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My Fasla Post...

Who the hell gets married just because all of his friends are married!! or who would get married just because they're almost 30! Or gets married to someone because they have fancy cars or own a jetplane!? oh & who the hell gets married because they wanna be married o bs! regardless who's on the receiving end of it!

You know what I think? I think "but that's only me" that marriage should be thought of as a fun awesome hilarious trip you know you get to take once, now would you wanna waste that chance with someone you don't know well enough? Or you're not sure you'll be enjoying it with? would you go on a trip with someone your mama chose for you & hope it goes well? NO! that trip should be taking with someone you have so much fun with, someone you enjoy truly when you're spending time with even if it was just over coffee, your true best friend, your soul mate "even though I don't believe but hey the whole idea is unrealistic so might as well make it all fantasia"

I am pissed because I got a call from a close friend who's been complaining for over 2 years on how messed up his life is, he's not the only one, actually I may know 2 & only 2 truly happy married couple, allah layghayer 3alaihom.
Today, a couple gets married.. the act at first (I hate the most) until it starts becoming normal towards boring, before you know it, it would be all about the kids for the mom & all about poker night for the dad, skip all the individual traveling & the separate bedroom & all the cheating... when they both hit 50 the man takes off & gets remarried to someone he feels fresh & alive with (not necessarily young by the by) & what will the 50 year old woman do? weep?



The most adorable thing, I was sitting with a friend outside a coffee shop, there was a group of 3 Americans sitting next to our table, out of nowhere comes a cat, & miaws their side, they pet it a little until the cat came ourside, it was miawing alot, I felt bad for it, one of the American ladies said that she was this close to get chicken from a close restuarant but she didn't cause her friends laughed at her, I was already going to get my cat some food, I was wishing I had some at that moment, "take the cat" the American woman said, "I already have one" I replied "you take it "I am in here for a couple of months" suddenly the cat JUMPED into my friend's lap, we all laughed cause come on it was funny, he picked her up & placed her on the ground, again with all the miawing & petting, she jumped again into my friend's lap, here's what I didn't get, why him! there were like 4 other people she didn't want any of us! weird huh.. few seconds later she bit me, then the american lady was like "that's it, laugh all you want am going to get her some chicken" she takes off & comes back with chicken "you're a great person" I said as I was leaving, she really was, I bet non of you would have gotten up to buy food for a homeless cat..

It was amazing, I went to a colleague’s birthday party, almost everybody from work was there which was good to see off working time or place, & I also saw a couple of people I haven't seen in a long time which was good, even better, the party was at my bestfriend's place who happens to be friends with the birthday girl's fiance, (3efastkom?) wanna know what's best? I met someone I've been so wanting to meet for a while (who also happens to be a blogger) it was better than any plan I could have came up with =}

I HAVE A NEW CRUSH!! YEHAAAA! I can hear some of you going (ohooo) hehehe but I don't care I love that feeling! & I am so okay with the fact that there's NOTHING I can do about it since he's another guy from work.. but hey =} I love the feeling it's all freshening!

My dear friend found this & thought of me when he saw it, I thought it did look a little somewhat like me.. in a smaller headed way..


okay I may have chubby ankls but they're not that chubby!

me go now, pillow call =}


your nick says it all ... Spontaneousnessity .. being spontaneous is what you do best..
Planning is not part of the deal.. ;)

3ala golat Martha.. "..and that's a good thing"

i love cats in frog outfits... and i don't have chubby ankles either..
kan 3indi wayid ta3leeqat... lai il akheer chan ansa
3abeer, hugs =* good thing indeed

Swair, I think it's to protect its ears from the cold weather, if I did this to my cat she'd freak out
Paps, which is why you should always have a note pad close by everytime you visit my bkog, I kinda do that to people.. come to think of it, people should have note pads just speaking to me! I am gettin good at gettin off the subject lately.
EXACTLY TRUE about what u've said 3an el married stuff !! ..

chan zain el kel yefham hal TOPIC 3adilllllll !!!!!!


loool EL CAT 3awerat galby .. ! bs u knew what i've discovered .. ena el cats they like male's akthar men el females .. ! i dunno how true is this .. bs it's just a recent discover :P ..

Hmmmm, o0 about el american lady,, mako menhum .. i always say ena there was someone lama ra7 el dowal el oropeya gal : ra2ayto moslemeeen wa lam ajid eslaman .. and in the arab countries gal: ra2ayto eslaman wa lam ajid moslemeeeen !! ..
THINK OF IT 3adil Oo ra7 etgolen EEEE WALLAAAAH .. :/

Breeze!! My Gosh!! I love the last thing you said!! I mean I might have heard it before but I never really felt it! it was so wow! ah I can't express how true what you said what!

The marriage thing is just hopeless in every single time.. it's weird but real.. am so boycutting!
hi sponty that was random, original and overwhelming.

yallah meta taby etezawaj. i get this all the time. i just dont know!!
Error, ee ya kerh legafat el ahal!! MABEE YAH! ghaseb?!
abe new crush;/ TIBEEEEEEHA !
Un-Mit3eb, yam3awda am worried it'll die fast like my last crushes did! hehe I just enjoy the feeling hope it lasts a bit longer =}
A crush doesn't last for long.. Enjoy it now. For some reason I'm enjoying YOUR crush too ;p

ps. Read my last post yakhchi
;) i came back here .. just to compare between the Groom's chin and the bride's chin :P ..

Did u notice it In the pic ? :P LOL ..
Paps, sektay chena khallas =/

me saw your post, me commented but me no find comment! you ana Alia yabeelkom ga3da!

Breeze, I can't believe you! hold on a sec let me check
Breeze, LOL ew!
I seriously lost track, I was gonna comment about marriage, then about the cat then your ankles but I DON'T WANT TO I wanna know about your crush now :)
Elijah, hehe it's just a crush nothing more nothing less =} don't you love those?
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