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A Day At E.C.

Entertainment City! Yep! Me and my friends were bored enough to finally find our selves wanting to go to Entertainment City, and we did, I haven't been there in like ten years if not more, I called mom to ask for directions and it took her awhile to get where we wanted to go, she kept on asking if we're sure of the place, my friend's mom gave us a look and was like .. okkkay!
So we went there and we actually had a blast! We laughed so much and we probably were the only grownups that were there for ourselves and not for their kids, we actually were our kids!.. I had fun, I needed that, am thankful for such a beautiful day, oh and before I go I have to share this with you guys..

At the famous Sinbad ride, or more like tour, that usually is children’s favorite, we noticed that they have changed a lot in there and left some exactly as they were from the early days, below you’ll find one of the things I’ve never seen there before.. a word of warning though, it could be a little shocking hehe! I guess E.C. can also mean Erotica City :P

We wondered how long has it been this way and how long will it be there until someone notices and says something!? whomever pays a visit, please do check the Sinbad ride and have us updated :)

lol the person who did that thinks his some sort of comedian lol imagine seeing that in saudi lol
Tequila, hehe I know.
Hibbalicious, I don't get it though I mean there were no cameras and no security ok, but how come no one spoke up! it made our day hehe!
that is hilarious! GOod shot and great post :)
Jewaira, thanx hon :) glad you like :)
spot...toooo funny! I can just imagine your faces...you've inspired me to go check it out!...totally funny
LOOOOOL that was a good one. I think the regular crowds would relate to it more... If you catch my drift. :P I "paid" a visit early this year, and it really looks very spooky, like the spirits of the people back in the hay days are still lurking around you :S
lol good one
misscosmo, it took us a while to get it! it was a lucky shot :) let me know if you do check it!

equalizer, we got the same feeling too, who knows maybe the spirits did that :P
mark :)
Oh my God, that's so funny, LOL! :D

abi intertainment city!! minziman mare7t!

btw, have you ever thought of it's name? why is it called INTERTAINMENT?
That's pretty intertaining! lol
seriously I can't believe your camera!

Sponta, I'm glad you had fun
I just saw it Spont.... this is perfect...very good shot...very funny...looool
oh! and is the huge genie still there? the one with "WA HA HA HA HA laugh". and the tiny boy in the corner? and the place with the magic carpets? the camel? there was an elephant too, and it was cold inside, is it still cold? hahahaha I need to go there I really want to!!
i know that guy, he has a serious problem, don't make fun of him
Interesting. but entertainment city in august? really? maybe at night. when does that place close anyway?
kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak amazing pic : )
vincent, I know heh!

deedee, hehehe :)

Flam, now I know! lol

Sarah, I wouldn't believe it either if it wasn't me who took it hehe as I said lucky shot ;)

Playa Hater, glad you liked :) I know you would :P
Sarah, yes!! it's there and since I was a kid asakker 3aini o am scared of it still! I closed my eyes when I got there hehe the little boy too, yes the carpet was where the shot was! the elephant too they were there obut we saw them after the thingy so marakazna kenna emtan7een hehe

Panda, what guy :/ you scared me

hanan, it closes at 1 am!! it wasn't bad we went at 7 so it was cool :)

petita, hehe I know :)
lo0o0l.. no comment :P~ Ayshay!
loool Hi, I'm new here and OMG that is just hilarious I love blogging already looool

How is the entertainment city by the way? it's been forever! I've heard it isn't as good as it used to be. how true is that?
Chan nizaltay o labbasteeh? ;P
Charisma, I don't blame you :P

Fatso, stick to the right people and you'll love blogging in no time :P Entertainment City is not better that I can tell you, we just went cause we were way too bored and did almost everything else, last option thing, there's this ONE single new rollercoster and it's so much fun it's called Lightning, we had so much fun with all those flips and speed, apart from that I heard that some games were actually so old there were getting stuck sometimes! scary isn't it.

oh and welcome to my spot :)

NuNu, amdana?! e7na 3ala me we noticed and we got the idea and believed what we saw and 3ala ma we finnished laughing illa we were wain o the stripper wain hehe..

Q8Sultana, right back at ya :)
LOL!! Stripper?!! Good call ;P
NuNu, hehe well he is stripped! :P am thinking we should send someone to see if they noticed him by now or still, you should do it NuNu :P

machiatto, hehe but real :P
heheheheh lol!
LOL!!! Porn not any kind but Gay Porn LOOOOOL!! I can't stop laughing!!!
kharabee6, :)

Samboose, why mess the kids up half way? kharbana kharbana :P hehe
LOOOOOOOOL!! I'm still laughing!!!
Samboose, hehehe see that is exactly what happened to us there hehe I'd look at the pic whenever am upset and then think "I should really find whomever did this to say Thank you!" hehehe
Peach :)
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