beautiful isn't it? feels like pictunary, what do you see?

سؤال محيرني, منو يقشر النقل المقشر؟




لاول مرة اكتب باللغة العربية (أو بالاحرى الكويتية) مادري شالطاري! يمكن لاني حاولت اكتب الموضوع بالانجلش وحسيته ركيك
is that even a word?
It's worth mentioning before we start that this is a very sensitive issue I don't usually dig in, but I feel like sharing today...
...الله يعيني على ذوي العقول المغلقة واللي بس يدورون النجرة
bear with me, my Arabic is not all there, now here…
ذهبت ليلة أمس لزيارة قريبتي الي توها ردت من السفر اسلم عليها واسمع قصص السفر واتطمش عالاغراض الي يايبتها
%100 Anti Islam كان زوجها قاعد يتفرج على قناة انا أول مرة اسمع فيها اسمها الحياة
مو شي يديد بهالعصر ان يكونون الناس معاديين للاسلام, تعودنا و صار اشكرة, بس عاد قناة بحالها؟ اساس القناة هو الاسلام بكتابه الكريم يحمل العديد من التساؤلات التاريخية والتشريعية والاهوتية والاخلاقية وحتى جيوغرافية. هل حصل استجواب للكتب السماوية من قبل؟ هل فكر احد في استجواب الانبياء والمعجزات؟ الحياة مو بس فكرت, الا قامت على حيلها ويابت سورة النمل وتعال فسر يا مسلم
الحين انا شخصيا عندي احتراماتي وتساؤلاتي المتعلقة بكل الديانات حتى الغير سماوية من باب الفضول وهذا شي طبيعي, وطبعا مو كل شي اسمعه اصدقه, بس الكتاب السماوي مهما كان ما اقعد واحوس فيه وافسر على كيفي, يظل فيه المنطق وهوالمبداء المفضل عندي

اما الحياة فقد استندت على مراجع منهم الجيد ومنهم من ليس له علاقة او حتى مخ ليفسر كلام اكبر منه, طبعا مع احترامي لهم بس ما قصروا بصراحة, ليش؟ يايكم ليش:
ما يحتاج اذكر ان المقابلة اخذت الطابع الاستهزائي, في سورة النمل اللي قاريها يدري عن موقف سيدنا سليمان مع النملة *آية 19* الحين الكتب السماوية متفقة ان سيدنا سليمان يكلم الجن والطير فماكانوا مستبعدين سالفة النملة معنهم ما سابوها تعدي على خير, بس الفصلة كانت على تفسير الامام ابن كثير, حبكت يقول كالتالي

ان النملة اللي كلمها سيدنا سليمان اسمها جرسا وانها من قبيلة بني الشيصان وانها كانت عرجاء

شنو صار؟ صار تكعكع طبعا

اركض وادور والقى التفسير كما ذكر, انوه طبعا ان الاية مافيها كل هالتفاصيل, أي ليش الاضافة؟ ومعلومة يعني حتى ما منها فايدة. أو لأ, في منها فايد, بس لصالح اشكال قناة الحياة, بالله سيدنا سليمان فاضي يقعد يسولف مع نملة؟

للاسف كان الوقت جدا متاخر وكنت حدي دايخة وما قدرت اكمل الحلقة, بس علمت من زوج قريبتي ان مقدم البرنامج هو شاب في مقتبل العمرمن الشمال الافريقي بدون تحديد (مو حفاظا على سمعة البلد بس لانه يصعب القول) ومرتد عن الدين الاسلامي, وتابع لدين للثالوث المقدس, ما يزيد الامر نرفزة حيث انه يعرف المواضيع التي تلفت نظرالمسلمين وتسبب بلبلة.




This post is inspired by Shorouq...

it's true you guys, it's been a while since I got excited over doing anything, specially with everybody leaving, lately the most exciting news I get is when my brother asks me what do I want for dinner which means we're gathering tonight "my brothers and some of our cousins" to play videogames over pizza or whatever, it is alot more fun than anything else I can think of, ya3ni I get upset if I was going "shopping" knowing that they are probably playing right now! Yes! almost as good as shopping! hwaooo!!







...Yoshi, My Favorite Character.




On a beautiful Tuesday, Kyra Phillips was still wearing her wireless microphone when she visited the loo while CNN aired Bush's Katrina speech earlier this week, she made headlines as a flush sound plus her conversation about her boyfriend and his "control freak" sister ended up being broadcasted live for a minute until was she alerted that her mike was ON.

Top Ten Kyra Phillips Excuses:

10. "Still haven't mastered complicated On/Off switch."

9. "Larry King told me he does this all the time."

8. "How was I supposed to know we had a reporter embedded in the bathroom?"

7. "I honestly never knew this sort of thing was frowned upon."

6. "Couldn't resist chance to win $10,000 on 'America's Funniest Home Videos.'"

5. "I was set up by those bastards at Fox News."

4. "Oh, like YOU'VE never gone to the bathroom and had it broadcast on national television!"

3. "I just wanted that hunky Lou Dobbs to notice me."

2. "OK, so I was drunk and couldn't think straight."

1. "You have to admit, it made the speech a lot more interesting."
Featured on David Letterman.


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