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aaaaaahh.. *daydreaming*



oh Hi there!
word of warning, this is a very girly post, so boys; sit back & comment if you have a girly comment =}


I went for a quick stop at IKEA yesterday, it took me a couple of turns before I could find a parking spot.. I was upset at the begining cause I had so much to do, and there he was... Mr. Hunky Hottson, in a pickup truck (I KNOW!) it was then when I thought "Thank you full parking lot"..


I shake my head around & go "focus Sponty".. I park my car & go in REALLY FAST cause I don't want to run into him knowing that I might do something spontaneous, or in other words stupid.

I love their convenient stuff in IKEA so the moment I walked in I completely forgot about Mr. Hottson, ... okay not fogot but I really was distracted by some cute stuff, so I wasn't fast anymore, now to make long story short, I ran into him, I thought he was hot in the car, now I can see he's even hotter & taller off the car pushing a cute little trolley.. aaaaaaahh *day dreaming*... I was actually daydreaming at that moment, until our eyes met & he smiled at me.. I snap! smile and look away running so fast it felt like I was leaving dust behind me...

Ya3ni being in Kuwait & all, it's not easy to walk up to a guy, present your phone number & say "Hi, I think you're hot, call me." especially when you know he's checking you out too, YES HE WAS! I really would do that if I saw a guy I thought was hot, maybe pretend I know him from somwhere or if he was someone's I know's brother? shfeeha! don't look at me like that! am single & life is all about chances! I wouldn't let a good chance like that walk by! ..

no no no no, he'd probably look at me like am some kinda wa7da ray7a feeha, which is only what it sounds like I know, I hate their mentality here! (who's their!?) when will they get that it's good to be yourself & not to fake stuff, why act! why put on a show!? hefff baykheen..

I was thinking about that as I was trying to run away again, when I reached the "lights" section I was very attracted to the lights like a bug, I again completely "forgot" about Mr. Hottson, when he on the other hand must have thought I was a goofball as he saw me (I didn't know he was right behind me then) test touching the torch light to see how hot it was to check the surface of the thing, it wasn't hot at all, I felt stupid, so you can imagine what I looked like when I knew he was right behind me =}

"how did he get there so fast anyways!"
I didn't have to look at him directly I just glimpsed on my side &.. you should have seen my face =}

he did have a sweet smile on his face though..


aaaaaaah *day dreaming*

yeah so, I thought this is impossible, I can't shop with hot vibes, am outta here, and left.. la shopped wala ya7zanoon.


would you walk up & say hi? would you create a scene? like "I know you from somewhere don't I" or maybe just smile?? or chicken out like I did & not knowing if you have the right to regret..

Akeed chicken out bdon kalam :/
The other day a guy came up to me & he was sooooo polite...i was speechless all i could do was shake my head no.
7amdillah o ilshkr

3ad Krispy posted a long time ago and said all the hot guys are at ikea, i dunno why, but theyre there.

3ad gilna kilina bnro7 and stake the place out...never did....actually i should be going with my dad the next few days to get some shelves for my room.
So basically what your saying is that its just me? I scared the hot guys away, every frikin one of them?!
Cause I tell ya girl, I was there yesterday, I looked at every frikin thing, and the most thing that caught my eye was the stench cause it made my eyes tear!
Some people seriously need to get their BO under control!

Oh well, I would probably have done the exact same thing too. Ashwa at least you smiled back! I would have given him a dirty look.

Btw was this b4 or after fu6oor? 3ashan I know when to go next time.

You here that hot guy?! Get your asses to IKEA <----

(notice I said HOT guys)
LOL sponta .. i dunno but guys should do the first move ... when a girl comes to a guy strong , its a turn off.
DR, sounds like a plan! mara wa7da your dad is there yetqaddamlech wetkhalseen, done deal.

MiYaFuSHi, yaaaaaw! I would overlook many things but BO is no question about! we3 we3 we3!

it was before futoor, aaaaaah *day dreaming...*
Mother Courage, believe me I know guys who love it when a girl approaches, 3ad e7na o 7athna! I would do it if it feels right.. maybe..
chan ZAIIIN we can go up to them ! :P
رمضان كريم

guys are hunters and gatherers, still neandrathals, if they dont "hunt" the girl down and enjoy the chase they never truly last in the relationship..guys dont change their tastes like us girls do, they like what they like ... god i hate that.. stupid boys..
um-mit3eb, it only takes once tara =P

Fuzzy, Right back at ya =}

let them eat cake, actually I think they don't even have a taste! they go to whatever is available at any moment whether they're attached or not, come on, we all know it's true =P
شلون يعني البس بيجامتي المقلمة واروح ايكيا ؟
Fuzzy, momken! aham shay el kesha wel teddybear.
اي عشان تحش ريلي ام سليمان
لا يبه انا حدي دوام-بيت-ديوانية

امشي عالعجين ما يتلخبط هاهاها
Fuzzy, hehehe ee la e7na netkallam 3an ely ma3endohom om slaimanat manaby kharab byoot.

rabena yekhaleeko le ba3deeko =}
oh go on take a chance next time :P

its always flattering and a good insight into a girls character when she does that :P
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Skunk, comming from a skunk.. worth giving it a second thought hehe =}
Weddings, summer vacations and IKEA...That's where most of the girls seem to be very well receptive. I think there is a psychological reason behind it. Initiatives usually come from guys. That's universal and has nothing to do with Kuwaiti cultures. Yet it is proven that girly initiatives sometimes wrok.

I will be in IKEA soon, but my fiance is gonna be with me. No more hunting for me. If there is any I'd be the pry.
Devil Finch, nicely said yet very realistic, things can be shuffled around every now and then regardless of what is universal =}

I wouldn't recommend breaking the rules, I would just suggest bending them =}
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