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Sponty Sponty Sponty..

OK so like a couple of days ago or maybe even weeks I was like oh I don't feel well I feel awful I feel sick blaa blaa blaa.. I hate when I a7en! when I nag that is, but I can't help but otherwise lately!! sayra 7anna!! 7anna ley darajat ini a3el roo7y! isn't it .. I don't know what it is!?
I do feel better I mean am not sick anymore or anything but I feel SO DEPRESSED!!!! and am sick of being depressed! 7alaw oho! enough is enough!

and hey! chocolate? didn't work, gym? not that either, going out? driving long distance? singing and dancing? scream into a pillow? HELLO! those are advices "I" usually give! now am suffering and can't even help myself out!! I became so so so negative! am so hurt and different, I try not to show it sometimes but hey who am I kidding! I hate being spontaneous, I want to feel better..

I miss my friends, I miss my cousin, I miss having true real friends who are ACTUALLY there for me! who would ACTUALLY give their time just to listen to my gibberish! even if they don't get a word I say yet they know me blabing will eventually make me feel better! I miss having a shoulder to cry on, I miss telling stuff without being ashamed of and then they point the funny sides of those stuff and make me laugh at them, I try to make it up for myself, I try to keep myself busy, I try to go out, I try and I try and I try and I will get through I know I will!! I just don't know when..

aaaaahhhh.. oh well thanx for your time, I guess I'll go kill myself now, see ya.

I hope this kitty is just relaxed and not dead!

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7yaaaaaaaati the little kitten!! I want one =/

And hope you feel better ASAP ;*

It must be in the air.. I'm kinda depressed and missing "stuff" too.

Feel better
awwww, Sponta!! it's ok dear. We've all been there! :(
You're gonna get over this "Feeling" inshallah ;)

Note: That's a very cuuuuuuuuuute pic :)
I know you'll get over it and soon inshallah :)
NuNu, glad you liked the kitten.

bo_ghazi, ohh remerci bien =~}

Shurouq, yeah ermm I kinda noticed and left like a comment or 2 over at your post? got carried away sorry about that, hope you feel better too, let me know if you do and how it happened khanjarrebha feny.

deedee, sweet of you to believe in me right now more than I do hehe seriously thanx.

Sarah, we'll wait and see I guess, am sure I won't stop posting naggy posts till am over it so you'll know.
you sat down and wrote all of this? what did you get out of it?
I guess it's like this, you got the part where no friends blaa blaa I need to have someone to talk to and all that crap right? I believe since no one is out there truely for me I took the space here to let it out the way I would to a true friend, pathetic I know but I don't really care what you think since you have your like all so "letting people down with your way" thing.

I don't feel all better but I do feel like some is off my shoulder.

o ba3dain inta sh7arrek! bloggy o kaify! =P
You sat down and wrote that comment to me? what did you get out of it?
Purg, expressing myself, o china my yeswa.

I guess it's not worth it
sponty, i'm sure you have lots of friends who love you and would want to hear your nags and blabbering, laish where is everyone?
:) you will be fine.
laaa traa hathaa shy 3ady ma3aa ta3'ayer aljaw alnaas ey7oosh'haa e7baa6 oo 9'eeygat 5elg but you will get over it soon i know so :)
a3sab, don't be so sure, the true ones happen to have their lives set outside the country, unlucky me I guess.

Purg, I know I will.

Cosmifree, aha, inshalla
I didn't only liked the kitten but also hoped you'd feel better =/
baih wats happening here? u feeling better?
hope this passes soon :*
U know Sponty .. I went thru exactly the same state few months .. But Thank God after suffering alot ..I got over it ..

I don't think that u need my advice .. 9a7 ..I won't do it ..

I just wanna tell u that I feel for u .. cause we single girls who have no true freinds .. always go thru this phase .
I forget to say something ..

I wish that u feel better soon and find what U R looking 4 pretty soon ..

Best of luck dear..:)
NuNu, yeah thank you inshalla I will.

Badoor, I'll get over it =~{

Hanan, oh gosh me too ={

Broke, girl, all I can say is thank you, no seriously, THANK YOU! you're about the first blogger that made me feel like you know what am going through, it's tough not having true friends, thank you sweety =~|
depressed ?

am on diet !! talk about DEPRESSION
but it will pass on inshalla soon
Sponty habeebti!!! laish il depression. Maybe you're stuck in a routine that sucks you deep into depression. Hope you feel better!!!
mother courage, ee diet depression shay and this is shay thani, I do know what you go through though.

Samboose, thanx hon.
Sorry for not commenting! had some PC problems! 7aYatiii Sponta! Don't feel bad! its just a phase, believe me ;) i go through those several times a year.. just read that depression is more highly to occur in a person if there's a full moon.. maybe its a the moon.. ;P

hehe la seriously hang in there..
one true friend is more valueble than 10 mediocre ones.
hope you're feeling better now. remember we are always here when your friends aren't around :)

express yourself, blog yourself.
I think you should see a psychiatrist. There are plenty of good ones in Kuwait! You can visit Kuwait Psychiatric Hospital or give them a call at 4510115.

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