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Just Say No! UPDATE!

UPDATE! Need a clearer picture?


eh, she wasnt pretty anyways :p

Thats so strong!
badoor, it's no joke! even in her last stage she's prettier than you zain!

Sarah, 3afya.
Sheba, I know! am sorry for those who do it now and not know about later!
Nice campaign :D

Definitely NO!!
Scary reminded me of halloween
hmmm never heard of a little weed doing that to someone... in fact I dont think weed has ever done that to someone... so... lets clarify and say Class A drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin etc...
sub7an allah..
this sould be on billboards all around the world..
Bo_ghazi, glad you're in.

NuNu, definatly.

Tequila, oh you're alive!

enterpeter, smoking by itself does similar effects, I bet weed does more than smoking even if it does less than "drugs"
snookie, it should, and you know whatelse? people should listen.
i think all anti-drug campaigns should say "where's your dignity?"
temetwir, I know, it's like saying "why throw away nice things you have"
Say no and spare your loved ones the heartache.
Jwaira, well said sister.
Dear Sponty,

5ala9 I won't.

Your buddy,
For me I just don't understand people that do drugs. I mean why do something like that to your life when the only result for you and those around you is bad.

I had a friend in highschool that was deep into it. I thought I could help.... you can't help a person that's not willing to help themselves. Almost 14 years later I still get sick in my stomach remembering things.
misguided, very well buddy.

Samboose, yeah I know how you feel, I knew people like that too, they regret bigtime now when it's too late.
The drug that did it is called Meth it is evil evil stuff, really rots you to the core. If she was doing herion or cocaine on the other hand she would look like a fashion model.

So kids, choose your drugs wisely.
nibaq, way to go! yeah you do that! (disgusted look)

Sarah, updated 3afya! you're number one in my campaign!
sponty not just drugs alcoholosm does that too ... ekafeena eshar.
nibaq, LoooooL :p

Sonta, Again.. BIG NO >:-(
Something fishy about the pics, but it would be a sad way to lose oneself. Definitely ain't worth it.
LOL!!!! at bo_ghazi =D
Sponta 9arat Sonta?!! Allah yhadak sawait'ha khaddama!!

Sponta, AGAIN!! Definitely NO!!
I still see her HOT !! hehehehe..
ma fahamnt !!
a3sab I know, even smoking ili ohwa regular smoking can have similar effects! il kalaam leekee ya garaa (purgy) way to go bo_ghazi!

Peach, expressive enough.

bo_ghazi, again, proud of ya pal!.
NuNu, love your persistence!

artfinale, can we focus on the concept here and forget the artistic point of view? =P thank you! =P

The Don, well.. I have worries now my friend! we should sit and have "the talk"!

a.j.q those women ili foog are the ones below after using drugs.. get it now? before? and after? drugs? are we there yet?
you guys of course it's age too, but they could still look, feel and behave alot ALOT better if they said No.

wely mo 3ajba khal yeroo7 o we'll see him/her in like 5-10 years to feel sorry for =P
Sponta, it's the same woman ALL the pictures above are for the same woman
Sarah, you're right I just noticed, when you see the above from left to right and then below from right to left you will notice, which makes it even worse!!
allah layableena.
crack head!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i see...
3bale kelhom 1 person ...

one more thing ....ummm how come the one on the top right corner teshbah the one 3la el top left corner....bs without makeup!!!... YOU KNOW WHAT NEVERMND THAT
wow that was strong!
hmmm i think i have seen her before !

doesn't she suffer from some kind of a psyhological disorder.. she constantly feel the need to change her looks .. and finaly it took a toll on her .. she committed suicide at the age of 35+ ..

or.. i could be mistaken :D
hmmm....no? ^_^
a.j.q .. they are the same woman over the years!!! same woman on drugs using shot taking year by year. I was just saying to Sarah when you see the above from left to right and then below from right to left you will notice.

Noor, I know.

Sloth, I do not know really, there was nothing mentioned about her, I might check that out though, let me know if you find something.
No way!
deedee, yes way lelasaf
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