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To Handle The Ride..

I wanted to point out one and say check this guy out or maybe comment on a specific one? but they all had something I couldn't make up my mind and I got so lost!! Shalla 7adkom!

which one did you like best?



Just Say No! UPDATE!

UPDATE! Need a clearer picture?




Sponty Sponty Sponty..

OK so like a couple of days ago or maybe even weeks I was like oh I don't feel well I feel awful I feel sick blaa blaa blaa.. I hate when I a7en! when I nag that is, but I can't help but otherwise lately!! sayra 7anna!! 7anna ley darajat ini a3el roo7y! isn't it .. I don't know what it is!?
I do feel better I mean am not sick anymore or anything but I feel SO DEPRESSED!!!! and am sick of being depressed! 7alaw oho! enough is enough!

and hey! chocolate? didn't work, gym? not that either, going out? driving long distance? singing and dancing? scream into a pillow? HELLO! those are advices "I" usually give! now am suffering and can't even help myself out!! I became so so so negative! am so hurt and different, I try not to show it sometimes but hey who am I kidding! I hate being spontaneous, I want to feel better..

I miss my friends, I miss my cousin, I miss having true real friends who are ACTUALLY there for me! who would ACTUALLY give their time just to listen to my gibberish! even if they don't get a word I say yet they know me blabing will eventually make me feel better! I miss having a shoulder to cry on, I miss telling stuff without being ashamed of and then they point the funny sides of those stuff and make me laugh at them, I try to make it up for myself, I try to keep myself busy, I try to go out, I try and I try and I try and I will get through I know I will!! I just don't know when..

aaaaahhhh.. oh well thanx for your time, I guess I'll go kill myself now, see ya.

I hope this kitty is just relaxed and not dead!



I Don't Like Today...

September 11th.

Today may be the day points of view differ and defy to prove who's right and who's point is stronger. Yes, I am with those who feel sad and count this day as tragic, I don't see how can a person see that killing people to have them converted from one religion to another is "the" right thing to do, give it a thought for just one second, you really think God is happy with what you did? take another second and seriously think about it, you think he'd appreciate you taking the lives that he gave? who are you to take what he gives? don't you think God can take care of them himself and take them once he decides it's their time? who are you to affirm? who are you to judge? I don't see how can a person makes young people throw their lives away while he sits there "staying alive", in the name of Islam? walla fashla, so why wasn't he on a plane too?! oh right, he's a tad "smarter", okay Mr. Smartguy, what good came out of what you did now? answer me this..

Also today counts as extra tragic to me cause it's the day I lost a very dear friend and a very dear "person" of mine, no he did not die, we just chose to be apart for the lamest reasons, to you I love you and I always will remember you you doofus, even though I shouldn't, thank you for ending the most precious moments of my life, this day will live in me longer than I thought it would for several reasons I guess..



Ana Entaggait..

Tagged By NuNu, Allah yegazi ili kan il sabab..

awal mara antagg, 3ad tawni ga3da agool I don't want to post anything 3ashan la I move Ian's picture!! =/

before I start you guys I have to say am feeling much better, YEY! =}

Last book you read: .. ok here's this thing with me and books, I NEED A TRAIN! I only read in trains and therefore I do not recall the last book I read, I guess it was La Vie Est Belle it's an italian story from during WWII .. whatever I have nothing to prove for you people =P

Last phone number you called: Mamati.

Last show you watched on TV: Conan O'Brien, love this guy.

Last thing you had to drink: Water.

Last thing you ate: Cornflakes.

Last time you cried: a week ago.

Last time you smiled: The day before yesterday.

Last person you hugged: Anna, she left last night.

Last person you talked to on the phone: Enas.

Last thing you smelled: My office scent.

Last CD that you bought: bought?! olla mathker!

Last song you sang: You're Beautiful - James Blunt, still singing it.

Last thing you laughed at: Mostly at stories told at family gathers.

What's in your cd player/changer: baih! ok mostly French, English & Arabic hits or like Fayrouz, and Salsa ma Salsa ..

What time did you wake up today: 8:45 a.m.

Current favorite article of clothing: Nothing specific.

Favorite place to be: Tahiti.

Least favorite place: Egypt.

Do you believe in an afterlife? I do question alot, but Yes.

In Heaven or Hell? what about them? if I believe? then I question alot but Yes.

How tall are you: 5.4

Current favorite word: Newraah. Don't ask.

Favorite Book: Not a book person, read for the heck of it.

Random lyric: hmmm, madri can't think of any.

If I could be doing anything right now, i would be: Traveling.

Are you a daredevil? Most times Yes.

Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never tell? No.

Do looks matter? Yep, but wait I mean if you look like a Goddess and behave like a dumbass then I'll have to reconsider.

How do you release your anger? mostly Cry, Scream into a pillow, Driving long distance singing with the highest tone possible, not a pretty site, go to the gym and blame the punching bag in a kickboxing class, jacuzzi.

My second home is: o where's my first?

One thing i have that i wish i didn't is: My face reaction, I can't hide my feelings.

All you need is: a true friend.

SomethingI want but I don't really need is: shoes, shoes, shoes, a boat and maybe a train?

Something I need but I don't really want is: a father.

Do You...

drink? Yep, and eat too.

have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope.

have a dream that keeps coming back? Yep.

believe there is life on other planets? There could be, makes no difference to me, would be fun to meet people of different mentalities.

read the newspaper? Sometimes.

consider yourself tolerant of others? Not all the time.

consider police a friend or foe? Our police? Not human. I consider them creatures with psychological issues.

Now what? I tag people? .. hmm okay! I tag hmmm ... I taaag... .. Shorouq? aaaaand I taaag Tequila? aaaand and and and and A3sab... oh and bo_ghazi cause he said I tagged him lama shisma fa now I tag him for real .. o bs =}


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