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Ana Entaggait..

Tagged By NuNu, Allah yegazi ili kan il sabab..

awal mara antagg, 3ad tawni ga3da agool I don't want to post anything 3ashan la I move Ian's picture!! =/

before I start you guys I have to say am feeling much better, YEY! =}

Last book you read: .. ok here's this thing with me and books, I NEED A TRAIN! I only read in trains and therefore I do not recall the last book I read, I guess it was La Vie Est Belle it's an italian story from during WWII .. whatever I have nothing to prove for you people =P

Last phone number you called: Mamati.

Last show you watched on TV: Conan O'Brien, love this guy.

Last thing you had to drink: Water.

Last thing you ate: Cornflakes.

Last time you cried: a week ago.

Last time you smiled: The day before yesterday.

Last person you hugged: Anna, she left last night.

Last person you talked to on the phone: Enas.

Last thing you smelled: My office scent.

Last CD that you bought: bought?! olla mathker!

Last song you sang: You're Beautiful - James Blunt, still singing it.

Last thing you laughed at: Mostly at stories told at family gathers.

What's in your cd player/changer: baih! ok mostly French, English & Arabic hits or like Fayrouz, and Salsa ma Salsa ..

What time did you wake up today: 8:45 a.m.

Current favorite article of clothing: Nothing specific.

Favorite place to be: Tahiti.

Least favorite place: Egypt.

Do you believe in an afterlife? I do question alot, but Yes.

In Heaven or Hell? what about them? if I believe? then I question alot but Yes.

How tall are you: 5.4

Current favorite word: Newraah. Don't ask.

Favorite Book: Not a book person, read for the heck of it.

Random lyric: hmmm, madri can't think of any.

If I could be doing anything right now, i would be: Traveling.

Are you a daredevil? Most times Yes.

Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never tell? No.

Do looks matter? Yep, but wait I mean if you look like a Goddess and behave like a dumbass then I'll have to reconsider.

How do you release your anger? mostly Cry, Scream into a pillow, Driving long distance singing with the highest tone possible, not a pretty site, go to the gym and blame the punching bag in a kickboxing class, jacuzzi.

My second home is: o where's my first?

One thing i have that i wish i didn't is: My face reaction, I can't hide my feelings.

All you need is: a true friend.

SomethingI want but I don't really need is: shoes, shoes, shoes, a boat and maybe a train?

Something I need but I don't really want is: a father.

Do You...

drink? Yep, and eat too.

have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope.

have a dream that keeps coming back? Yep.

believe there is life on other planets? There could be, makes no difference to me, would be fun to meet people of different mentalities.

read the newspaper? Sometimes.

consider yourself tolerant of others? Not all the time.

consider police a friend or foe? Our police? Not human. I consider them creatures with psychological issues.

Now what? I tag people? .. hmm okay! I tag hmmm ... I taaag... .. Shorouq? aaaaand I taaag Tequila? aaaand and and and and A3sab... oh and bo_ghazi cause he said I tagged him lama shisma fa now I tag him for real .. o bs =}

I read the title and I'm like "mino 6ag'ha?" LOL

girl you crack me up
Sarah =}
the only french song i like is Je ne veux pas travailler ;P
jan6a, hehe sounds like a fact to me! and music to my ears hehe =P
Thats why i like it - i can totally relate to it :P
jan6a, =}

misscosmo, tara I had you in my I tag list but you've been tagged by others too ana mali shighel =P
intay mo you're afraid of flying?? do you know how long it'll take you to get to Tahiti?? bs believe me believe me believe me, it's worth it ;) let me know when you decide I am so on board :)
Wa3alaiya 3alaik ya bo_ghazi ma ra7 enkhallis mn sponta and her tagging you!! =/
Thanks for tagging me. I feel special.

And you should smile more often :)
Badoor, Tahiti ghair.. no wait hatheek jeddah! am depending on you I'll need a hand to smash in the plane.

NuNu, khekhekhe =P

Shorouq, I do smile all the time, but smile 3an smile yafreg, I meant the real smile there, my smiles are precious I save them for the special moments =P
"ana Entaggait "

LOOL 3jeeebah !
mother =}
hehe that was good fun.. ;) glad to see u recovered from the flu.. i'm guessing it wasn't the medicine it's that hunk u have posted on.. :P~
I love the way you write!!! Makes me smile, I can just imagine the excitement within the words;)
noooooooo.... we should have an agreement about this tagging thing. No more tagging ya jima3a!!
Charisma, and that was only a picture! can you imagine what could the real thing do?!

Samboose, yeah I guess I write what I think on the spot, I talk what I think on the spot too, got me in lotsa trouble hehe but I guess am spontaneous that way =P

bo_ghazi, what you mean like flu tagging wela tagging tagging?! o ba3dain laish ana anzaf!! it's my first time to tag and be tagged!! kella ana kela ana?!!
LOL!! I think that's the best. To be verbal about everything!!! I like that about you and I think i'm like that too.... like you said gets me in trouble;)
I'm with mother courage :D

Mino taggach? 3asa mata3awartay? :]
Samboose, it's always a relief to speak your mind isn't it hehe it may feel a bit awkward at first but like 10 seconds later you'd feel like .. hmmm! I finally got that outta my chest! hehe

I really do that to people I care about I always hope they understand, gladly the ones I really really truely care about do know me and understand this thing about me =~} God bless them.

3baid, (Sponty et'asher 3ala NuNu) hadeee =~{
kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak you always know how to make me laugh.. aham shay train reading..never heard that one before..7adich special case :P

Glad you're feeling better sweetie

Love how you release your anger : )

you know, ityaninen?
Petita, 3ad ana ma an3ata waih o ebser3a asaddig! lol merci sweety kelek zaw'e ehehe =}I think you etyaneneen too =}
loooooooooool @ “Entaggait"
3ad ma cyber space 6ag !
devilish =}
I eat and drink too!
Salted, some actually said NO, liars =P
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