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Dreams Dreams Dreams...

Remember like a couple of posts ago I was complaining about my pillows & how I was having nightmare & whatnot? right so the pillow case still stands, the nightmare part was gone for a while & was replaced with weird dreams! & am thinking.. what is this 2006 leftovers?! I have been having the weirdest dreams ever, involving many people some I don't even know that well to give myself the right to dream about like from work & such, that's not all, it gets weirder & weirder! it even gets uglier, blech!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. let them do the talking =}

Stairs.. they go on & on & on...

The War.. fear..

Traveling and sometimes crashing.. also fear

That I gained so much weight.. the ultimate fear!

Waking up & finding myself in a grave..

No Comment!

Dude I don't even believe!

& my personal least favorite...

of course some were just unsuitable to publish or to even mention so we'll disregard those and focus on the ones that get repeated more often..

I'll go get myself some milk & hope for a less disterbing dream..

Sweet dreams everybody

I wish I had dreams more often! I might dream every night but when I wake up all I remember is darkness and a clear black screen!
Freaky :/
mako ella 3afya!!

egoloon milk makes one ey7alim

call the fat guy on alrai tv for interpertation he always has something nice to say
The Stallion, it's nice to dream, but when they're dreams like those? am happy you don't remember your dreams hehe

3baid, I know man =/

Error, sij?? but I don't drink milk =/ and hey what fat guy!? I don't watch al rai this channel gets on my nervs!
Maaaammmy I'd freak out, I hate these weird dreams.
I once dreamt that a male friend of mine delivered a baby boy. Next day his sis calls me and tells me he had a car accident and he's in the hospital.
Elijah, oooh okay, I better check on my friend =/
You probably need to change the "before going to bed" rituals!
Try taking your daily shower before going bed. I always do that and when asked I say just to have clean dreams :P
Eeeewwwwwwwww 3ala your personal least fave =/
HopelessPoet, I do take before bed showers, maybe I should stop! =/

NuNu, adrey believe me, the guy in my dream hates me now for even dreaming such dream.. yuba 7elm!
what the hell is that guy doin in the last picture?? wai3 :P hehehehehe .. ana 3indee weird dreams a7san min nightmares :S SOMETIMES i dream of ppl ive never seen before ba3dain ashoofhom 9idfa in a public place now THATS freaky !! igooloon am psychic :P LOL
Samboosa, besmella! yeah you are! hehe
لكوني اعاني مثل ما اتعانين من بعض الاحلام و الكوابيس
عرفت ان السلالم و انج تنزلين هذا معناته ان حياتج تنحدر من سي الى اسوء نتيجه غلط انتي مازلتي مستمره فيه
هذا التفسير كان لي لما انا فسرته


اما العازبه فتتزوج

حلمت اني احفر قبر و يمي وحده بعد اسبوعين تزوجت

اما الباجي

Lawyer, could it be? ana I don't know I believe that dreams are signs to tell us something we're doing due to our conscious but not a sign to tell us what happens in the futur, could be =}
Spont, look for the right pillow, you'll find it I know you will!
Bes dreams, I never dreamed of dreaming ever!
As for the dreams: Freaky and weird and weird!
Phoenix, aren't they?! makes you ichy all day long =/
very nice thank u
Vinus, why you're most welcome =}
ya jema3a laish il te5ere3?!:P ana agool t'thagleen 3al 3asha ;p namay 5afeefa ou inshalla mako freaky stuff tali il lail!
OmTantoo7, hehe sorry bs hatha ely sayer =} la akel wala ya7zanoon
OMG !! what the hell is that ??

the pics are really scary and i mean REALLY scary !!
Honey, sij?! am glad I didn't post my nightmares!
those are DREAMS???? i thought there were your NIGHTMARES!!!

sponta...why sleep? ;-p

3eedich mbarak 7aboobah!
i have the same exact staircase in our house ;p

i have the weirdest dreams .. i once dreamt of someone i didnt know then met that person in real life.. now thats freaky..
Brava Valentina, if it wasn't for my beauty sleep I would totaly spare it! a girl's gatta do what a girl's gatta do, Happy Eid honey =}

Dr.Lost, are you sure you're not confusing a deja vu with dreams?! or you're just weird =P

Have a happy new year =}
im a lil' crazy.. but not THAT crazy girl.. ;p
Dr.Lost, hehe crazy could have different meaning ;)
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