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I "don't know why but I" switched into blogger beta and I am now stuck with it, HOW DO I GET RID OF IT!

Help Appreciated,


If by "stuck to it" you mean logged in, then you need to clear your browser's cookies and cache.
That means i cant comment here :/
Oh i did!
Tsadgen i tried to switch and itw ouldnt switch me!
3baid, thakartny bel IT indian guy at work, talks as if am getting everything while KNOWING AM NOT GETTING ANYTHING!
DR, how did you do it, my friend tried to comment and it wouldn't work out! why are things happening to you the other way around? you're supposed to be able to switch but since you couldn't you're not supposed to be able to comment =/

funny fait you got going on there =P
You can not switch back to Blogger!
BlueIce, I can't ={
you dont. you cant get rid off it. switch to wordpress... wayid arya7 :D
cixousianpanic, belsha!
I'll switch to wordpress but i dont want to loose all my old posts....
Maze, I'll lose my posts if I switch?! oh come on!
I've tried to comment on the prev. post but I couldn't

it brought me to tears
Alia, sij?! yey someone read it! hehehe

I was glad I finally got it out =} feels much lighter
دخول الحمام مش زي خروجه
hitman1 LOL shako metlegfa o dasha madri!
No honey you can not, you must have read a notification warning you that you can not switch back to Blogger!
As long as you do not lose all your blog with the comments just like what happened to me, I think that Blogger Beta is more fun to use.
BlueIce, e that's what I said, I can't =/
lool poor you.. never go for somethin new.. thats what i learnt :)
So this is a warning for us. Thank you sponty for giving it a try and giving us a most needed warning :)
I use blogger beta! it's fine for me. bss some readers cant comment i dont know why! :s
Dr. Lost, see I learnt too, only the hard way =/

Hanan, shqasdech? kabsh feda? =P

Missy, hell not only that! even I couldn't comment and it's my freaking blog! =/
same here :(

we're stuck!
DON'T EVER TRY TO DELETE UR GOOGLE ACCOUNT !!! ASK AN EXPERIENCED :P heheh !! i've losed my previous blog and the reason was cuz i want to get rid of the beta blogger account !! .. i thought that whatever still i got blogger account !! but GGGGRRRRRR >>> !!! the whole blog PASSED AWAAAAAAAAY :''''''(((
Ling-Bling, we should create a club!

Breeze, jee!! no really thanx for the heads up! Hanan would be thrilled to know that =}

Hanan, look what we have here! another kabsh feda!
والله ودي اساعدك بس العين بصيره والايد قصيره
كل يوم اشوف حياكم الله يالبيتا
تفضلوا عندنا بالبيتا
وانا مهون
اخاف اسوي شي يديد
اسوي سواد ويه
Barrak, yalla 3alamnakom shay =P
I think it works fine now since I am able to comment on the beta blogs!
Hopeless Poet, weird, but looks like the issue is over =}
now can we have a new post already?? :)
Dr.Lost, by all means! I just haven't had much time to do anything but yeah give me a day =}
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