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Why Do Motorbikes Suck...

I have always had hard feelings towards motorcycles due to what we hear happens, the keyword here is "hear".. until today, I was out with my cousin and there was this guy right infront of my car on one of those death traps, suddenly a car hits his bike slightly on the side and he loses control.. of course all we can do is watch him do the flips over and over and over again, my little cousin "allah ya7fetha" came across my mind right at this moment, he had one of these nasty accidents where we weren't there for him, so I step down to help this one since am there, did I mention he was helmetless? he was wearing jeans and regular t-shirt, I have no idea how cars were avoiding running over him, I swear he was lucky, I have no idea how I managed to stop before he was my next breathing streetbump..
I hunk my horn for him to snapout and get himself off the road, which he did, madri how bs he picked himself up and throws himself on the sidewalk.. I got outta my car and ran to him (madri shako!!) ee and of course my car got hit but I couldn't tell who did it, it got hit while I was stepping out so ma sheft...
Me: Are you okay!?
Breathing Streetbump: "looking all dizzy and scarred" Yeah yeah I'm fine..
Me: Need a lift? you have to get to a hospital judging from your flips..
Breathing Streetbump: I'll be fine.. thanx..
I backed off as it started to get crowded, thinking okay somebody will take care of him now, mo sa7? I kinda felt bad about leaving him like that not making sure he's all well when I could have ran over him, you should have seen the flips you would have felt just as bad too.. they were fast and.. really fast! haram his arm was bleeding and.. all I can think of is.. what is this happens to one of my brothers?? they don't have bikes but one of them was nagging about getting one.. guess what, HE WISHES! we "hear" they had an accident but we never "see" .. inshalla you won't hear or see it happen to your loved ones.. allah ya7feth-hom o ya7feth 3yalkom..
Bikes Suck...

Ee wallah allah e7fethah!!
Yeah they should do something about wearing helmets!! Stupid sons of bitches!!!!
Y3ny the bikes don't suck, but those stupid basterds riding them do. WEAR YOUR HELMETS!!
Phoenix, la they do suck, this one was riding it well until he got hit, if he was wearing his helmet makan ra7 yet3awar as much
next time.. after asking if he's ok ..
ask him to lay back and breathe deeply..
wait for few seconds then shower him with.. "int 9a7y ?? ma itfakkir ib om galb'ha biytifarfat 3alaik lo 9ar feek shay ?? ..etc" +/- mild curse then leave :P

how have u been sponta ;)
Sloth, walla that was the plan, bs yaw wayed shabab fa I had to back off, wela kent nawya azeffa o atil athoona, inshalla next time =P

I have been okay =} glad to see you again babe =}
hehehe thats the spirit girl !

i am so glad that you're ok :) ok are we gonna turn this post into a girlish "keep in touch" speech :P

ah well .. DO SO !
Ouch! I'm sure he'll think twice about riding from now on. :/
Ouch! I'm sure he'll think twice about riding from now on. :/
Sorry about the double post, it kept giving me errors.
i agree... yesterday one almost rammed into me cos he wanted to do a wheely.
Atleast you got out of the car to see if he's ok. I hope he's ok, Y3ny lesh mo labis helmet? trying to keep up with "the look" i guess.
Hopefully the guy is alright and if any guys that ride bikes are reading this, take the advice wear your helmets
Sloth, trying hon, I mean it really I am :)

3baid, chan zain he thinks twice, I know he should.

Fonzy, efff hathela ili wheel on a highway, shal este3bat!
Vivacious, yeah he seemed okay afterwards, but like during the flipflops? he didn't look like anything close to being okay.. crap =/

That's right! you heard illusion!!
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Judddyyy missed ya girl, madri, when you put people you love in his shoe you wanna know why they wanna die mo sa7? madri madri =/
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