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لبيروت.. من قلبي سلام لبيروت


The situation in beautiful yet wounded Beirut is not getting any better, after the mess with the university students earlier today things got awfully worse in the streets of different spots from the capital tonight, I can't find the words to express how I feel, since they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are some I found from CNN after what went on today in Lebanon..

لبيروت ... مجد من رماد لبيروت ..

. .

I hate those news I hate them like poison!! What the hell can they do to calm the people down?! who the hell will sit on that Goddamn chair! won't it at the end of the day belong to a certain party?! How will the other parties react? Is this endless?!

When will it end? How?!

Don't hurt my mountain


To my dear Lebanese friends, God bless you all up there, Thank you for the pictures, hope we'll meet in a peaceful blooming lebanon soon..


it does seem endless at this point, Alla yaster
I am not lebanese but i love lebanon as my country and i really feel sorry for what's going on there and i wish that it will stop soon and everyone start to think about lebanon as a country and not about themselves as individuals .. u r right ENOUGH
Joud, yeah allah yaster..

Dandoosha, I am not lebanese either but I relate to lebanon in different ways, it's sad to see it go through so much
Look, even though things will eventually calm down.. (unfortunatly) there is no such thing as end.
When this is over, they'll bring something else to fight and argue about!
- I don't mean to be a party pooper, but it just seems this is how our corrupt world works!-
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my heart is aching..

the plan is to go there pretty soon.. but soon won't come so soon!

Hassan NasrAllah distroyed what's left of this hurting country.. he left no chance for people to breath after their agonizing civil war!! what was he thinking?? what benefits did they get? where is he now??

he's by far the worst of all those who acted under the name of islam and did nothing but destroy it's image and it's people..
May GOD bless them :((
My grand ma is lebanese and so on my aunts :(

AM DAMN WORRY about them !!! :(((
and more worried about the whole state in LEBANON !!!


god bless them , PLZZZZZZZZZ GODDDD !!! :((

ee walla, Enough!
Phoenix, awal shay huggggggg, I really can't see a way for this to end, all I can do is hope..

3abeer, I know! I wish they would seperate the south and let him screw it up as much as he wants and leave the rest of the country alone!! bo gethla!
Breeze, and the bottom of mine too, I have lived there for just 6 months and didn't have the time to really get enough of it.. poor little lebanon..

Swair *sigh* allah kareem
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3ama eb3ainhom ! i want lebnan
um-mit3eb, so do I ={

its so sad:( 7aram... i hope it ends sooon cuz 9ij no body desveres this
sweetd, I know ={ allah yefokna men ely kan el sabab
كلنا نعشق بيروت
I really hope it ends soon

lebanon is the rose of the middle east and i pray it stays that way
barrak, yes we do dear sir

ghasheema, Amen
7asaffa 3ala lebnan

7asaffa 3ala aleslma ely le3abaw feh

7aram 3alihom hally sawoooh fe ha alyahaaaaaal

bald yeroo7

3ashan 3e9abat
lawyer, I know.. allah yefok-hom
I heart Lebanon
NuNu, I big heart lebanon
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