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Happy NewYear...?


Because Error was upset, here's a beautiful view on top of the blog, moved the ugly guy to way below :)

I still wouldn't leave the parliment on top either, I know it would be upsetting to alot more..
so here we go..

Poor Kuwait...

I don't know if things could get worse.. but then again nothing says things are getting any better..


Same here..

I really hope things don't go ugly over there.. God I miss that mountain..


Was executed on the morning of the day when sheeps get killed.. "hint?" or "blunt"

Happy Sheep Killing Day? Happy Excecution day? Happy Eid? Who can say!

Okay I hate him with passion for what he did to my country & my people, now if you asked me, I'd say he should have been placed in a teeny tiny cell all by himself with no one to talk to or space to move than to have him relieved from his guilt & set his soul free.


To lighten things up..

Oh well..


Happy NewYear =}




Dreams Dreams Dreams...

Remember like a couple of posts ago I was complaining about my pillows & how I was having nightmare & whatnot? right so the pillow case still stands, the nightmare part was gone for a while & was replaced with weird dreams! & am thinking.. what is this 2006 leftovers?! I have been having the weirdest dreams ever, involving many people some I don't even know that well to give myself the right to dream about like from work & such, that's not all, it gets weirder & weirder! it even gets uglier, blech!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. let them do the talking =}

Stairs.. they go on & on & on...

The War.. fear..

Traveling and sometimes crashing.. also fear

That I gained so much weight.. the ultimate fear!

Waking up & finding myself in a grave..

No Comment!

Dude I don't even believe!

& my personal least favorite...

of course some were just unsuitable to publish or to even mention so we'll disregard those and focus on the ones that get repeated more often..

I'll go get myself some milk & hope for a less disterbing dream..

Sweet dreams everybody




I "don't know why but I" switched into blogger beta and I am now stuck with it, HOW DO I GET RID OF IT!

Help Appreciated,




But I Still Haven't Decided... Part II

This is going to be one long post, I just didn't want to have a partIII, so kefkom, oh & most of the picutres are not good, I don't want to hear any complains it was totaly connected to the mood.. enjoy.
We hit the road, it got sadder by the minute, the road wasn't as empty as you expet it to be, on the way we saw people going back from where we were heading, we didn't know why as everything seemed possible at the time, we still thought we'd take our chance..

We were alot, like 3 busses & many civilian cars following us to the boarders, suddenly they all stop to discuss what other route to take as the ones we were taking had been bombed, I remember we stopped at a roundabout & we stepped outta the bus where they told us to get right back in, I mean as if! I think if a bomb hits I would be safer out side of a bus than I would be in the inside! I wanted to take a picture of the place, they wouldn't let me, this is the closes I could get, you can't really see anything.. it's not really scary just a road that has a whole in the middle..

They decided to follow the guide, & we made it to the boarder, it still felt weird, I did not know what was I supposed to be at that moment, I missed my work already, I miss my friends, I didn't stop smsing everybody the whole way.. this is pretty much how it was like when we got there..

يا روح ما بعدك روح

need a closer look? No you don't but here you go..

After 2 hours on the boarder we passed, 2 hours was WITH the help of our embassy, wonder how long we would have had to stay if we were on our own!

This was our bus, neat huh? we were like 25 to 30 people on that bus, mostly women, my uncle was the only man calling shots being the only able man God bless him, there were others but for somereason the depended on him, some of them knew each other from before & we got to know others during the trip, when there were some you just didn't feel like even going close to, like this woman, who was Lebanese, & had "count" 1. a new born she was carrying. 2. a little over than 1 yearold who wouldn't stop crying, 3. about a 3 year old who was always with her maid, 4. & 5. older all girls we didn't know how old they were, so she was with 5 daughters mashalla & one maid, she was very aggressive, it turned out later that she's married to a Kuwaiti who didn't have the decency to even come pick his wife & kids up from "at least" the Syrian boarders, I hope he had one hell of an excuse.

We left the Lebanese bus as we cross the boarder, where a Syrian bus was waiting for us, now things started to become really ugly, no seriously.. really really ugly..

Yep! I told you, Ugly with a capital U! That was our Syrian bus, I mean what the hell was that all about! I don't know but we got a good kick out of it, such a fasla! oh well as long as it's ganna get us to where we're safe and we never get to see it again ever we're happy..

Now we "thought" that we'll be heading to the airport, the guy we were trying to reach from our embassy was not even replying, we finally reach the embassy and they told us there are no flights to night and we have to spend a night in Syria.. aha, okay.. stay cool.. now, more time on the fasla bus looking for empty hotels, took us a while & we had to leave half of us in some hotels & the rest of us in another where it was awful, I didn't stop taking pictures there, it was .. terrible.. but unfortunately this part will be picturesless, anywho regarding that woman, I saw how she couldn't handle the pressure, I felt why won't I since I can, so I helped that sad woman with so many kids, that's when I knew she was married to a Kuwaiti.

Me: Is your husband coming to Syria to pick you guys up? "legafat Kuwaityeen"

Sad Woman With Lotsa Kids: No, he's upset that I left.

Me: Excuse me?!

S.W.W.L.K: He didn't want us to leave, but I couldn't stay when the houses right next to mine became equal with the ground..

Me: He knows you left now..

S.W.W.L.K: yes.

Me: ... ... "yafashlatna"

I was ganna ask why on earth won't he come to pick you up now that you left! khalas ya3ni he should be there for her!!

بالله مو عيب عليه!؟

I took her passports and passed them to my uncle, the 1 year old reminded me so much of my cousin's 1 year old :~} ours name is fajer, hers name was Dhu7a.. resemblance!

We stayed in a hotel that has phones that didn't work, excuse me bathroom with no flush working, not hot water and no A/C.. "it's okay" we told ourselves "it's a matter of a night and we'll be home inshalla" "we can do this" "it'll be over" "it could have been worse" it really could.

We went downstairs to have dinner.. remember this part cause there'll be a connection later on.

Barely slept, then next morning at 10 a.m. we got ready to move, we were all excited, happy to leave this hell hole, I got downstairs feeling a little sick, thinking it's probably the trip, I saw my uncle in what's supposed to be a lobby watching the news, I sit next to him as we wait for the bus and hear the sad improvements, I was still hoping it would get better now and I could go back to my friends and my work and my place.. no such wish ever came true.

an uglier bus comes, I didn't take pictures, I was too sick to help load this time, so I got in and waited "HUGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE"

We got to the airport, ofcourse no one was waiting for us there, we were so lost, NO ONE HELPED.

Unloaded our bags & the bus moved, counting the bags there was ONE bag missing, MINE :) with my cameras, my laptop, my Ipods, my beautiful beautiful clothes and shoes, my perfumes and make up, stuff I got for my brothers and mother, stuff I never wore, memories, .. all gone.

Some taxi driver was there witnessing the whole thing..

Taxi Driver: بلحقلك اياه بس اول شي بتدفعي؟

Me: "all burning up" لا مشكور ماراح تلحقو

Taxi Driver : ايي اصطفلي

Me: WHAT THE HELL DID THE CAP DRIVER SAY TO ME?!?! "it went on & on"

انا ناقصة؟

I sat there refusing to get on a plane until my bag is found, we called the bus, he wouldn't answer, now need I recall that I was feeling sick, & thought it was probably the trip, I want my stuff! it was around 11 a.m. next plane is at 4 p.m. so good I have some time, we make so many calls for 2 hours, no one wants to say where the bag is, it's either on the bus or in the hotel no other place to be at, the hotel points at the bus driver and the bus driver points at the hotel doorman, I told my uncle to get in cause I don't think I wanna leave without my stuff.. but then when you really think about it it's just an excuse, as if I'd ever find them!

Flash Back: Your mom would kill us if we showed up without you..


"خلاص يبا الحين تلقينهم عارضينهم للبيع على 10 دولار" ... Some one from the embassy said, wearing one really old ugly Gucci sunglasses.

"It's about time someone showed up" my uncle's wife yelled at the guy "we were in the sun for too long & no one came to help us!"

Man With Ugly Gucci Sunglasses: يعني شنسوي؟ نركض ورا الباص نييبلكم الجنطة؟

My Uncle's Wife: !!!!

M.W.U.G.S: khalas forget about it & try to get in wait for a plane.

* There were guys from the Emirate embassy: You want us to help you?

Us: No thanx Emaraties, I don't think there's anything you could do but really thanx.

Emiratei people: عليه العوض المهم سلامتكم

What would have happened to M.W.U.G.S if he said something like that!

We prepare ourself to get inside the checkin line.. there was an exit just like any regular office door exit for both arriving & departing.. we litrelay had to PUSH our way through, my uncle's wife was pushing the trolly with the bags, she was at first nicely letting people pass her thinking they will eventually let her, then she realized there's no such culture in this airport.. "I DO NOT KNOW WHAT'S INFRONT OF ME! I AM PUSHING NO MATTER WHAT!"


من قال محتره؟

We got it.. o yaraitna ma got in... this was what it looked like ..

The departing Zone.. people were getting out like this, people not kherfan.. people.

There was no cafeteria, no seats, no vendure machines, no information booth, no water,.. need I go on?

We stayed on our foot for such a long time, we'd get on the line & then they say sorry you're not on this list, but stay in the line if people on the list don't show up we'll let you in..

4 O'clock plane departed...

6 O'clock plane departed...

8 O'clock plane departed...

10 O'clock plane departed...

This whole time we're standing, my uncle felt really bad for us, he thought he'd leave & get us something to eat, he had to pay the F%#*%* airport door exity man to let him out, & on his way back in he again asked for money! WHAT THE HELL!!

Sad Woman With Alota Kids took the 8 O'clock flight.

During that time we met some people from the embassy who were supposed to be our guids but of course they were more lost that we were..

Me: You guys are not so smart are you, you could have placed a gather point for Kuwaities & we could have helped each other to help you!

Dude from embassy: ... it's not as easy as it sounds..

Me & My aunty: really?! our embassy in Lebanon, how do you think they did it?! it's because we don't know how to organize ourselves unless someone told us to, unlike you people here in this God forsaken country, awful system in every step we take..

Dude: ششش وطي صوتك لاتروحين ابداهية, انا حتى وانا قاعدة اتسبح اتلفت, ترى اتطيحين ابمشاكل مالها اول ولا تالي

Me: !! WWhat!? are you kidding me?! *fesalt* انا وين وانت وين "walking away"

Suddenly out of nowhere, someone behind me was holding coffee.. tripped & spoiled her coffee all over me.. I turned & looked at her ever so quietly, I turned back & went WAAAAA WAAAAA .. I started crying, I broke down completely.. my uncle's wife the dearest, she took our bags & placed them on the floor, we went to sit on our bags like we were homeless, with tears in our eyes leaning on eachother looking at people passing us by.. and my uncle never left the line.. but he also never took his eyes off us..

People from the embassy came and told us we should be on the 3 a.m. flight, it was 9 at the time we heard that.. we thought.. whatever :~(

طبعا انا ومرت خالي استخفينا رسمي عقب 10 ساعات واقفين على ريولنا, على يميننا كان في ريال شايب مع مرته مبرقعه هم جذي مثله كبيره ,يعطيها ماي ويسولف, راحت لهم مرت خالي وسألتهم شكثر صارلهم متزوجين و هل لايزال يحبها "مو اقولكم استخفينا" انا قلت هذا بيزفنا او يحذفنا بشي .. ولا اشوه قال : هذي الخير والبركة .. مرت خالو كانت راح تبكي لمل سمعت هالكلام بس اغلب الظن كانت هلوسة فقالت الله يخليكم حق بعض يارب ورجعت وقالتلي القصة..

My aunty thought he was this old man would make a beautiful painting, so we took a picture of him, isn't he cute?!

few minutes later while we were sitting hopelessly on the bags, one of the guys that came and told us we'll be on the 3 a.m. flight was running around and stopped when he saw us..

ناطرين تصير الساعة وحدة
اكو مكان حق طيارة الساعة وحدة, يالله شيلو اغراضكم وسوو تشيك ان

We couldn't believe what we heard! we ran over to my uncle to give him our stuff, by 12 we were inside the plane.. I knew then that I wanted to stay, I wouldn't have lost my stuff.. so the pictures you see are the ones we took from my aunty's camera, as mine was gone for good along with the rest of my precious stuff :( heartless meanass sucker.

& right after we got to Kuwait, I got food poison & was sick for 2 weeks, it was okay though cause my mama was there for me :)

I wonder if this guy ever got painted, I should check.


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