Rien d'especial.. relax, kick back & feel at ease *^_^*




I can't stop eating chocolate!

& don't give me that "Oh you need.. whatever you may come up with" crap I am under no stress and I have no reason to attack chocolate the way I do, even when I have chocolate & someone calls asking what do I need them to get me "CHOCOLATE BARS" I scream! oh & also IceCream.. it's been 2 months and I see no end to it, if we're like having dinner or whatever, I keep my chocolate bar beside my dish and gaze at it with a huge grin waiting for the moment, it really is the work of the devil believe you me! oh you think this is bad? good, cause it is.


beautiful isn't it? feels like pictunary, what do you see?

سؤال محيرني, منو يقشر النقل المقشر؟

I have to say that while I was writing this I was eating a RitterSport, whole hazelnuts YUMM! but the thing is, I remember that I didn't finish it! now I can't find it! will keep you updated.

ok who told u to stop eating chokolate and let me have this conversation with him/her plz :P

Eat and live... 6oz bel rejem :)
latwasy 7arees
me to :S

i really feel something strange when drinking coffe or eating chocolote:S

nice post
mishari, I don't feel anything, I just want it and can't get enough of it for some reason
Ana wa7da hal ayam im6alga il chocolate, i eat it, but not like before, hal ayam 7a6a 7aily bil 7alaw, madry laish....

I c people kissing


wallah sij
French ba3ad :P
NEVER say no to chocolate ;p
Athin ra3y ilbanak
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Now thats a Cult movie LOL

النقل الله يسلمج اييبون عشر صعايده ويعلجونه تالي ايمعونه ويبيعونه

اما البنك اييبون عشر هنادوه يحطون البنك تحت اباطهم لين يملح عدل تالي ينباع
اعتقد عقب الشرح بتصومون من اليوم لوووووول
ومبارك عليكم الشهر
Don't worry, it's not you. Everybody loves chocolate and icecream. No one, I repeat, no one can resist chocolate!
LOL am with you all the way with that chocolate bit. I went crazy myself for a couple of months, exactly what you were saying now. People around me made fun of me saying: if any crime happens here, you'll be the first suspect from all the Mars Delight wrappers they see in the bin lol. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I felt uncomfortable in my clothes.. METATNT :s

As for your previous post...
تفسير ابن كثير فيه وايد من الاسرائليات وفيه شغلات عليها علامات استفهام (والدليل هالنملة أم الأصل والفصل).. ولازم الواحد يراعي هالشي وأهو يقراه .. والله أعلم

Fuzzy, LOLLLL we3 :S
DR, wee ya7asratna, wain fee hatha!

um-mit3eb, never say never

jan6a, weeeeeee3 la latgoleen.
Fuzzy, I got dizzy when I watched this movie, I want to swim in that river ={

and thank you for the explination, *faint*

phoenix, not to resist is one thing, to attack is something else, I am not not resisting I am savagely attacking, in other words chithey 3omry ma sheft chocolate
witty, alllaaaaaaaaaaaaah marsdelight!!! hatha meta eyeboona? now I want marsdelight ={
I'm a chocoholic myself... I mentioned that a few times.. and I'm not sure if we are shortening the time until we become diabetic or what!!

about ur question on mino elli yegasher il nigil el mgashar.. I think it's the nigil fairy..

there's a fairy for every peeled nut..there's even a peanut fairy..

I think :/
3abeer, eb3eed el shar 3annech allah layableena, bs 3ad etbardeen el chabd! ee chithey! mo el jema3a allah yesame7hom, ok khalas ana eqtena3t :) thank you.

my recent post is abt candy too

so, we both have a sweet tooth!!!!!
Mars Delight is Availabe at KaKaw London in Muhalab Mall, and ive bought some from Kaifan Coop
NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER !!!!! lo bimawetny... NEVER say no to chocolate:P
Still breathing, hehe sweet tooth, I like the name of that, *crunch*

Fuzzy, allah yesam7ek 3ala hal ma3looma ={ howa ana na'sa?

um-mit3eb, okay okay you proved your point hehe
yaaay its the best thing , after coffee =P,speacially elbelgian chocolate from hagen dazz really u should try it =)
one more thing.. I'm officially addicted to the Quality Street Purple Chocolate with the caramel filling and the hazlenut .. since I was a kid I loved this little piece of heaven...

and tomorrow is Ramadan.. mbarak 3alaich el shahar :)
if you reaaly reaaaally want chocolate, but dont want to go near it.. stupid diets and all.. eat cheese.. yellow cheddar or anything.. it takes your choc craving away... or eat choc with at least 70% cocoa, meaning there is not added milk or butter,, so less fat,, less amount of choc to eat to be able to satisfy that damn urge!
Mulan, specially after everything wenty el saja, I have tried these, I rest my case.
3abeer, GET OUT!!! it's one f my favorites too!!! ehya wel pink, aaawesome.. my mouth is running ={

Let'em eat cake, while reading your comment I was thinking.. not ganna work hehe but thank you for the tip, I might give it a try and update you =}
Eat yobah eat like there is no tomorrow :)
hitman1, tomorrow? gool like there's no following hour, am not making it big, it really is serious
Sponta, chocolate was and still my first LOVE...

nigil !! min zimaaaan mo sam3a halkilmaa hehehehe

mbarak 3leich ishahar 7beeebty ;*
Thank god I'm not friends with chocolate! I mean I do eat chocolate, but not like a freak one! And by freak I mean YOU!! ;P
PS; Loved your new profile pic.. So comfy!
Mother Courage, hehehe 3alena o 3alech babe =}

NuNu, mo yayba shay yedeed =P o mateghlash 3aleeky =*
I feel like diving in that pic .. wanna join ? hehehehe

I'm addicted to chocolate as well. and I know how it feels when you hold that bar in ur hand and you have a bite with your eyes closed .. yummmmmy
Wild_Mare, yep, and reading your comment while fasting was not a good idea.. happy ramadan =/
indulge yourself baby, go all chocolate-crazy and enjoy it

ewww, God forgive you, you and your nasty ideas :)
WhiteWing, ee for next time you see me you go "something is different about you.." 10 kilos that is! ={

3al 3omoom ana mo emgasra =/
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