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I Don't Like Today...

September 11th.

Today may be the day points of view differ and defy to prove who's right and who's point is stronger. Yes, I am with those who feel sad and count this day as tragic, I don't see how can a person see that killing people to have them converted from one religion to another is "the" right thing to do, give it a thought for just one second, you really think God is happy with what you did? take another second and seriously think about it, you think he'd appreciate you taking the lives that he gave? who are you to take what he gives? don't you think God can take care of them himself and take them once he decides it's their time? who are you to affirm? who are you to judge? I don't see how can a person makes young people throw their lives away while he sits there "staying alive", in the name of Islam? walla fashla, so why wasn't he on a plane too?! oh right, he's a tad "smarter", okay Mr. Smartguy, what good came out of what you did now? answer me this..

Also today counts as extra tragic to me cause it's the day I lost a very dear friend and a very dear "person" of mine, no he did not die, we just chose to be apart for the lamest reasons, to you I love you and I always will remember you you doofus, even though I shouldn't, thank you for ending the most precious moments of my life, this day will live in me longer than I thought it would for several reasons I guess..

It is a very sad day for humanity.

It's amazing how "some" people think they have the right to do things like this.

I just hope that people would one day put more love in their heart than the building up their hatered.
Amen Samboose.
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deedee, indeedee =/

Hopeless Poet, so regardless and as long as it's not in the south you're okay with killing the innocents!?
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hopeless poet, how would you feel if someone came on August 2nd and posted funny comments cause they hated Kuwait? it's not the idea of where we feel bad for as much as it's the issue itself that's all, I hate many places where there have been sad events but I do feel bad for the innocents .. that's all.
For me i dont like 9-11 !!!
little big, it seems to be effecting us all badly in some awkward way! =/
Take it easy on me! I deleted my comments! :D
Super Sad:(
hopeless poet hehe you don't have to it's just a point of view =}

Rimyolita, true.
I feel so sad about the tragedy , but what made me feel worst ..your loss of a dear friend :(
Sponty sorry about your friend I know how it feels.
blossom and a3sab, oh someone noticed!! 7abaitkom =~}
that last pic? nice
ee & chez basoor ha? hayyen ;P
badoor, e7im .. 7asal khair?
Here is the question to everyone, Was she dumped or did they "just chose to be apart?"



O`RIELLY: Yes, BOTH of you are correct! How can she "chose to be apart" when then she says "thank you for ending the most precious moments of my life" ?!?!?!?!!?!?

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