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Virgin Sucks...

regardless of everything I heard, I had hope!
I got a new cell after finally deciding what I want, since I already have a couple of things to take care of in Marina Mall I thought I'd pass by Virgin & buy it..

I stood there for good 20 minutes before somebody finally came to my assistance, after apologizing for not having the color I wanted "white" I decide yeah whatever a cell phone is a cell phone, am going for the granite, so the guy went, got a box that didn't look so new, I am still okay, he opens it & it's "white" .. "You're lucky" he said as he closes the box again & took it to the cashier who was THE SLOWEST PERSON ON THIS PLANET!!!! yanenatny!!

Yey am lucky! Not! I got home, all excited can't wait for the device to charge & get it all discovered wohoo.. I opened the box, find that the charger is not rolled up properly "indicating that it's been used" & the battery is not even in its plastic bag.. I assumed maybe the guy wanted to check that everything is in there so he probably did it unintentionally, I start charging the cell, check in after 5 minutes to find it charged!

The my friend brought up a point "Sponts! Was the device even wrapped?" he was right! it wasn't! I look as closely as a naked eye can & yes ladies & gentlemen, the dork gave me a display device without mentioning it to me, I don't know how any of you would take it but I do NOT like to have anything from display stand, plus the cell refused my SIM card, for some really odd reason it wouldn't accept my Kuwaiti line, but it would accept my other lines from other countries.. what the hell was that!?

I went today, to return it.. the hassle begins here..

Cashier: Yes?

Me: I am returning this, you gave me a returned box & a device that was on display without telling me that it was, plus it doesn't accept my chip, do your thing & give me my money back please.

Cashier: Ofcourse, let me get you the guy in charge.

The guy in charge comes in & you can tell from his face he does not have the intention of making your day any brighter.. he asked what's the problem & I explained again..

The guy in charge: am sorry ma'am I can't help you, the manager is not here & I am do not have the authority to decide on this.

Me (getting all unhappy) : Not my problem, find a loupe to fix what your friend did yesterday I do not have all day.

The guy incharge: okay okay I will call him & see..

I go back to the cashir since he seemed to know his way around & told him that the guy incharge is not making things better, so he says he's going to call for a manager to help me..

Me (trying to compromise): if exchanging it with another cell helps I am willing to do this just don't take too long please.

15 minutes later a girl comes (also a cashier) & asks me why do I want to return this.. GOSH NOT AGAIN!

I got really really pissed at the world after 4o minutes, I was like "Screw it! Give me my money back I do not want anything from you people! what kind of treatment is this!"

The Lady: Oh sure, you have the bill?

Me: (!!!) Yes.

The Lady (all smiley) : Here's your money thanx for shopping come again.
You think?!

I never go through that sort of crap anywhere else! what the hell is wrong with these people!

virgin definitly sux
its the suckiest virgin in the world
its a disgrace to all virgins all over the world.
it needs a wedding nite ;)
It's only good for window shopping.
eshda3wa, LOL!!

but then it needs to be shut! the wedding nite idea won't so much work here

3baid, not even that, the music they play lately makes you wanna shoot yourself dead!
Sponty.. please don't hate virgin... just HATE Kuwait's VERSION of Virgin!!

I mean come on .. what did you expect.. top notch service?? don't exist in Kuwait simply because people let them get away with it.. they don't want to deal with the hassle so they never step up and make a point that .." Hello ..!! your customer service SUCKS!
But why would you buy a cell from Virgin anyway!!!!!!!!!!
3abeer, no come on I had good service everywhere else, I wouldn't say the best but still, I never stayed at one place for 3/4 of an hour to get something! and it's true it's not all Virgin it's just this one here, they do suck bigtime don't they

KJ, I was passing there anyways to get something I thought while am at it ya3ni, believe me never again!
Even Virgin In cairo has a better display than Kuwait!

a tip; never buy a cellphone from virgin or malls, there is always al deerah any shop there will do the job.
Vincent, easy way out was a bad choice, happy to see you here =}
Honestly is there even a point to Virgin in kuwait? Its an embarrasment to Virgin Megastores around the world! Not only do the employees have a stick up their... (u know what i mean :P) but their products are also overpriced BECAUSE they're in Virgin. I'd rather give my money to the poor indian/lebanese guy (with the kuwaiti accent:P) at the phone store bil jam3iya :P
sij sij 6a7aw min 3aini :(
9ara7aaa mo3amalaa 7ageraa enty 3'al6ana elly sekatelhom almafroo9' ench etkalmean almanegar malhom oo etgolean laa alsalfaa 5al hal ashkaal tetadab eshloan eybee3 open box methel al new walaa moshkelaa
like 3abeer I guess its the fact that its in Kuwait that makes it bad!!

localy speaking whats their competitive advantage?
Red Blooded Woman, from now on, to anything and anyone but Virgin, never again!

Swair, learn from my mistake sister
Cosimfree, if I knew I was going to wait for 45 mins I would have waited for the manager who was going to be there an hour before it all started, but then I maxed my limits, awful I swear..

Error, well THE ONLY advantage is having alot of stuff in one place only with much much MUCH less collection, so all in all there is no advantage
3ama eb3ainhom
Shopping in Virgin, Kuwait was really a bad idea. Why did u have to buy a cellphone from there, of all places. Virgin is good for only wondow shopping,LOL!
um-mit3eb, you said it sister.

Sene, it's not like I went to virgin spicifically to buy the cell, I was there and thought what the hell, let's get a cell since I decided what I wanted, went in found it bought it nothing more nothing less, then alot more happened =/
looooool .. shkla hathe a5er mra e6been virgin ;p
Virgin sucks. SUCKS I SAY!

They have the worst music collection, the most hideously expensive gadgets, the suckiest, lamest books on earth, and the most retarded staff!

I hate them.
Kinan, Amen brother! Amen
تبين الصج !!

انتي والله صبوووووووره

انا لو منج

فاااااااااصخه الشحاطه من زمااان

عاد الحمدلله الفاشن قبقااب

فحدااااااااااا يبرد القلب

وااااااااااااي نرفزووووووووووووني

قريت البوست تنرفزززززززززتت


انا صارلي موقف وايد بايخ في فيرجن

بسسسسسسسسس لما قريت بوستج الله يحلل الي صارلي الف حله
LOL et-hableen!

Lawyer, I should have, bs tadreen 7azzat el 7azza el prestege kicks in maysma7ly =P hehheheh
I never baught anything from virgin why spend money when you can get shit for free aka downloading them. However in your case they shouldve at least given you the display cell at a discounted price or returned it without you having to wait all that time...
Over-priced products
Always out of stock items
Censored movies
Real bad customer service
Broken CD covers (yes!!!)
Stupid Employees

I could go forever here
But do we have a choice??? I mean it is the biggest store of it's kind in Kuwait .. Plus it's VIRGIN ..
i've always hated virgins.. ;p lol i meant virgiN . .

but seriously yeah they suck, they have nuthin in the store, everything is over priced as well, and they are soo not up to date.. you had to learn the hard way, but at least it taught you somethin now didnt it?! :)
Tat, that's all am saying.

Alia, mo that's why ana estab3adt el crap that I heard! until I had to learn the hard way =/

Dr. Lost, I was just telling Alia that =/
I love how everytime I ask for a book I can't find anywhere else they'd say "walla khales" or that it's in their batch.... may9eer they didn't or don't have it :P
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