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A Bunch Of Cowards...

They are so out-numbered!!
All of that chicken shit couldn't stand up for Lebanon?!
Don't you sense sometimes that if you could you actually would do something & solve it?
Don't you wonder what is keeping those who may look like they can but don't?
Don't you sometimes think that the more they talk the worse it gets?
Don't you worry after every speech Nasrallah gives that he just pisseed Israel off & now they will bomb more beautiful places & kill more beautiful kids and innocent people?
Does it seem childish or more of selfish what both sides are doing?
Don't you feel that no matter what you try to give or do for the lebanese victims won't make any difference to them morally seeing what they are going through?
Don't you worry about the beauty of it and how it may never be the same again?
.or is it just me? ...
Hamad Al Thani is a good talker, but is he a good shaker? updates after their little get togather.

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