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What's A BestFriend?

Some1 you spend most of your time with for a couple of years and then they turn around and stab you in the back.
miyafushi, LooooL :p

Sponta, its not nesseary that he/she be someone who spend most of ur time with or someone who you know for many years...etc. Its someone who you trust & enjoy his/her company with. o if he/she stab's you in the back like miya said.. then he/she ain't a best friend after all!
"Your friend is your needs answered"
Kahlil Gibran
Agree with miyafushi. All the people I thought were my best friends turned around after few years and stab me in the back!
Yay yaay yaa....you don't make it easy do you?
I will be back tomorrow to give my definition of a best friend. :)
The brother or sister that you chose
MiYaFuSHi, I hear ya.

bo_ghazi, okay..

DeeDee, aha..
Shopaholic Q8eya, I wonder what you did about that, I mean would you trust anyone anymore?

Delicately Realistic, I hope at least YOU come up with what I really want to believe.
MeWho, yyyeah.. okay..
some1 you can call up at 3 am in the morning,
someone that will go out of their way to help you,
someone that will always stick by your side...
Someone who never will blame you when you don`t want(read Can`t) to see him... He can let you be alone & will not be offended.

Someone who can tell you truth about you, but he will not blame you at the same time.

And also I agree with Charisma - "some1 you can call up at 3 am in the morning". Right...
Best Friend is a person who is closest to you, who would do anything for you and
for whom you'd do anything in return.

But are you okay?!
charisma, hmmmkay..

The_Northern_Colour, aha..

NuNu, yeah am okay =}
I'm back!
I still don't know what to say.
It will come to me.
I know it will.
if someone calls me at 3 am to talk just because i am supposed to be a "best friend" i'll hang up on them !! seriously people taking this way too far , they are over reacting. because that friend is a person with needs too , they need to sleep and have their own time "alone" ... to me a best friend is someone whom i enjoy a good laugh with and never nags on my head !... w amaze me with his/her thoughts bs ;-p
Delicately Realistic, wadi a3da =P

Mother Courage, shsalfat 3 am!? hehe
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