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They Were Freezing!

Cyprus has declared three days of mourning for the victims of Sunday's crash of a Cypriot passenger jet near Athens.

Helios Airways Boeing 737 took off from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus full of vacationers crashed to a mountain at about 09:20 GMT somewhere north of Athens yesterday killing 115 passengers "48 of them are children" :( and six crew members on board just a few minutes before its scheduled landing time on a flight from Larnaca International Airport of Cyprus to Prague via Athens.

The causes of the crash are still unclear, the pilots reported before crash that something was wrong with the air conditioning system and that the plane was going cold, officials suspect a sudden drop in cabin pressure that deprived the crew and passengers of oxygen
pilots are typically trained to deal with loss of pressure, but at 35,000 feet, they only had seconds to act, soon after the jet crossed into Greek airspace, all radio contact was lost.

Two Greek F-16 fighter jets were immediately out to investigate and met the airliner at 34,000 feet. The fighter pilots saw the 737 co-pilot slumped in his seat appeared to be unconscious when the captain was nowhere in sight, and oxygen masks were dangled.

The F-16 pilots said they saw two people apparently trying to take control of the aircraft, it was unclear whether they were crewmembers or passengers.

The whole thing is very upsetting! but the most distressing part is that one of the passengers sent an sms to his cousin to say Goodbye! in his sms he mentioned that the pilot was unconscious, there was no hope of surviving, he also said "Farewell cousin, we're freezing"

Reports said that dozens of bodies were still strapped into their seats, some with the remnants of oxygen masks over their faces, two charred bodies were still hugging each other, it appeared that the pilot was already dead and that the plane was flying on automatic pilot when it hit the mountain. It was possible that few on board were alive when the plane smashed into the small mountain near the city of Grammatiko.

The plane's two black boxes have been recovered.

This is so sad :( The poor kids must've been terrified 7aram
I know :s
Its sad and scary. Everytime i get on a plane I get a semi panic attack and start reciting the small versus i know from the quran
I can only imagine how was it there but I don't wish to experience it! Technology is so advanced but sometimes a small error can cost hundreds of people their lives!
A3sab, I do that too, I'd be calm until I hear a sound of whasoever in a plane suddenly it's a paranoia attack!

Hopless Poet, exactly! not only small but sometimes stupid!! urghh!!

Blasha, I know :(
Poor ppl. May god rest thier souls in peace.
Peach, Amen.
You like rewriting the news? :p

OK FYI: The oxygen masks are basically inneffective at altitudes of above 21,000 feet. It will not prevent you from fainting, however will keep you alive for a few minutes. Going back to low altitudes will restabalize the pressure, which is what the pilot should do, once cabin pressure is compromised. Unfortunately that didnt happen.
equalizer, not many heard about this, and for the records you shall hear about every ingle plane crash from me :P
it could've been some one we knew..

or even us.
Vintage, this is what scares me, it's not the idea of death itself, but the idea of dying this horrible way, it's so heartaching.
Hope, and scary :( makes you think of either being in that plane or knowing someone who could have been :( ..
7aram yaksiron il 5a6ir..alla yir7amhom o ya7fithna..amen
allah yir7amho0m.. i used to think things like that would never happen on airplanes.. ya3nii come one, there are hundreds of safety procedures and stuff, bs i guess sometimes stuff like that happens.. ina allah wa2ina ilayhee raji3o0wn
m, Amen ya rab :{

Charisma, expect the least expected :/
That is terrible; so many air crashes. Makes you think how effective those safety instructions really are at the beginning of every flight.
May their souls rest in peace.
jewaira, Amen, I think it's time we really pay attention to what the lady in the plane says!
omg thats so sad. Its like 5am and I'm already up set.
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