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Rough Night To Remember...

Off War...
My brother, cousin and I were playing GameCube at around 1:00 am when suddenly my sister tripped off as she got in the main door into the living room screaming something I couldn't make out, I turned to yell at her since she was making so much noise disturbing our peacefun night, then I understoon she was on the floor screaming "mom .. mom.." pointing outside. In my PJ's, bear footed, I run out to the street to find mom's car just sitting at the entrance of the neighbourhood, as fast as I was running not caring what might I step on, things seemed really slow and the far did not seem to get any close, but we finaly get there, my brother and I all freaked out grab her and while she's all tired and sweating going low sugar rate, we get the car closer to the house and get my mom in who refused to go to the hospital and just wants to go to sleep, as we get closer to the door I hear screaming I did not get the point of since we already went and got mom, when we got in I see my other brother who was asleep in his room "bs allah yaba" carrying my sister and putting her on the couch "tell her to shut up" I say "mom is okay she just needs to relax" and walk my mom to her room make sure she's relaxed while the yelling is still going on in the livingroom, I storm down angry to shut them up, battaw chabdy! omy taby terta7! I found my brother spraying water at my sister's face who suddenly was in a state of shock, eyes all red looking upwards, shacking and blabing, there was no reaction when I slapped her there was no reaction when I hugged her, that's when I go nuts, and came mom =} ekmalat, yekoon kenna nagseen, sees us all around my sister with the state she was in trying to get her to focus with us, she collapses too, but at least she was still with us she was just too scared, we took my sister to mom's room to laydown as mom, my brothers, my cat and me all sat beside her, but she was not getting any better, a thought crossed my mind, I felt glad how they all stuck togather like that holding her hand, I did not have to worry when I was away. My cousiun calls 777 and throws the phone at me since it was in my hand for the whole time I just couldn't tell when 7 was, it happens, I do not know what I said but they showed up. Mom hates ambulances, she kept on refusing that she goes but since we did not know what was it she was having or didn't even know how to deal with it we insisted she goes, my borthers and I follow leaving my cousin home alone 7aram.
We found out later on that my sister "being a teenager and all" pissed my mother off and they started having a fight which cause my mom's sugar rate to go low and so gets tired, my sister then thinks mom is in a serious condition because of her, she actually thought mom was dieing and that it was all her fault. I won't lie, the way she was pointing at the door and yelling? I did not know what to expect.. I felt that nothing is guaranteed, and life is dangerous cause no matter what we do the result is one.. sooner or later.. I wish I was still in Beirut.
We got to the hospital, she calms down after a drip and a shot, we get home at like 4:00 am put her to bed and continued our game.

7amdilla 3al salama :)
Poor you! What a night it must have been :(
Jandeef, yesalmek =}

Jewaira, something different huh?
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