Rien d'especial.. relax, kick back & feel at ease *^_^*




even though it's been awhile... I still don't know if I wanna do this..



Say What Now..?!

la' gad3a bsara7a..

I don't know whether to be offended by this or just disgusted..

.. Yeah so...



Go Sponty.. It's Your Birthday.. Go Sponty..

Today is my last "26 years old" day, May 13th is the day I look back and smile at what went by, I already started saying that I'm 27 a couple of months ago, the reaction I get makes me laugh, I remember when I first said out laud and I was like "Good Lord!! am 27!! when did that happen!" hehe I did just smile when I remembered that, am funny that way, I was thinking of how time goes on.. no seriously give it a thought, it keeps on going and going and going and there's NOTHING any of us can do to stop it! it is just GOING! whether I like it or not same time next year am ganna be 28! .. okay that did have another effect on me.. am glad am using those years doing what I love best, looking back at 26 it seems pretty laid back, maybe it was full at the end but apart from that it was a year of transformation and little bit of transportation, I hope 27 will be either just as calm or even better.. no you know what I do hope that 27 is better, I want 27 to be better, I'll work on having my 27th year better =}

{= Happy Birthday To Me =}



=~} ... =~{

madri afra7 wela az3al, my f a v o r i t e s t niece the one I love more than anyone/thing I ever knew/even heard of just started walking and I missed it, I missed it I missed it I missed it! I mean okay I missed alot of my cousins' kids incidents and events both happy and sad, it does upset me not to be there for them and when I can't I know they understand, yet for this particular child I usually would go around the world twice not to miss out anything, oh and capture it on tape "well.. cells".
I was there for her every single firsts... thinking of them now makes me realize how she grew.. yakhti esmalla! =~} I am happy that she finally started walking really, I used to hold her hands and help her lead the way, she'd throw her foot out in the air to make a step and laugh knowing that she achieved something she probably doesn't recognize, the gloomy part comes as I wasn't there to see.. =~{ it really hurts just to hear about it miles away and not know what she's like trying to go somewhere all by herself, the falls, and ways to stand up...
I miss her curles


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