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Go Sponty.. It's Your Birthday.. Go Sponty..

Today is my last "26 years old" day, May 13th is the day I look back and smile at what went by, I already started saying that I'm 27 a couple of months ago, the reaction I get makes me laugh, I remember when I first said out laud and I was like "Good Lord!! am 27!! when did that happen!" hehe I did just smile when I remembered that, am funny that way, I was thinking of how time goes on.. no seriously give it a thought, it keeps on going and going and going and there's NOTHING any of us can do to stop it! it is just GOING! whether I like it or not same time next year am ganna be 28! .. okay that did have another effect on me.. am glad am using those years doing what I love best, looking back at 26 it seems pretty laid back, maybe it was full at the end but apart from that it was a year of transformation and little bit of transportation, I hope 27 will be either just as calm or even better.. no you know what I do hope that 27 is better, I want 27 to be better, I'll work on having my 27th year better =}

{= Happy Birthday To Me =}

Sponty.. Onty.. Onty..
happy birthday....may all your dreams come true...i know thats cliche and overused but smile today is the begining of the rest of the day :)...HaPpy BirThday
you go gurl

Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

27 kisses:

Happy Birthday! :o)
habi bear day too yoooo
hAPPY birthday too you sponty
Happy Birthday:)
kel3am wenty ebkhair :)
Your Battlefield, hehe I wish the same for you too, yeah am smiling, it's a beautiful day and the weather is awesome.

Judy Abbot, Merso ya amaaar
Delicately Realistic, yakhchi merci!! =}

Thanks The Stallion =}

Papillona, khal asale7lech eyaha, haby bear bear to me.

Ó®ange √uice,\ thanx =}
MiYaFuSHi, thanx =}

Temetwir, shukran shukran =}
happppy biiiiirrrtthhhhhdddaaaayyy toooo tthhhheeeeeeeeeee
kil 3am wentay balf khair.. adry mita'akhra bas it doesn't mean my wish has expired.. may all ur years be filled with happiness :)
Happy birthday :*

I hear we're related! Isn't it time we met?
Shorouq, thanks honey, mino il fethee7a ili told you =P it definatly is =} inshalla as soon as am home we'll arrange it and get togather =}
Habbi Borzdai
NuNu, tanko bamki mas!
Sloth, wee tawni ashoofech! matbayneen hehe! thanx sweety I wish your dreams would come true on my birthday too =}
afa ! kil hal kisha o ma shifteeni :(

ah well its ur B-day .. u're allowed :)
Sloth, =}
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