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To Handle The Ride..

I wanted to point out one and say check this guy out or maybe comment on a specific one? but they all had something I couldn't make up my mind and I got so lost!! Shalla 7adkom!

which one did you like best?

hehehe ilee mbageg 3yoona in the second row on the left!
first row on the left... Showin the devil's sign with his hands :-S
This is toooooooooo funny!!! misakeeeen!!
3ajeeeeeeeeeeb wayhaaaa b3d kelsh moome5tr3 hathaaaaa
machiatto83, LOL I see your point =}

bo_ghazi, LOL yeah what's that all about!!

Samboose, I know I had to post something funny didn't I!

Sarah, tequilla hehe =}

Cosmifree911, LOL mo3abber jeddan huh?
صورت صورة مشابهة لهالصورة بالصين
They all seem to be high on drugs :P
But I liked the youngest and he is the one who wears white!
ra-1 show us! =}

hopeless, LOL true, I still can't decide though.
the one with the white blouze on the left side.
They're all ugly :P and I totaly agree with HP though.
LOOOOOOOOOL where did u get this, that was so funny!
Flam, hehe yeah I guess, most voted for this one.

ancient, ugly is not the word, creepy might be!

deedee, kel shay by mistake happens =P

hmmm, I know it is scary but they over re-acted, i'm sure, just like in their knock-off movies :P
blossom, kelhom?! LOL walla maybe laish la! =}
Reminds me of MY pic this summer!

LOOOL el7amdella wel shkr bs
Hehehe.. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t choose a favorite..
1st row on the left side !!

kesar khatree =(
catch-22, we wanna see that dude!

The Don, don't be, I couldn't either.

Mother Courage, yeah you can tell ina he probably died after this!
LOL!!! Funny really!! First row on the left 3ajeeeeeeeb!! But what's with his hands. What is he pointing out? =/
NuNu, he's probably praying for God or as bo_ghazi pointed out the devil! hehe
the guy with the bit of green sleeves, or maybe the guy next to him, whats their deal!
It's the Adrenaline rush Sponta :P
You tend to miss it sometimes..
You should see the one my friends and i took! lol
badoor, see? I can't choose either!

artfinale, I do get it all the time but my face never got to that level! lol
This pic is so funny that I actually Saved it in my Pc:D..I have 2 show it 2 everyone:P
Diarrhea anyone?!
I think that's how you would look once you're riding that roller coaster!
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