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15 Years Later.. God Bless Our Home..

Think again! Can you ever forget? Can you really ever forgive?!

it's a sad day
I mean today
Ra-1, say no more.

Sarah, indeed it is.
I can't forget and i refuse to forgive !
yaaa walaa its realy sad day

alaah ya7fe6' lekwt oo ahalhaaaa
I saw your comment on my live journal (which I'm still requesting to be removed from kuwaitblogs but no success), we'll never forget and God bless Kuwait and our Amir.
oh my god. i now realise how important it is to REMIND pple.. with such pictures..

never forget. never forgive.
Never forget, never want to forget...Its a big challenge to forgive, a challenge that I don't think I can overtake.
Well, It hurts ;(
ghlaby 3awarni !

I think the campaign should have one direction

We Will Never Forget
Although we may forgive ... but i don't think that it will happen soon ... hopefully NOT !! .. and forget ? .. NEVER EVER inshalla !!

Not to play devil's advocate, but what point would it serve not to forgive?

It might be easier for those of us who didn't live the experience, but to many others who'd been there & suffered greater losses that some of which can not be compensated for by any means, it's never easy and almost impossible to simply forget & forgive.They say that time is always a good healer, but in our case the body gash was deep back in 1990, and still is to this day. The only thing i would love to see and feel again though, would be the way our community acted during crisis, with the exclusion of the latter.
I wont, I've lost my aunt and uncle.
I dont know I hate everything related to IRAQ even though they dont have anything to do with Saddam hussain.
I've seen alot of things when I was a lil'Kid bas i wont forget the seen , dead people on the road .. killed..
also asking for my father and some kuwaiti just told them where my father is and 7emdellah they couldnt trace him till the war was over.
Some iraqi did what they did in fear for their lives and the lives of someone they loved. Agree with N. there is no point when not forgiving.

God gave us the gift of forgetting and forgiving. We shall not forget an important part of history but we shall forgive people for their mistakes.
Nooni, I totally understand.

Sloth, same here :|

Cosmifire911, indeed it is.

reema, Amen ya rab.

Vintage, so shall be
a3sab, true, maybe then I thought I will be able to forgive 10 years later, but now and after 15 years I don't believe I even thought so!

blossom, :)

Lazy Picies, so true! I have been trying, they seem not to believe when you show them pictures that this is what once happened
Shewrites, weren't u here? :)

artfinale, I can see that :) most of those who were never here can forgive cause they only saw pictures, am happy for them :)

Vicent, exactly my point, those ugly memories are so stuck in my head even though I was a 10 years old
m, ever.

Shopahlic, good you can :) I'll forgive when I froget :)

untill then I will never forget :)
okay to those who were not here and think we might be making a big deal of it think of it this way, someone whose let's say last name "X" walks into your house kills a member of your family and walks out, for as long as you shall live whenever you read or hear the name "X" the only thing that will hit your mind is the moment of killing, am just trying to make a smaller image for those who think we're making a biggy.. no good?
Ay galbi! laish chithee?

Let the past rest in peace why don't u! I don't think anyone can forget not nohow. But I also think the past is best left where it is, In the Past.

And about forgivness.. well .. I think when u carry grudges and hurt the only one effected in the end is you. This black spot in you, unless treated festers & eats u up. The only way to healing is forgivness me thinks!.. Heal ppl ;p.. It's time to live, be merry, heal & let heal.

So what about yesterday! Lets rejoice in our peacful today ;) It's a lovely day today .. you exist, and you are witnessing it .. think about it.. when today is gone.. it's gone forever.

Vincent, I'm sorry for your loss. But remember death is there, always has been, always will be. It's a fact. The causes may change but death remains. Allah yir7amhom inshallah o yghamid roo7hom el yanna. El baraka feek now.. you're the future .. no? ;)

Spontaneo .. I'm not even gonna finish that nick name lol too short! ;p I believe it takes a great big open heart to be able to bypass such a delima as the one u mentioned! And Open hearts belong to wise ppl. But it's not all together impossible. I don't believe in the impossibility of good .. even against the worst of bad.
Peach oh Peach, as the wise person you are you should recognize the difference between "dead" which we respect and have no complain against as a part of nature and "Killed" :) as a part of a human act, the past shall rest in peace when it's gone in peace, I for one love to spread the love as much as it may seem possible, it's not possible here, when you see people's lives being taken infront of your eyes while their parents asking them to have mercy in their hearts.. sorry :) not an easy thing to let go :).
today is what makes yesterday, if you suffered today you'd wish to suffer no more tomorrow, yet again remember how you once did yesterday and learn from it, but what can you learn when it's nothing you have done that you're being punished for :) sorry your words sounds like someone who hasn't been through it and I understand when you haven't suffer, good for you by the way and blame us who did for not letting go :)

I didn't get that black spot out of no where, thanx to the ones I shall never forgive.

let's hope the world of bad is gone with yesterday for good and will never return.

thanx for stopping by.
Peach, Do you atleast know the difference between "dead" & "killed"??!! We're NOT talking here about the normal "7alat el wafat" We're talking about OUR people who have been killed by those criminals with NO hearts!! How can we forget that?! I for one CAN'T even FORGIVE!!!! & you're saying "the past is best left where it is, in the past"
Well, I just don't think I can judge!! Are you sure you're a kuwaiti??!!! =/
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I appreciate some attemps to be possitive in life, I believe Peach picked out the wrong subject
NuNu, I understand what you mean sweets, it's not about judging you just feel insulted when people point out that you're making a big deal, it's just not fair until they see what we saw.

Sarah, yeah I love positivity too I mentioned that in my earlier comment to peach :) not when it comes to this particular matter.
I am sorry to see those photos, its a sad thing.
It reminds me of the Lebanese war a lot. A lot of people died for no reason whatsoever. I hope you never see this again ever.
Dead or killed, the outcome is one. Weather I suffered or not has nothing to do with it. we have all suffered. but without suffering how can you know the real taste of bliss?

I'm not saying it's all good and we should be grateful for it, I'm just saying it's all done and there is nothing we can do to change it. all we can do is make a better today & tomorow.

Sorry if I offended anyone ;) sure didn't mean to.
Peach, "make a better today & tomorow" we're all on board here
Fadiabou, we understand what your people went through, learn from it, never forget, and just like us make a better today and tomorrow :)
Mother Courage, no chance.
بس بعرف بيت مين هذا؟
لا تقولين من ايام الاحتلال!!
معقوله صار كذا
طيب وش المعنى انهم يسوون بالبيت كل هذا
ليش شوهوه
Norah, hehe are you serious?! you're not serious!

they have burnt and ruined everything and killed many people of all ages for no reason, I don't know if they had anything personal with that house though, I doubt it :s
A Poison Tree - William Blake

I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright,
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine,

And into my garden stole,
When the night had veiled the pole.
In the morning, glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

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