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Why do people expect us to congratulate them for wearing Hejab?! Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against it I think it's a your choice to go for it or not, but Me, why do I have to congratulate you? Cause you reached your holy destination? really? so you're all goody good now? wait now how would I know that you did it for "why it's supposed to be worn"? when many wore it for the unholy reasons? wanna hear some?
.Her husband said after the 2nd child so if they never had a seond child??
.Her dad wants her to
.She hates her hair/She has bad hair
.To protect it from the weather
.All of her friends wore it

.She had a dream
.Her teacher scared her
.It looked really really nice on her
.Her boyfriend said he'd marry her if she wore it (I swear I got that, should have seen my face)

& my personal fave:

Madri, chithey :) <-- that's a reason I heard many many times
I know I'll wear it one day, but I wonder what will my reason be, will let you know, promise.

I don't want to get into what wearing hijab stands for to whomever wears it since it obviously means different meanings to many, according to HOW it's worn, with some hair showing? with neck showing? with ears showing? with cleavage showing? with mini skirts & boots?! with tights? see through?
شخليتولنا؟ احنا اللي سفور ما انمصخها كثرهم
I'm not saying that I am okay with what some sofoor girls wear either, but they're not disrespecting what they represent, I terribly disagree on what many supposedly met7ajbat now adays wear, very very impertinent yet shows which reason was your choice based on.

يا زين اللي يلبسونه عن اقتناع ذاتي واختيار شخصي.. تحياتي


On a different story...

I hate holidays, specially those where you have to spend it indoors since outdoors involves alot of maskhara & halaga & people opening your car door to spray you with foam..

Picture taken from Miskan's blog

Ha Ha you jerkfaces, very funny..

oh well..

Happy 25th & 26th everybody

Wanna do me a favor you guys? if you see our flag on the floor in the streets pick it up, I did so I know you can, unless you don't care then whatever :)

1- as long as she wore it i don't think we should ask if she is wearing it for a holy or unholy reason...just congratulate them
وهلأيام الحجاب صاير موضه لول وعلى قولتج يلبسونه ومطلعين نص شعرهم ولا رقبتهم ولا مادري شنو مادري ليش متحجبين :×××

2-today i've picked more than 5 flags i think i'm gonna sell them tomorrow :P
You are right, some people wear it for reasons we dont agree with but It's called being supportive Sponty.. Even when a person is doing something we don't agree with we just support.
So support, even if you dont like it.
Now tell me: How many times do poeple around you do things that aren't what you agreed with and you have supported??
&how many times have you done things that people dont agree with, yet supported.
It's in human nature for a person to want to be knowledged.. And we do it for them not for us when we congradulate people, No matter what the occasion is..7ata law 7ijab!
hmm.. why not congratulate them?

Kuwait Maskharaa hal 2 days i agree!
*spending it indoors too* Sigh =/
Phoenix, sportive of what sweets? =} you know me better than to think I would support anything I don't agree with, or at least by now you should know this about me ;)

you are a much better person than your older cousin I think sugar pie =}
Outlaw, ee laish congratulate them!? fahmoony =}

Fayoora, why not, sa7 =} so people should answer those question, why congratulate them, and why not =} bravo
i dun think its our right to question her intentions,,, its either u say mabrook or u dun say anythin at all!!!
i was gna start to write something about congrats and 7jab then i read what phoenix wrote
oh mi god isnt my sister the cutes thing on eath?!!
a7ebhaa ya nasss
wala u surprise me baby sis!
law jidame i would give u a big HUG mmmwwwaaaah :***

now about the 7jab thing - its SUPPOSED to be shay holy, a step in the direction of god- making urself better- modesty ... so shay mabrook
but when u put it the way u did ... HmMmm ... i guess its being nice.. like when u dye ur hair an ugly color and ask 7elo
u nod u smile even though u hate it
mojamal --- thats the word :)

chini ketabt qesa mo?
ma3alaich minhum. dont congratulate them, it has nothing to do with supporting them or not.
Blasha, there you go, so why expect it, mo? =}

Eshda3wa, qesa? more like da3aya 7ag your sis! hehe

D, aren't you the anti shmanti? ;)
Madry! people do weird things, people are not perfect and irrational.
why do you care?
I sear you r lifeless1!
you congratulate to show that you are happy for their happiness

i mean why congratulate someone on getting married ? he is the one who is going to enjoy it not you
I mmatha Freakin love you....
Thank you for all those amazing compliments. Wallah, now 10 minutes after reading it, I'm still smiling.
Mwa ;***. Miss you
Error, I don't care about people, I care about friends.

Anony, 3ad it so matters what you think

Forzaq8, two different issues, but maybe you got a point =}
Phoenix weshda3wa, aaaalllright cut the crap, break the lovey dovey show off and.. oh what the hell =~} group huggggg..

love you my baby cousinz
when i congratulate some of my friends wearing it recently .. i congratulate with the bottom of my heart ( SUPPOSING them wearing it for a holy reason ) !! ..

maybe in the fact it's not .. bs a7sin el than 0o ehya kaifha :P ..

and as what u mentioned .. honestly ako girls MET7AJBAT efashloooooooooooooon !!! o0 aste7y agol 3anha met7ajba :S:S ..

shawehaw mafhoom el e7jab !!! :@ !!


I hate holidays, specially those where you have to spend it indoors since outdoors involves alot of maskhara & halaga & people opening your car door to spray you with foam..

EXACTLY !!!! :/

o0 kel 3am o0 el kel ebkhair :D
anti shmanti shte6la3 b3ad. shitbee3?
Breeze, I still think it's pointless to congratulate hehe it's becoming funny to me now..

D, ya3ni .. against the whole thing as is =}
يا عزيزة ، لست محجبة ولن أفعل .. الآن ، انا مع من تتحجّب لأنها تشعر بالارتياح "روحانيا" وداخليا،وليس ترهيباً من "نار" جهنم التي ستشوي جلود البشر اجمعين! ولا طمعا في "جنة" تظلون بها أبد الآبدين... انما، من ترى انها اكثر "راحة" به، فــ لتفعل وبأسرع شكل، انما الباقيات ممن لا يطيقون معه حياة، فيكفيهن انهن يرتدين ما يسترهن بشكل طبيعي،ويحمي اجسادهن كإناث رائعات... لن نبارك لإحداهن ولن نقيم الاحتفالات "كما تفعل بعض الاخوات ذات التوجهات السوداوية" ، لن نفعل لأن الدين رائع ولأن "الله" تعالي، يحبنا جميعا ، يحبنا جدا

محبتي لكِ
I thought of writing something but after AuThoress' comment I don't think I can write something or even add a word to what she wrote.. I totally agree with her and I have respect for what she said!

AuThoress, Well said.. I applaud you!! Best comment written for that subject!
I don't think now anyone has anything else to say! =)
Authoress, احببت كل كلمةفي تعليقك واخيرا وصلت الفكرة بشكل ولا اوضح. لست بالشخص المجامل خصوصا فيما يخص الروحانية, ولا اامن بالترهيب الديني اللي للاسف ماشي سوقه هاليومين, اذا كان هذا يسعد صاحبة الشأن فعليها بالعافية, كان مجرد فضول بخصوص المباركة لا اكثر.

اسعدني مرورك, عيديها :)

NuNu, et voila =}
I think as decent muslimeen who ought to invite others to Allah, we should support others even of their intentions are ill and that their hijab isnt as proper as it should, they have taken a step others didnt, perhaps as they get closer to Allah they will want to get more close and that will show on their actions..

and as thy draw closer their intentions get fixed a long the way..

أنما الأعمال بالنيات
without the right intentions actions are worthless before Allah.
nunu ! ur supposed to compliment my comment!
and sponty ee mo china el7ob wayd tefajar 3ndich lol

love uu
another group hug!
at the end of the day its their choice to wear it... for whatever reasons...

and YES i'm gonna shoot myself.. i've been at home for too long... kuwait is choatic during these days.. i hate 3agad
Al- Hanbali, ee mo sayba el salfa =}

Eshda3wa, splash the llloovvve, I ain't complaining suga piiee =}

Zed, their choice is a different story =} kinda stepped on my thought there =}

stay home, it's a jungle out there
true true, i agree... and also girls who had just put it on and I say mabrook and then they're like "il fal litch".. irks me out every time - just because you have it on doesnt mean I should have it on too.. why can't they just say thank you...

or friends who put it on and then try to convince me by spending countless hours trying to get me to put it on too ;/ not cool.
cixousianpanic, lol never had these, shako they talk me into it! just because it makes them happy doesn't mean it makes everyone else happy, jeez some people!
About the 7ejab thing..


Adree...ma ayoooz ;P

and mathaher el e7tefal kanat:...

- littering and garbage disposals all over the streets
- empty spray cans
- ruined paper-made kuwaiti flags scattered along the streets
- a long line at the washer and gas stations to clean up the gunk on their cars!

wai3 ..3e6la sakheefa ma feeha ree7at el celebration in any dignified manner or way!! kila monkeys monkeys and more monkeys running around spraying each .. lo 7a9ellehom they spray each other with piss! wai3
3abeer, LOL!!! ye3 ye3!!! I totally saw it happening YE3!!

but am glad we meet at this point for real I have stayed home for 3 whole days afraid of going out! seriously!! me!! AFRAID!! of going out!

if I knew Satuday was off just as well I would have gone away for the week.. darn my luck
الدين ليس على كيفنا
الدين ليس رأي انما عقيدة مكتوبة

لا نستطيع ان نخالف العقيدة ونقول ان الله يحبنا جميعا. ان الله ذكر بالقران انه يغضب على من يخالفه ويرتكب الذنوب
Hitman1, maktooba o mofassara 3ala different levels, groups of people following each and every different rule on what seems appealing to their habits? I don't know =} I thing Authoress has a point some where, at the end of the day it's okay to think God loves us all.
9a7 elsanich :D

and i HATE those foam people, HATE HATE HATE them! retardation!!
Swair, LOL don't blame you honey
Loved this post... Keep it up girl!
Blue Ice Envy, glad you likey =}
The foam topic has been brought up hundreds of times, and the best thing to do is stay home and ask everyone you know to stop buying them. When enough people stop participating in the chaotic 'extravaganza', spraying won't be interesting anymore.
3baid, you were talking about like %10 of kuwaities who would listen, 3endena o 3endek khair =} the %90 will be pointless if there was no foam activities in this country ever, I know no one I know does it, we all stay home lock our doors and try to think happy thoughts =}
This is a very popular topic.

I absolutely think it is disgusting when you see a woman with 7ajab and you see her meat oozing out of all her other places.

The other day, I swear to God, I saw a little girl who is barely 6 wearing a 7ejab.

Parents just think that if their girl wears 7ejab, she becomes a saint.

They probably didn't see their daughter pose for online porn.
I so agree!
The main reason is a man usually. Father/brother/boyfriend/husband.

Usully so. & it's terrible. The aim of wearing hejab is got killed by this.

There are some problems in society, which forces a girl to wear it.

Sad. & the main thing - useless!

Good topic, Sponty. & so actual.

Glad to know that some people understand this problem.

Good luck :)
KJ, oh don't even mention that =~{

Sever, thanx, if people only understood =}
مومهم البنت متحجبة ولا مو متحجبةالمهم تكون مرتبة وتعرف توزن الأمور بالعقل

اول مرةاشوف كويتيين يحتفلون بعيد الاستقلال وعيد التحرير واهم مشغلين اغاني عراقية ويرقصون بالشارع ؟؟؟!!!!

this is my first visit to your blog ,great post ;)
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