Rien d'especial.. relax, kick back & feel at ease *^_^*




even though it's been awhile... I still don't know if I wanna do this..

Don't do it..
am already at it.. should I back off??
being Confused is no fun .. nope not fun at all

allah e3een inshalla
Ya you might wanna consider backing off..
But don't 4get... its ur decision at the end :)
stop eating chocolates
I think I'm just as confused as this post. :/
You gotta give me more to work with here.....

so......go on....?
laialy_q8, true that!

bo_ghazi, yyyeah I know..

Purgatory, I CAN'T!!
3baid, hehe shake it off

DC, o hai heyya, hehe =P
do it while giving the finger and strutting ur stuff
Temetwir, that I'll try =}
Just make up your mind ya bnaya!!!
intay ro7ay jablay droosech!!

I say do it. You seem the type who only learns the hard way. It will do you good.

All the best =)
If you want to do it you wont be confused

I say do some calculations. I'm no big fan of that but sometimes we need to.

me luv you
Zade, am at it my friend, looks like you already know bits and pieces about me =P

NuNu =* mowa77

Papillona, me miss you, tadreen?

Of course I do sweetie, you better tell mommy that, she refuses to believe me =)
Zade, hehe! ana ma atdakhal bain ahal =P
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