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Organ Donor..

I've always wondered about organs donating...

My mother refuses to talk about this issue, I know I would swiftly give her my kidney if she ever needed *la qaddar Allah* that is of course if my kidney still works well enough, that’s a whole different issue.

What about when am dead? and my corpse is of no use, yet some of my organs are! wouldn't it be the right thing to do to give them to those who would use them wisely? to help those who have a chance? I am dead either way, gone, yet a part of me would still live! I know that some may define it as a wrench, but is it really? It’s not like it’s being cut for no reason! Some people would actually thank pray for your soul for the rest of their lives..

What do you think? Would you give away your organs? And if you think you would you think your parents or people who care about you would let you? would you accept that someone you care about donate?

How would you feel if a dear one *la qaddar Allah* happens to need an organ transplant? Wouldn’t you pray they would find someone who would do it?
think of these questions sincerely, put yourself in those shoes one by one, share your thoughts, would you share your organs?

I'm with donating organs.
but actually I don't know how would my family or close ones feel about it..
bo_ghazi, yalla serna athnain =}
if you're old enough you can register at organ donor society their headquarter's in rowtha
Geo, I might do that =} you no share?
I'd love to! I always say that Im going to contact the organ-donation ppl and get a donor card. Might as well do some good before i die.
Delicately Realistic, you mean do some good WHEN we die =P cause it's usually done after not before..
for family? in a heartbeat
In my highschool in the states i was about to register to recieve an organ donor card that you keep in ur wallet incase of a sudden death, car accident ect...

My parents advised me against registering reason being that i might be killed on purpose.. There are cases where that has actually happened!...

Anyway i no longer recommend my organs to anyone lol, but if they were to help sure i would.
كنت اقرا الاسئلة وانا اهز راسي ?
لأ بس لما قريت هذا السؤال
How would you feel if a dear one *la qaddar Allah* happens to need an organ transplant? Wouldn’t you pray they would find someone who would do it?
وقفت وما عرفت شنو ارد :(
Waterlilie, wow! and how would they know you're a donor!! that is weird! scary but weird.

Chatterbox, then you get what am getting at.. I guess..
Yes, Insha'a Allah :)
sponty oh i am a registered donor both in kuwait and the states..

other than helping people it's also considered "sadaqa"
my mom is so willing to donate her organs.
personally i dont think i want to be chopped off into pieces when am dead . i know so many people would need my organs. bs ana abee andefen bser3ah
I carry my donor’s card all the time.. I totally support the idea. I doubt you’ll be chopped off the moment you register for a donor’s card ;)

In any case, they carry out the procedure only in the case of brain death; the organs and tissues need to be alive. I would advice you do some research to find more about the procedure.

I think it is worth it, I would rather be of help to someone when I’m gone.. Better than being worm food!!
3ad spontan. matsadeg khabar, bacher tesaweelaha badge o tegiz feeh te6la3 lena b habba
deedee, =}

Geo, amazing! good for you walla.

Mother Courage, 3ayal ana 3axech I'd rather be chopped or burnt than ini andefin =/

Beholder, Amen to that!

Temetwire, hmmm.. and a bumper sticker, and a T-shirt, and maybe a tattoo on my forehead that says am an organ donor! =} thanx for the idea =P
i've decided to register two years ago.. waiting till i return back to kuwait tofinish te paper work .. but what we can see that even if the person got the donation card with him and he/she died the family refuse to spare the deceased organs .. we dont have solid laws for such a thing in our country ..
SoWhat, yeah that's another story, as I said my mother refuses to speak about this, she has to recognize it literary is my death wish.. who knows
I never thought this through!!!!

actually I never planned anything for next week. how on hell would I be making plans for my "after my death"

actually, I never think of death. only sometimes before sleeping.

Sponta, I don't like this post :(
sponty excellent issue. i always tell my husband that if i die i want my organs to be donated..but it looks like he doesnt like the idea. the issue needs to be discussed further and public awareness has to be increased. but i'm definitelt a donor inshala...still need to register though
Papillona, it's not about death =}
A3sab, yeah I have the same thing with my mother, they need to understand that it's a good thing to make a use out of my organs than 3ala golat Beholder become worm food
Papillona, something else, I don't do plans either unless if am traveling of course, it's kinda the same I guess, except this time someone's life will change because I helped =} not too shabby for a dead person huh =P
Yes I would, take it all I say once i'm gone it's no use to me and if I can help another one in death then my dying was not in vain. A dear friend died waiting for a liver transplant so I know how organ donation can make a difference.
I'm an organ donor. When I'm dead, my life ends, doesn't it? Whatever happens to my body after that is no concern of mine :)

Oh and if other people can benefit from it, so be it.
Mia, that's why I mentioned one's reaction if a dear one needed it, it's looked at differently when you mention that.

Hanan, exactly my point =}
i thought of it but backed off. it hurts! when you're dead, there's no banj or anything! supposing that the dead feel their bodies.
Flam, ermm .. sorry I have no reply for this!
Sidenote: I was doing a project on non profit organization and it was about organ doners. I was checking out religions that forbids organ donations, and I was shocked to see that Islam was one of the religions. I am just wondering, is this true? does anyone know?
Hope, Islam does forbids the act of wrench itself, as in to cut and disfigure a dead body, but I don't think it would stop against goodwill, am sure there are exceptions, otherwise there wouldn't have been an organization for organs donations in Muslim countries like Kuwait.

In answer to your question, It is not forbidden to donate your organs after death in Islam. I think there is a fatwa regarding this matter; otherwise I doubt you would have these organizations in Kuwait and other Muslim countries.
yeah I migh have thrown a little badleya and not made things as clear thanx Beholder =}

Sponty ..sorry.. didn't mean to correct you :">
Beholder, =}
Great topic. However, I read somewhere that Muslims can only donate organs to other Muslims.
What's up with that?
q8Sultana, LOL sorry but that was a little funny!! I never heard of that but I don't see the point of stating what religion or nationalities the ill person is! it really is pointless in my opinion.. and again a little funny hehe
with :)
Badoor, welcome back =}
I think everyone should be an organ donor. everyone.
photophlow, give a chance as long as you can =} I like that.
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