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So I've Never Seen Mary PoppinGs!

I went over to my cousins' place for a sleepover, I love doing that, we love watching movies specially whether hits or like new released or just the ones we saw when we were kids, it birngs wonderful memories, so we know each other since forever and know almost everything about each other, so we were watching the disney classic "The Little Mermaid" which I just LOVE! until we saw this add of the old time movie "Mary Poppings" then I said: you guys know I've never seen this? suddenly my cousin was shouting out calling her sister's saying: "SPONTA" NEVER SAW MARY POPPINGS!!! and the other one was just as shocked and said: What!! how did you go on with your childhood! they went on and one and I was like .. ermm .. okay! and there it hit me! I've seen almost all children movies, why not Mary Popplings?! even though I saw clips of it in every pre add of every movie! there was something about that umbrella I guess! oh or maybe the dancing pinguins? I don't know exactly! did I really miss out not seeing it? is it too late to watch it now?! I mean we watch the old ones cause they bring nice memories and such, and point out what we might have misunderstood then as children and laugh at how we looked at things then, would it be pointless to see Mary Poppings now?!

Omg Omg Omg! Shloon ma shiftay Marry Poppins? Listen to me! You MUST buy it or download it or something. I love that movie. It's soo cute. And it brings back so much memories. I loved it as a child and a few months ago I watched it again for the first time since forever, and I swear.. watching it brought tears to my eyes. The two little kids look SOOOOO YOUNG!!! I don't remember them being that young before, am sure that's because I was soo young back then too and now that I've grown and they haven't (in the movie that is), it felt so weird. Weird in a nice way.

"Juuuuuuuuuuuust a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. The medicine go dooooooooooooown. Medicine go down. Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. In the most delightful waaaaaaaaaay!"

My favorite part was when they were cleaning their playroom.. nursery 3ala golat-hom. Omg I wanna watch it agaaaain!!!

Long comment, adri but you just opened a door of memories. Aaahhh. Marry Poppins. *flash-backs*
never saw it but i think it has penguins :P
Salty, see this is what am saying, I mean when I watch it now it would be different ya3ni I will be an adult watching a kids movie, it's not going to bring any memories to me, on the other hand I understand what you mean regarding the memories it brings as I feel the same way when I see any kids movie, like the sound of music mathalan? yeah I get the same feeling, so my point is it would be pointless to see Mary poppings.. I guess

Purgy, yey you and I my friend, and yes there are pinguins.
You have to watch it. No excuse! And tell me about it when you're done watching it.
Oh no, you must see it! I turn right back into a 9 year old little girl watching Mary Poppins! Be ready to want to dance and sing.:)

LOL Salty-Caramel, as soon as I read the title of the post the first thing I thought of was a "spoon full of sugar" !
Oh god Marry Poppins!! i admit i last saw it (again) about 4 months ago, rented it with The Sound of Music. I love both movies reminded me of my childhood and yes i know every song by heart (i sing them sometimes while cooking ;) ) Even if you're an adult it's still a joyful feeling watching it so yeah go for it :) if you haven't seen Sound of Music I'd suggest you do.

Christina: The song that popped in my head was "Let's go fly a kite" LOL
It is ok! I don't know that movie either and it is not a shame! The real shame is growing up not watching Tom & Jerry! That is the real classic childhood entertainment :P
Its ok I saw this movie a few years ago for the first time and it was just like being a kid again. I really loved it. Little Mermaid brings back so many memories I loved that movie I think I memorized it with the songs and everything.

Salted caramel, great minds think alike, I was just thinking a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down the medicine go down! And supercalifragilsticacspiyaldocous. I rememeber a few months ago we were arguing wether that was a real word or not. I still think it is! : )
Correction Sponta= It's Mary Poppins NOT PoppinGs! ;P

And my favorite part was:
Round the chimney!
Round the chimney, step in time
Round the chimney, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Round the chimney, step in time!

But the BEST PART that I used to have tears and sometimes get scared whenever I watched it was "Feed the Birds":

All around the cathedral the saints and apostles
Look down as she sells her wares.
Although you can't see it, you know they are smiling
Each time someone shows that he cares.

Though her words are simple and few, Listen, listen, she's calling to you: "Feed the birds, tuppence a bag, Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag."

And I also LOVE Super-cali-fragi-listic-expi-ali-docious

NuNu, How about you write all the movie's songs? OKAY I'm DONE!! =/
Well to me marry poppins is one of my favorites (specially julia andros) but i dont think you missed alot but yet you HAVE TO SEE IT.

and sing along with it oooooh good old days :)
o rabi awal ma shift el pic 7asabt ena ma63am, shay chethy

dont even know who/when/what it is(was)
but then again i never saw peter pan

come to think of it, cheny ma shift gair lion king o the alaadin movies?
WEll, I've never watched the whole movie...just watched the songs "Spoon full of suger.." & "Chimney" ..that's all

I guess I missed a lot :s
I love it love it love it!!!! "Suprcalafragalistic-Expe alidocious!!!" My favorite song.

Nunu, I know "feed the birds" is so sad, always makes me sad.

It's never never too late, even if it's not to bring back memories. I still watch kids movies. They're so much fun and put me in such a good mood.

You just gotta see it!!! just Gotta!!!
Salty, inshalla :/

Christina, okay now am feeling a little left out here :s

Reema, oh hey I know the sound of music I loved it when I was a kid I could totally see it again :) am not left out anymore Christina :P

Hopeless Poet, Amen my brother!! hehe
m, yeah I memorized little mermaid too I love it I love it I lllove it.


NuNu, yat 3ala il spelling?! lol I never saw it so to me she's Poppings :P

*going on ready NuNu's comment* ... .. okay :|

Judy, .. aaah okay :s
temetwir, heyya! stan in my line, now we're three wohoo!

blossom, ee seffay seffay weyana.

Samboose, yumma! yeah walla I do plan to do so :| hehe

sij il comments broo7hom made me feel like a kid again, okay then I made my plans for next weekend hehe it's Mary PoppinGs night :P hehe
salty! matithakartay ella the medicine song? :P

I love to laugh hahahaha loud and long and clear i love to laugh hohohoho it's getting worse every year and the more i laugh hahaha the more im a merrier me haha me hoho it's incredible the more im a merrier me

The way I see it, there's no reason not to watch it now :p
Flam, .. you should have seen my face when I was reading your comment!

3baid, mo I hate il movies from that time! I mean I watch sound of music for memories, but if I see a movie like that without knowing what it is I kinda get sick! hehe
Watch it
Sarah, 3ogob kel hal comments I'll have to! khofech antag.
i never saw it as well, and this might explain the constant need for milk that i suffer. the dislike i feel from a co-worker, the ever continous affair i'm having with frogs and camels... if i had seen marry poppins, i might have gone to law school.. or magic-college, i might have had 11 kids by now.. had i seen marry poppins, i might've married mr perfect minutes before discovering he isnt...

wow :) "sorry, i couldnt resist.."
Sponta, YALLAAAAH!!! Lel7en ma shifteeh?!!!

Samboose, yes it is =(
So did you get a chance to see it yet?? I'd love to hear your reaction.

The thing is with all the hype we've maid I hope you don't feel let down because we went wild about it...

I think with all the comments we've covered all the songs in the movie...he he he!!!
Vintage, LOL!

NuNu, la mashefta bs tara aham shay il neyya hehe nowait khalas :P

Samboose, yeah I've seen a couple of songs in like the adds pre movies, so I know a recognize a little of them but I can't still along :P

believe me you guys will know once I've seen it :P
Flamingo: YES, cuz I love the way she sang it. And back then, it made the taste of medicine sweet and sugary! :D
spon its never too late to watch marry poppins !. this movie is for the whole family ! doesnt matter if ur 9 years old or 90 years old coz ur going to love this movie inspite of ur age.
enJoy ;-)
Hey, I've never seen Mary Poppins either. and that is like an American Tradition to see it as a kid.
Mother, yeah I got that :s I just don't like movies at that time now, when I was a kid I liked Sound Of Music so I'd watch it now for the sake of then, but Mary Poppins seems I don't know :s

Almond, WOHOO! obviously it's a Kuwaiti thing too! hehe
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