Rien d'especial.. relax, kick back & feel at ease *^_^*



My Medication..

Please Read With Flu Accent, Thank You.

It's been 3 days and am still feeling awful! *sneeze* I did not go to the Dr. because I know what I'll they'll give me and I know it's pointless cause I know it's not what would make me feel better, wanna know what medication would actually work? THAT!

aaaah life is beautiful =} .. I feel better already just looking at him =}


eshaweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg!!! i'd melt at his feet in an instant :D
Tequila, I know! =~}.. but hey melt away girl! he's taken! hehe(Sponty clutchs)
hehehe sharing is caring :p
my cousin once said something that I totally believe I now quote "I'd share anything and everything except chocolate and men" LOL so NO! =P
I just had chocolate, and that is exactly what I need right now
no actually this is exactly what I need to quit chocolate
please tell me tequila69 is a female
girls!!! latkhalooni at7asaf o o at-hawar o remove it! =P he's mine now find yourselves your own medicatoins! I don't really blame you though =~}
Tequila? ..
I mean I always thought she's a she!! she's not?
oh Shopa masheftech hehe ashwa il wa7eeda ili ma got into the grabbing fight! she's my new best friend hehe

i like this kid of "Medication", i think it's very affective ;)
deedee, we'll have to find out =P
Samantha, I think we passed this stage hehe you're way behind =P
he is not my type ;p
sarah shrayech ya3ni? :p

sponty ;p
shopa u gotta be kidding me :\
Ohwa bil TV a7la mn this pic =/
LOL wallah I am not
shopa if this hunk isn't ur type, then who's ur type?
Shopa, wow!! I wanna know what's you type then!!

to me I don't think there could ever be anything hotter than this!
NuNu, I know oh my God bil TV with his shoulder bones aaahhh thank you God am glad to be alive at this time and age to witness this!! hehe
you know what I'll do? I'll post his picture and say "HUSBAND MISSING! if you ever happen to see him anywhere would you please let him know that I've been waiting for so long and khalas he has to come back home, please do not believe if he denies it or says he has no idea what you're talking about cause he suffers from amnesia."

Thank You.
Now that's what I call gooood medication...the kind of cough syrup that goes down to your lunchs and warms it up...finger licken good!...Spont girl...you got taste...whenever you're bored...just toss him over...I may be getting a cold soon...sniff..cough...sniff:)
now thats what i call a mans maan! hubbba hubbba.
It is not about the looks girls, I don't want to have someone that all girls fight over. So yeh, he is good looking and sexy BUT not my style ;P
LOL sponty ;p

shopa ok if u put it that way i agree :) but i sure don't mind waking up everyday to that gorgeous face!
Ana wain shayfita hatha? *thinking*
misscosmo, honey! take another look please! is that something you could ever ever ever get enough of? now you expect me to get bored of??? sweety you dream your dreams on =P finders keepers he's all mine all mine even death won't do us apart LOL

Wicked, he's got it all babe, he's got it all ;)

Shopa, ee wareena your style =P shawagteena :P
Tequila, waking up everymorning next to that?? ... oh my! I didn't think of it this way!! oh how amazing =~} .. me likey =~}

Saltttyyyyyy missed you babe!!! =~} he's lacoste perfum model you probably saw him on TV.. or with me,.. or on TV ... you no like?
I wanna get sick toooo!


no seriously, you should go to the doc!!
Flam, they won't make any difference! trust me it'll take some time but I'll be fine =} let us enjoy the moment =P hehe
Spontana, tolah 3alaych il3afya, missed u too! :*

Yeah, I probably saw him with you, not on TV. Probably? No, I'm sure I saw him with you! And yeah he's cute and all, bs me no like. ;)

Get well soon sweets!
you no like??!?!!? TEQUILAAAAA! SHE NO LIKE!!! tell us shino your type! =}

oh I will get well bs shakla mosh soon awi hehe =}

and thank you thank you thank you for saying you saw him with me =~} it brought pretty feelings lol I love you girl! hehe!!
No wonder that most of you girls are single :P
Mmmmmm are you girls still on Venus?
Fee menna kuwaity ??
LOL those of u who don't think the guy pictured above is gorgeous ur delusional!!

wild no u should know that already :p and if there is he's probably gay :\
Hopeless Poet & equalizer, AAKHEEERAN GUYS THREW A COMMENT!! wehh I was bigenning to lose faith in you =P hehe

we like it on venus =P things are calmer.

Wild-Mare, shrayech ya3ni? hehe

Tequila, LOL my thought exactly!!
*sneeze* *sneeze*
inzain you guys (il awlad I mean) I want to hear what you have to say about his looks, forget that this is why we're single and all those comments I want to know what you think "lookwise" spit it out =}

I would comment on a pretty girl and say what I like and not like about her looks so I figured boys won't have a problem letting us see from which ankle you find the hottness in him =}

ladies? back me up here =}
Not even close to him ??
Sponty i think they will find everything wrong with him. Men can't stand the competition ;)
Wild-Mare, honey!! sorry! but NO MAKO! believe me I've looked lol that's all made in Australia babe, I can say I found alot of similar "stuff" in Sweden though.. wanna give that a try? hehe!

Tequila, ee inte la7athtay ina only 2 commented after like 40 comments and they both didn't comment on him they commented on us! hehehe! come on you guys! appreciate the good stuff! look at it from an artistic point of view =P
honey...don't you worry...no hard feelings...you just make sure that he'd giving you the right medication so that you'll start feeling better...I'll stick to what I always do in the end...simply fantacize my life aways...heheheh!...Enjoy every drop of him and you're right...how could anyone get bored of that face!
I didn't say he is not gorgeous. He is, but not my style. 3la golat Caramel me no like ;p

So wanna see my style? I really can't ;P
laish u can't? ma gelna show us your man just show us anything that looks a bit like it's style :P
ee show us!!
misscosmo, oh I'll make sure of that! am glad we see ground to ground ;) hehe
Sponta check my latest post, I hope you dont get disgusted by it :p
equalizer, alla yaster
you promised you wouldn't show my picture to strangers now you show it to everyone? hell if i ever believe you again.
I will post wat me like soon. ;)
Badoor, I couldn't resist, hey look at the fuss your pic made =P

Salty, oooh can't wait =}
ouch !
ok..I past by to see what you're up to..I can't believe you have 56 comments! Talk about "Desperate Housewives"..heheheh...Man...this guy must be keeping you pretty darn busy that you haven't posted in a while..:)...lucky you..:)...enjoy my dear!
Hmmm I think he is sexy bs Vin Diesel is attractive and sexy :P
/me Pumps Muscles!
Are you feeling better Spontana?
Hey girl....are you feeling better. I guess "HE's" just what the doctor ordered;)
mother, ouch indeed huh :P

misscosmo, I know I love this! hehe I mean it's nice how true beauty "e7im" is being appreciated hehe!

Sooma, yeah he's hot too, a different kinda hot.
artfinale, it's not really a muscles thing here, but hey I hear it works all the time =P

Salty, so much better il7emdella =} thanx for asking babe =*

Samboose, seriously =} much much better thank God =} I now know what actually works and what doesn't =P thanx for asking sugar =*
I don't want to post anything! =~{ I don't have the heart to make him go away =/ I want him to stay here for ever =}

or not =/
sorry im a little late at commenting but i just stumbled across ur blog..

chaykay hathola il pics ;p
more ian lawless

aah.. i just love men with salt n' pepper hair.. rawrr
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