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guess what .. am %70 weirdo

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right? But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks.


hehehe shda3wa! =P bs funny picture..

so now I guess am supposed to mention some weird things about myself? .. hmmm! what's weird! that's the question.. let me give it a shot...

* I could live on only taboole or cheese and toast or just cucombers for months.

* I wouldn't want a house, I'd rather a fancy boat to live in, awnas =}

* There's no telling how much chocolate bars and icecream I can eat, I smashed records believe you me.

* I do not have Kuwaiti female close friends, never had, my bestfriends are all from out of town, nothing personal I just haven't yet found one I could get along so well with.

* Even though I am so crazy about traveling and seeing new different places, I am afraid of flying, I would still skydive.

* I can easily hate people, When I fight with someone I know I never wanna hear from again, I add them all under one certain name, like "Zeft".. they're many, so when they call I wouldn't be able to tell who was calling me, I delete the name before I could see the number, I never wanna know.

* I have Pepsi with my breakfast.

* Just like everyone death to me is a scary thought since it's in the unknown, but am not as scared of death as I am of being locked up in a grave 6 feet under ground in such a tiny area, that's the part that freaks me out the most, I'd rather be burnt or whatever.

* I feel awful when I see homeless drunk angry people with animals, the animals yakseroon khatri, used to drop off pets food to those who gathered by the supermarket I always shop at.

* I weight myself every morning, just like supermodels.. you know fat ones.

* I never wanna have kids, it's the giving birth process am not to excited about, don't give me all that "it's a must" crap I am not going to do it.

* I don't like happy ending movies.

okay, I rearranged them since I thought all we had to speak of were only 5 =} I still don't know if it's weird enough!

Why is it you never wanna hear from them again?
ok here's the deal...
i can also live on taboolah for as long as it takes.. love it extra juicy .. yuumm

i also fear being trapped in a grave .. i guess i'll get clustrophobic and rise again !

i don't hate people who hurt me.. but i can discard them easily thu :/ if i chose so.. she/he'll be out in a second :)

when i see homeless people with animals.. i get as far away as i can .. because i am phobic of all animals i7mm.. but i do feel for them and wish that someday i can help out in anyway ..
the dropping pet food to the homeless pets is a bit weird.. and like sloth said.. i stay as far away as i can!!

oh the grave thing freaked me out! never thought of it that way!!!
MiYaFuSHi, I have to admit I do hate easily, but it's always because of something they did, people I take off my list are ones who have deeply hurt me and I believe that the next time I hear from them (even if they wanna say sorry) would be because they'll hurt me more.. don't want that.
Sloth, I do hold grudge =/ so if they hurt me the hate comes naturally..

oh I am good in that area, some ask me to give them money instead but I know they'll throw that on booze and stuff, so I insist on either pets food or nothing, they may be homeless but they know nothing is alot less.
A Daydreamer, yeah but when you get to see them like everyday for 2 years khalas you get used to that, I actually speak to them sometimes about how they ended up this way and stuff, some of them actually chose and love it, other some they're just forced due to bad choices they made in usual life that ended up this way.. I remember this particular old guy who always had a cat with him, the cat seemed to just love him even though he rarely had anything to feed her, sad, I appreciate my life because of my contact with those people.
ok, you are weird.
Whoa!!! When I told you that it's ok for you to write less or more than 5 weird things.. I didn't know you're list was this long!! =/
And I love you ;*
Flamingoliya, told yaw =P

NuNu, they're not even ten =/
NuNu, oh and I love you too =*
Yes they're not ten.. They're 12!!!
oh sij? hehe then I should add this one:

* I can't count.
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