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Good Is Good

Why would anyone end something good? Why make things different?? What is wrong with good times and good feelings and.. good?! Why would anyone want to have less than good!? Could there be better than good? Could “better” be any good as good once was? Isn’t good just perfect? Don’t you miss good when it’s gone? Even when you think it’s better? What more would one ask for?! I love things the way they are, just because I complain a little or cry doesn’t mean I want things to change, In spite of everything!.. so you want better?! Fine! Go have better, I hope better treats you as good as I treated you, I’ll be here with good, and it’s as good as it could ever get.

I like good...
oh wow I love good!! :) glad to see someone agrees :)
If it wasn't for the bad and the worse then you wouldn't realize how good good is! But when you start to take good forgranted than you want better and perfect because you won't feel how good good is! Interesting post ;P
I love good, I some times love a little too good.. I want better, better isn't there, meybe not yet.. but good is so good..

sponta. you're good
Let me just try to get my head around that, then I might understand it. That would be good... :)
m, I swear you're right! sa7 elsanich.

Sarah, thank you! I think you're good too! if you're better than you're too good for good :P good is a little too good.

Ian, good ;)
a Little "too-good" is more than good.
email me please (see profile)
what's going on? :/
I think being good is okay but everyone wants better things to come or happen I would like things to get good and better and more.. being on one stage for a very long time is pretty good bas getting lower that I really dont want to be on that place or zone.
I like good too =)
what exactly IS good??

I seriously know what you mean :)
well good is so good you cant get perfect cos nothing is perfect in this world
you see what im saing ;)
Amen ;)
As long as you're happy with "good" .. stick to it ;)
Sarah, it's still good :P

Purgy, walla masawait shay :|

Flam, khaleeha 3ala allah hehe.

Vincent, I obviously happen to talk about stuff that best remain good :)
NuNu, that's why I like you :*

Hope, good is good :P

Cosimfire911, I totally understand!

Peach, :)

Sloth, my thought exactly :) it should reflect Vincent comment hehe HELLO VINCENT! OVER HERE! hehe
Life is GOOD ;)
Wild mare, merci la Allah :P
After a prolonged time of "good" you're going to higher your scale of "good" and start searching for "Great" which will be your new definition for "good".

Human nature works that way. Always targeting "better" nothing wrong with it, it makes life fruitful!
Samboose, fruitful!! I love that word! hehe yes in some stuff but think with me for a min, some stuff you just love them only as good as they are :) if they get better they'd be less good in your own eye, well mine in this case hehe! it's how some certain issues are looked at.. I guess!
Spon: I guess what you mean is that in certain cases "less is more";)
Samboose, aaaaaand you lost me! hehe, I mean things sometimes are just good the way they are :) not more not less, to accept things the way they are and not expect them to change cause they are relaxingly good as is :) .. it's good really :)
Spon, Gotch-ya!!
some peeps are jus freakin paranoid and dun feel secure by having good stuff, thas why they tend to mess everythin's up.. i know some ppl that way... god helps them
spon... i take it you're not a perfectionist ;) good is always good for me too, basically because I'm too damn lazy to go look for better :)
Good is Good!


BlaSha, maybe am thinking inside the box hehe!

Hanan, lazy is not the reason for me, I just seriously like certain things the way they are :) no more no less.

Crazyness, .. hmmm I had a problem gettin the middle part yet am cool with the rest! :P
i totally agree with M on this one!! i love good, good is amazing, why do people always go looking for bigger and better?? i hope they fall flat on their faces because you're as good as it gets babe! *muah*muah*
e3younalbak, LOOL I loved your comment! I know what you mean :)
I dedicate this song to you: Wouldn't it be good by Nik Kershaw

Hopeless Poet, I keep on getting error, I will try from some other computer, but thanx for the thought! :)
Well atually the error is in the link I gave you! It is missing the ".shtml" part at the end! The page is for the lyrics and if you liked it I can send you the song cos I just downloaded it :P
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