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Surprize Surprize...

You Don't Need a Man ... or Want One!

Generally, you're very happy being a single woman.And anyone who has a problem with that... well, that's there problem! (HELL YEAH!) Not that you wouldn't share your life with the almost perfect guy.You simply won't settle though. Your life is too good to share with some substandard man!


Now what do you know! Those test are somewhat accurate! To those who worry about me, see? No reason to worry =}

Give it a Shot

i dont need a man but i want one?

sure if he lives on a different planet
i don't need a man but i want one..

yeaaahh well deep down i guess i do!
eshda3wa, that was your result sij!? yeah well sounds about right ;)

Enigma, yep, that's how it usually work
I didn't give it a shot because I was so afraid it will tell me that I need... A Man!!!
another male bashing post :P, as long as you are happy hatha aham shay.
Hitman1, LOL!!

Vincent, not man bashing =} just husband bashing =P hehe
lol 3ad u know i do want a man... just not a husband!
i got you dont need a man or want one... its not surprising since i've been told that almost all my life LOL and im not sure if they meant it as a compliment
I am definite the test was written by a woman :P
Enigma, which leads to my test results, funny how it's how we think yet some of us end up with one anyways =} (NOT ME)
RedBlooded Woman, I think it is =}

KJ, sexist =P
hehehe "substandard" my ass!!
You Don't Need a Man, but You Want One!
You like having a guy in your life, and overall, you prefer not to be single.
You won't go out with a guy out of desperation.. you rather be alone.
However, when you're single, you do tend to obsess a little over dating.
Because no matter how good your single life is, it's better with a great guy around.

Answering question number 7 felt very ouchy ;/
Error, what's with the trashy talk? ee I won't settle for some substandard guy 3endek e3terath? =P

Take the test let's see how "substandard" your answer will be =P

DR, wait let me check what was Q 7
DR, yeah.. ouch.. ={ maybe due to that one it understood that I don't need nor want a man! heheh
hon, you might not need a man, but maybe there is one out there who desperately need you, won't you have mercy? :)
love you
see you soon
WhiteWing, so now you worry about him? hehehe

love ya =} see ya
i need your feedback on an idea i posted on mu blog, come by sweeti
WhiteWing, OH MY GOD! LOL I hope no one notice the part where you clearly said "Sponty" hehehe! unless they pay more attention to al jameela rather than the 100 times you said yastabez! hehehe

you're the awesomest =}
I don't need a man but i want one!

yes .. and emphasize on the word MAN!.. couldn't find any so far ;P

so I'm single ela esh3aren aaakhar!
Some women don't want men but they do need them! ;P
3abeer, hehehe am holding on with ya sista, come to think of it, single and happy? wela married for the heck of it? or married and unhappy all n all? tough choice? guess not! hohoho =P

NuNu, was that your test result? e3tarfay! entay since you posted on women's right for polygamy o ana a7ateech hehe =P

love ya the most
I need a chocolate NOW :/

Tu me manque bcp ma cherie :*
Wild_Maaaaaree!!! great to see you again sugar! can't wait to see what you been up to =}

and Yeah chocolate rules!!!
I'll do it soon, but I'm damn sure I don't need one!
Elijah, brrrrring it on sista =}
Come on men arent that bad, if u can just find the right one......
which I understand is almost inhumanly possible these days.....
mafeeeehom shay il single.. yizgi7ooon.. kany shzeeennnyyyyyy abad wela fene shay ;p 3ade 3ade :P

smile w shotay ily i7iriCh;p
i dont need a man but i want one?

I just took th etest to comment here

مو شايفته ينطبق علي
بس .. علشان خاطر عيونك
Nonowa, e mo the right one is taking so long, so until the right one who is WORTH sharing my life with comes along am ganna live my life all good and neat =}
Um-Mit3eb, LOL ma77ad 7arny am happy the way I am =}

Aliaaaaaa, Happy Birthday honey! hope you had a good one =} missed you last week but am sure you didn't miss us!! hehe

next gather, gossip gossip en7esh eb shakiro (min gal me7tarra)
hay baby girl
the invitation for Amer's film is posted now
come by my blog and bring dounuts :)

Doughnuts for everyone!! I'll be there =} love ya
You don't need a man, but you definitely want one. Men are not all that bad...Only thing is you have to find the right one. Believe me, if u are lucky to find the right one, life is good...
i don't need a man or want one! :p
Sene, do you think I am willing to risk my good life on "IF" ?! honey =} I play it safe ;)

Swair, gad3a! hehe
What a coincidence! I got the same results. I don't need a man or want one :D
Small world.
3zayez,.. as long as you're happy! hehehe
hmmm.. women women wome.. just admit that you want us and cant live without us.. enough with the denials ;p i added you to my blogroll btw.. :)
Dr. Lost, men like to think so =P we are doing just fine without you right infront of your eyes and you still won't accept this fact, yalla enjareekom shensawy =P hehe

glad to be on your blogroll
Okay Hawwant .. I want a man . but not any man .. I want "McDreamY" :S
Wild_Mare, eeeeh I want the model mal LACOST, a little too much to ask now that he's married =P hehe
I don't need a man or want one!
is this good or bad? :S oh well
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