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Cheating Concerns Again...

So, my dearest friend and I got together hanging out and of course talked about guys and relationships, I love this particular friend cause she's so spontaneous, she never judges and she doesn't try to play shrink or anything she just speaks her plain simple thoughts directly and bluntly.. God bless her.

We were thinking, it's funny how it's all girls think of! it became an obsession.. their main concern and automatically it's all they speak of! don't get me wrong I do think about that too but.. aren't we thinking just a little too much? We're not allowing faith to do its thing we meddle and over analyze situations which eventually would create another memory due to scrutinize.

Of course we got into the matter of cheating, and how now it almost became an existing part of just about every marital life that at least we know off, I don’t mean only husbands I admit that, but I do mean mostly.

I personally can’t help my doubts, okay I might be somewhat the jealous type, but that is not what I would put up a fight for, it’s my self respect that merits the struggle, seeing as once I’d know for a fact that my partner is cheating I’d quietly walkout of the relationship and not even argue, a cheater is never worth it, that is something we both agreed on and am sure most of you *hope all* do too.

Then again what if we don’t know but we feel these tiny teeny sings that he/she might be cheating… no clue no actual proof just small cipher here and there of unexplained behaviors or situations that could still mean nothing at all, yet it could also mean something.

I said *hope all* thinking of a friend who knew that her husband was cheating, she chose not to confront him with the truth, she didn't want to believe, affirming that she'd rather be with a cheater than to be alone, she chose not to see.. I died a little inside, I think she saw that on my face, I mean to know the bitter truth and not speak up! for what!

"I would speak and ask him or her if they’re cheating.." You'd say, but would you really expect an honest answer out of a cheater? Whether the partner is cheating or not the answer will always be “No I am not” .. give it a thought.. would you tell? regretfully we know that is not an option.

My friend suggested continuing your life normally and hope they’re all in your head, I liked that one first cause it seemed like the harmless solution, then I thought "Wouldn’t it suck when you come to realize that you’ve been punked for the past years and wasted your precious years with a fraud?" I've seen a couple of situations, believe me it would suck bigtime.

We couldn’t really think of anything else to solve this *cheating* issue, how can you know? how can you tell they're telling the truth?! how can you tell he's not cheating with all these little signs which could still be something your head came up with!? when they can still be real! ... that I don't know but I for one do know I would so want to know, I wouldn’t mind in fact I wouldn’t care! I would simply leave and let him kick it off with his slut for as long as they want as long as it means that I would be living my life cheaters-free and loving it.


" would simply leave and let him kick it off with his slut for as long as they want as long as it means that I would be living my life cheaters-free and loving it."

the best solution. i personally wouldnt forgive him that easily, even if hes sorry for wut he have done id still be thinking of it from time to time . so why bother myself and live someone who didnt respect me ?!. i'd personally leave him and search for someone whos worth my care and love.or live free to the rest of my life.
Mother Courage, life is too short to be spent in regret, bs that's IF you find out, it's not possible to tell who's telling the truth anymore sa7?
"Once a cheater, always a cheater"

I'd leave him ow chinna il 3eed

I have no respect for a man or a woman who do not have self-control. And once you loose respect, you lose it all.

plus, he's not the only man out there.
Papillona, lotta fish in the sea I always say.
oh and the pictures OUCH!

and your display pic.. NICE!
Papiolla, ah thanx babe =} em'adameen =P
I agree with Papilona, these pics are too ouchy.

As for cheating, why is it that no one mentioned the law?

If your hubby is cheating on you with another woman, report them to the police, have them busted red-handed, and let them rot in jail.

Best thing of all, you will always win the custody of your kids if the father is an ex-con.
ShoSho, if we wanna talk legally we can have gazillion cases of cheating and disrespect, but what will that help emotionaly? I think I care more about the emotional side than anything else, as Papillona said once you lose respect you lose all, Amen to that one.
I still didn't get the part am after.. you guys HOW do you think you can tell if he's telling the truth?! how can you tell he's not cheating with all these little signs which could still be something your head came up with!?
I'm one of those people who never know the other person is cheating. I think that is much my fault as well as the other person's fault. It IS a big problem. Scares me so much that I rather stay single the way I am. Bala 3awar ras mo?

Papillona I agree 100%, bes easier said then done. Especially when you are a mother of young children.

Sponta the pics are GREAT, you always find perfect pic's!

cheating sucks..
i would never trust or stay with a man who has cheated on me..
i believe marriage is sacred..
if he breaks his promise, i'll break every bone in his body, his heart and his bank account ;P~
Depends on the kind of cheating. Take a married women with 4 kids who has a healthy lovey dovey relationship with her husband. Say she found out he was cheating on her with someone younger totally not his type and its just a physical thing that didn't last. If I were in that situation I'd think I'd just let it go, turn a blind eye. Yes I'd feel disgusted, great disappointment and it'll hurt like F*#& but I'd take it personally. Im not fulfilling his needs, or he just felt like a 'change'. I don't think divorce would even be an option.

But then again, this is just an assumption of what I would like to happen, don't really know if this will hold true if I got put in the situation.
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i totally agree with jan6a, it depends on the situation.
but once you feel these tiny teeny signs then you should know it's true
if a wife finds out that her husband is cheating she should tell him to his face: ent t7aseb enek rayal 3ala 7arakatek, fahem elrejola 3ala enek ent ely met7akem belwath3 o sar ma sar shayel 3aibek, bas walla e3ref enek mojarad yahel la akthar wala agal, la ahal rabook wala 3eshra sane3tek

tisheleen gashich o tamsheen doesnt cut it

o jan6a, 4kids y3ni agal shay 5 esneen 3eshra.. sheno y3ni forget about it? yakel teben yesla7 obo hatha, wala ma gaalat
Delicately Realistic, I am like that too it's probably why I talk about this a little too much, cheating scares me and I don't know how to handle it, it's the worst thing anyone could ever do.

am glad you liked the pics =} they scare me too hehe!
Charisma, LOL you're so cute! but unlike you I wouldn't do that, I'd be crushed and not want anything to do with him or from him.. the thing is HOW CAN YOU TELL!!

Jan6a, MY GOD!! marriage is for 2 people to grow old togather throw thik and thin! what you say is something our grandmothers accepted due to lack of education!

I don't know how you think you can do it bs me? I would rather die.. no kidding.
Chatterbox, wow =/ I rest my case =|

Temetwir, LOL!! hehe that was very interesting! but I would say he's not worth the arguement, laish anazel min mostaway o arid 3ala hal ashkal? ana il ghaltana ili ma3araft aqayem so I somewhat am %50 to blame =}

it's a risk a girl who fears being cheated on takes for the sake of motherhood and marriage.
Those pics are disturbing. They kinda distracted me from the real topic :)
Leaving the cheater is always the best solution
Hanan, just say malech khelg tegrain =P

spon. walla i read the whole thing. bs ma kan lee khelg making a moral judgment so i just made an aesthetic one :)
cheating sucks, i'd say leaving him is the best thing to do, coz cheating is cheatingthere is no "depends on the situation" thing.
Hanan, =}

Alia, sa7 elsanich =}
I have this issue in thinking he's ALWAYS cheating. It has become obsessive and it can ruin things at times. How would you know he's cheating? you know him too well and things (his actions) get fishy all of a sudden, you as a woman whos in love with a man will just feel it, that things are not going right or the way they used to. Women are smart, they can catch a man cheating believe me.
Hope, it's true it can totally ruin things, allah layableena.

Simple, When he becomes TOO sweet and kind and loving man..
And when he fills me with ALL kinds of gifts and surprises ;P
NuNu, hmmm interesting!! ya3ni if he becomes cold and distant ya3ni he loves you?!
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