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My baby cousin called me on my way out of work "We're going shooting" she screamed "Come you'll so love it" .. she has been going there alot & I was getting all excited about it specially when she showed me the bodies "it's what we call the piece you shoot, only after shooting it of course"

So I hesitate knowing that I just left work & I may need like an hour to like rest a little & to be in the right mood, but my cousin was all like no let's go no let's go, so I picked her up & went on our way with a couple of her friends.

The place felt so deadly cold, like a hospital, you know how creepy these places are? so dead & cold! We sign some papers just incase we shoot someone or ourselves the place is not responsible for our action.

We got the headset to plug our ears & went into the shooting range where some people were shooting, then I get out, Yes sirry, I freaked out :) the bang bang thing? so not me, I am jumpy, & the sound the guns make freaks me out bigtime, hell the sound a balloon when it pops makes my heart race! What on earth was I thinking!! I hated the little guns, the 9mm and those they were so .. personal!

Then my cousin felt bad so they offered to try the sniper's guns, me thinking okay maybe those are friendlier.. let's give it a shot <-- hehe give it a shot :) aaanyways, yeah it didn't get anybetter, there was this guy who was using this gun that made a sound that scared me from behind the glass off the shooting range, I do not want to know what that sounds like inside!! so my cousin's friends asked to have an empty range "I know" so that I can try, 3ashan la7ad yekhare3ny, & they got me one of those that don't make so much noise "or so they said" from behind the glass it didn't & I was like yeah I could do that! I asked my friend to shoot one shot infront of me just to know what to expect.. she did, I freak out, I leave.

Don't laugh but I think guns remind me alot of the invasion, the sound they made took me back & the images of what these toys did came rushing into my head like a poorly produced movie, I don't want to play.

Spontaneous Your story? Very interesting......
Guns remind you of the invasion probably because they used guns for the invasion!

That being said, I wana go!!!!
buk buk buk buruuuK
<--- waves arms
or was it cokoo?
whatever ur chicken yal khawafa!
shfeehom el khawat eta7daw 3alay

Phoenix, my thought exactly honey

eshda3wa, e makhtalafna, also my thought
hmm.. something i didnt know about u hehehe the jumpy thing, bs 3adi alot of ppl don't like bang bangs too...

when i read the begining of the post, i thought maybe your going there was going to be relaxing, even after work, since u can relieve some stress and let some raging anger out by shooting some imaginary enemy in ur head and come out more relaxed lol
Swair, yeah I thought I was going to ask for real bodies, but it turned out I was a chicken after all, not that there's anything wrong with it, is there?
scary memory you just can't forget.... try reading it will fit you hahahahaaaa!!! :P
Outlaw, reading it? I don't think I quite follow, but whatever :)
U're feelings are Dead Damn TRUE !! :)

I hate the sound of guns, shooting and so on !! ..

it freaks me out !! , actually i hate those kind of games ..

:/ ..

At last u tried something u never tried before which is good, i bet u already had Experience on it aren't u ? :P ..

at least how does the sound of different guns goes like ! "as if no one knew the gun's sound :P lool"
guns freak me out too.. I did the shooting thing a while back and everytime I shot my heart felt like it was popping out of my chest..

not my cup of tea! I steer clear or guns and violence.. like error said.. I'm a chicken :(
9mm isn’t that fun you should have tried the 2.2mm to start with you would’ve had a better experience anyways I guess that’s your last time to go to a shooting range.

Shooting bottles with “umm sachma” is more fun

I’m not a shooting bullets kind of guy my self, I’d rather use diplomacy!

@3abeer you’re one hot spicy chicken :p BTW who doesn’t like chicken, I love chicken they’re very delicious. You are delicious. I am delicious ba3ad :P 7ata spontsy delicious with chubby ankles.
Breeze, yeah they all sound differently, some sounded really laod & strong, others were fast, but all jumpy & creepy, hated them.

3abeer, the words I used exactly! not my cup of tea =}

Error, they're not that chubby!

2.2 lol I thought it was a cute name for a gun, tutu.. but it wasn't so cute, hated it..

I don't know what's a umm sachma, but since it lays in the same categotry as other guns then I don't think it makes any difference.

uuuhh.. I'm speachless! @@


I know what umsachma is and when I was a kid my dad always took me shooting .. bottles that is ;)
they don't cause alot of noise.. but I quit maybe because I don't think it's environmentally friendly to send pieces of glass all over the place! ..so no guns for me :)
3abeer, I was also afraid that someone was ganna get "accidently" shot, talk about paranoia!
for those who saw the bird thing.. e777im it's nothing just twisted its wing =} snowball is fine =}
LOL... oh God..

paranoia 3ala kol el a93eda!!

mabrook.. el birdy numnum is ok
3abeer, e7im, let's get over the moment now =P
Shooting is no fun, you should try swords or steel fails, now these are true weapons of art :)
A friend of mine was going to take me but we never got round to doing it. I dunno...id like to try...but i kinda dont like guns...oh well...i have to try at least once right?
amz, I don't know!! I think I'm okay with bowling?

DR, that was the main idea, but I couldn't even get there, it was ..weird.. I've always wanted to do it
M9achmah is an air gun. My father took me to a shooting range when I was 9 years old, but I just wanted to watch Transformers. Instead I used a revolver to put holes in a man's silhouette. My childhood was forever corrupted :'( LOOOOL
You know, I wish I go shooting. It is actually a great stress reliever... until of course you take it to the real life :P
you're such a sweet chicken

بس ما عليج ما قاعد أتطنز .. آنا وحده أجبن منج وايد
thank you for visiting my blog
KJ, it felt like real life for me =/

Alia, ee! mo my so called cousins! eta7daw 3alay =~{ e7na rakekaat manesta7mel el 3onf I know I know

Kitty, most welcome sweets thanx for visitng mine =}
honey bun
this "sport" does not suit your sweet nature
do ballet, goes better with your features, and it celebrates femininity and productivity...
we can play music and dance on Friday, we'll call this sport, just don't do guns
Very very interesting activities you kuwaiti's have!! gosh walla i was amazed, I guess you have to be right when u said it was freaky!!!

lol would love to try it out one day :P
hi there..
woooow mashallah, that sounds like so much fun!
where is that? i so want to go :D
sorry for the invasion thing .. really sad :(
WhiteWing, dancing IS my fave kinda sport!! I want to do that friday party thing =} name when?!
G, it really was freaky for me, but others seem to really love it, my baby cousin is actually addictive!

Reem, on 6th ring road =} some kinda club
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