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Happy NewYear...?


Because Error was upset, here's a beautiful view on top of the blog, moved the ugly guy to way below :)

I still wouldn't leave the parliment on top either, I know it would be upsetting to alot more..
so here we go..

Poor Kuwait...

I don't know if things could get worse.. but then again nothing says things are getting any better..


Same here..

I really hope things don't go ugly over there.. God I miss that mountain..


Was executed on the morning of the day when sheeps get killed.. "hint?" or "blunt"

Happy Sheep Killing Day? Happy Excecution day? Happy Eid? Who can say!

Okay I hate him with passion for what he did to my country & my people, now if you asked me, I'd say he should have been placed in a teeny tiny cell all by himself with no one to talk to or space to move than to have him relieved from his guilt & set his soul free.


To lighten things up..

Oh well..


Happy NewYear =}


happy new year to you too,,, all the bad is gone il7emdella.. time for the change

god bless... may your wish come true.
Trust me, to him (Saddam), he would be very happy had he gotten prison instead of execution. Nothing worse to a human than loosing his life. In addition, you said his soul is set free!! noooooooo... his soul has transfered to the after-life where it is hopefully being burned in hell.

Oh and.... Happy 2007 :)
And a happier year for you sweetheart!
LOL..Human bomb class!!

Happy New Year and I hope 2007 will bring in more excitement :)
Judy Abbott, same to you honey, enshalla yekoon all the bad is gone amen to that =}

Hitman1, Happy 2007 inshalla happy =}
Phoenix, wish you an even happier year sugarpie =}


Howahkan, glad you enjoyed, happy 2007 =}
Excuse my negativity, but truth is more important than wishful thinking to me. Things will get worse in this region. The civil war in Iraq and potentially Lebanon will only be a precursor to the devastation of what is coming to this region. I predicted it (posted about it) last summer and things are falling into place.

Thus stating "Happy New Year" falls short of reality. Happiness is so trivial and overmarketed that so many chase it yet rarely know how to hold onto it when they do get it.


thats what arab mentality produce , dictators and human bombs

happy new year
Tantalize, ..okay! the happy personal year?

Mozart, really?! weird cause it seemed that we're not the only ones but hey if you say so =}

Happy NewYear inshalla
why dont you change your pose in the display picture for a change heh.
I'll just move it to a lower part of the post wala tez3al =}

happy new year wish is one thing and happy new year fact is something else, never the less we might as well wish what causes no harm =}

happy new year anyways =}
I think Error meant your diplay picture not Saddam's
haaapppiiee neewww yeearr ;***

i loved ur post x$ *hugs bak*
Happy new year!! :D
glad that guy is gone...hope we dont see the likes of him again (although thats wishful thinking :/)
Hfff...it didnt accept my first comment, but ill comment it again, although it doesnt make sense anymore, cuz we are finally online at the same time...lool...bs ill comment anway 3alashan ma a6la3 chathabba...anyway im babbling...again...

the comment:

Happy new year! I dont know when we're gonnabe onlne at the same time!
Anony, possible! I didn't give it a chance but I did something about it didn't I ;)
Samboosa, same to you sweets :) hugs you back.

Coquette, Amen to that! if only it was up to us :)

DR, your wish is my command! hehe Happy newyear to you too sweety =}
Error, dude I just got what you meant! or maybe I think I do hehe, all I can say is khair el omoor el wasat =P

and am not the type that likes to change much or become too creative in her blog ;)
no.. they should let me be in charge of his execution;p
why dont you want to show your creativity in your blog?
um-mit3eb, ya7asratna!

Error, cause it's not the place for creativity, I think it's pointless to make your blog all your concern, I just drop my simple thoughts and feelings out here, kinda like therapy =P

I know you may not agree but that's just me =}

aren't you at all going to wish me a happy new year at least?!
i miss libnan too!! 7asafa 3alaiha.. allah y3eenhom walla ;p as for 9adamo .. gal3eta!! 3asa min hal 7aaal ou arda! (dunno whats arda than his grave ;p) ou happy new year!
Omtantoo7, yeah I know what you mean as for lebanon, amma saddamo, fa arda means ena rabna ye3afsa eb aakhreta gooly amen, kent 3end yaddetey elyom em3asba laish gayoleen 3anna shaheed hehe, etgool shaheed 3ayal 3yalna shino balla!? she has a point.

Error, hmmmkay..
I loved this post!
Keep it up.
Happy New Year.
Belated wishes, Happy New Year.
BlueIce Envy, inshalla =} Happy NewYear to you too =}

The Criticizer, better late than never ;} Happy Nea Year to you too sweety =}
HAPPY NEW YEAR .. :) wish it be the best year ever although all those NOT PLEASE SIGNS .. bs Who knows .. Hmmmmm ENSHALLAH KHAIR .. !

we got not choice BUT HOPE :)) ..

Nice post as well :) thank u :)
هابي نيووو ييييير
Breeze, inshalla same to you sweety =}

3abeer, سيم تويو هوني :)
Happy new year sweetheart
wishing you all the best in 200 7 .. my favorite number ever

everytime i pass by your blog or even see you .. I see Lebanon .. & when you mention it (as you did here with those painful pictures) my heart aches ...

cheer up girl .. we're gonna be there by summer (as hubby says)

3abeer & sponty .. I like the conversation .. don't ask me why .. i'll tell the first one i see
Aliiaaaa, missed you bs le'anny adry ena you guys are away =P

glad to have you back here, the lebanon thing I can't stop blabbing about khalas it's a spot that I am dearly attached to.. *sigh*

inshlla 200 7 (also my fave number) will be a great year ya rab =}

happy new year darling
no dangerous adventures this year, it is a direct order from an older cousin :)
WhiteWiiinngg =} happy to have you back! yalla gather gather =} tell me all about your trip, from Alia I can so tell it was alot of fun =}

Happy NewYear dearest cousin =}

The wahabis are a cancer that inflicts the minds of many poor muslims. It is the fault of idiotic, uneducated mullahs that brainwash these poor souls. The wahabis are slowly sliding into oblivion, away from anything Islamic or even anything human...may they reach their destination soon.

Happy New Year. 2006 was full of alot of sadness and tragedy but at the same time alot of good as well. Here's hoping to a much better year for us all.
ok so happy new year and all but seriously we want a new post ;p
AliG, walla between you and me my friend Islam place the blame on itself regardless of the partie or belief, that is weakness itself.

Mia, Thank you sweetness =} I totally do hope for the greater good on 2007, for some reason it looks cheerful from a distance, inshalla it is =}

Happy 2007 sugar

Dr. Lost, hehe inshalla soon ghaly wel talab hamba ;}

Sponty ba3ad??!!!

OMG... another cousin... mashalla...kil el family bloggers???

ana waini?? nayma??

Sponty... laykooooon intay elli fi balli!!!!

if it's you.. then ;)

Alia... an emergency get together

3abeer, khara3teeni!!! now am afraid to get togather! I don't know who's ebbalich bs I may can help you find out hehe =} now who are you?! also a cousin ba3ad?! if yes then we have officially masakhnahaa!

lol.. didn't mean to scare you it was sheer excitement :P

email me..let's find out :)
Happy New Year hun!

Oh and error was referring to my blog, sorry, don't read it if you already made your resolutions.
saddam's soul wasnt set free,i think it probably lost its way to heaven...so guess where he is now?

sorry i am late,but Happy NewYear ;-)
3abeer, I guess it is a small world after all =}

Elijah, I don't make resolutions =} your blog is fun to visit ;)

Brava Valentina, you know what they say better late than never, but what do they know!! Happy New Year hon =}
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