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Breakup Day...

Did you know that today was "National Breakup Day" ?! I saw this at Yahoo and thought I'd share some of the good breakup stories with you guys, check out the different acts:

1. "This guy I was dating for a couple of months asked his mom to do it for him. She told me he didn't want to be with me anymore. Plus that he was seeing his next-door neighbor. Then she gave me a hug on his behalf. And all this was in front of my coworkers. It was so humiliating."


2. "As I was preparing to go to my in-laws for Christmas, I told my ex-wife that I couldn't go and that I had met someone else."


3. "He wrote me an email saying, 'Goodbye my friend.' Are you kidding me?! GOODBYE MY FRIEND?!!!"


4. "After my ex sent me an email to break up with me, I received a text message from his new girlfriend stating I had only two weeks to find a new place to live, as she was moving in!"


5. "I was served with divorce papers on our wedding anniversary."


6. "A guy I was dating was at the movies making out with another girl. They were sitting right in front of me and my friends."


7. "He broke up with me by text message on a cell phone."


8. "Well, we were supposed to go out one Friday. He called at 8 pm and told me he couldn't go because he fell down and hurt his back in the snow. My friend from work called me at 3 am that night and told me that she saw him with another woman dancing and kissing her on the neck. She took a picture of them with her phone. The next day he called me and said that he was in a lot of pain. I broke up with him and told him what I knew. Later that year he died of a heart attack. Before he died he wrote me an apology email. I forgave him at the cemetery."


9. "He broke up with me on MySpace."


10. "It was our anniversary and I had just gotten off work and was ready to celebrate. When I came home she was sitting on the bed upset, so I asked what was wrong. She said that her ex-boyfriend had come home from Iraq and asked her to marry him and she said yes. Then I heard a horn out front and she left."


11. "We were in a club and she was drinking hard core. She left me on the dance floor, climbed up on the bar top, and did a two-song strip dance for the room. When she had shown everything and only had her thong left on, she jumped on some guy and left forever!"


12. "I was two months pregnant with our daughter when the guy I was living with for two years said he would be right back. I didn't see him again until our daughter was 12 years old."


13. "Six months before my wedding, my fiancé calls me and tells me that he isn't sure what he wants. In the background I hear a woman's voice telling him that she loves him and then I hear him saying it back to her. Later, he sued me because I didn't give back the ring."


14. "He did not show up for our anniversary dinner. He just sent flowers with a goodbye note."


15. "I returned some library books and when I got back 15 minutes later she was gone. She had grabbed the baby, all the diapers, and a few clothes for the baby. She didn't even leave a note. Later on, she left a message saying she wanted to meet me and talk about things and gave me a place to meet her. She didn't show up. When I got home, she had cleared out all her clothes."

"& they lived happily ever after"

I had so much to say
بس ضاق خلقي مابي اكمل

I hope you don't get to go through it, but what do you think would be the worst break up act?

my first 2007 post is unpleasant =/
Sponty, ma yiswa t-thaygeen khulgich. It happens all the time and you only read one side of the story. khal ywalloon

Sawoha National Break-Up day! khosh

Story #1
I don't believe that! Mommy's boy has no balls to confront the woman!

Story #2

Story #3

Story #4

Story #5
Reminds me of someone

Story #6
A guy <- key word

Story #7
wija3 !

Story #8

Story #9

Story #10

Story #11
ee hathi ma tiswa yiz3al 3ala shanha

Story #12
ollah! a7is il salfa nagsa

Story #13
il7amdilla wil shiker

Story #14
ma yiswa 3alaihom il reservations

Story #15
Oof! maskeen
Now, please raqmay il stories 3ashan itla7geen ;*

luv u

Why do they have to have a day to celebrate THAT!??!


Well i think the worst break up is when the person doesnt even break up with u...when they just disappear!

breaking up through my space? mal 6rag;p
Paps, hey love, sheftay el araf? ya3ni good ena one side of the story how interesting will the other side be?! "yeah I sent my mom cause I didn't want to hurt her" mathalan? hehe mako excuse for specificly this one!

Story#1 ma wedech etshegeen waiha? (sponty 7ad el menqahra)

Story #2 selfish brat

Story #3 e wai3etain ba3ad hatha 3ad theqeel teena o yestaskhef ma3a waiha

Story #4 maytha7ek! hathey battat chabdy! kan wedy aroo7 o kick the girlfriend in the face! hatha akhas min mama's boy!

Story #5 yeah haram ={

Story #6 7ata ana!

Story #7 I know ={ (GRRRR)

Story #8 ee allah mayteg eb 3asa =P

Story #9 hathey khebla

Story #10 yeah bs shradda?!

Story #11 hatha ham tafeh

Story #12 hatha heartless bastard

Story #13 ..

la7tha khal araqemhom warja3 cause sij thaya3t!
Story #13 ee hatha el sakheef,

Story #10 (missed that one) cow!

Story #15 another cow =/

eeeeeeh yalla it probably was for the best =}

love you more Pappi

Dr, I think it sounds nice compared to these stories! but it is the typical Kuwaiti breakup if you asked me..

They don't have a day to Celebrate hehe they just have a day =}

allah layableena.

Um-Mit3eb, LOL I know! mal tereffes ba3ad!

i agree with DR - just vanishing is the worst. another nasty way of breaking-up is through a post-it, sex and the city style (if u've seen that episode)
Joud, not a fan of sex & the city, but I do know real life episodes that happened to many friends of that style, such a sad way to end anything up.
more like a breakdown!!
Error, which makes more sense, breakups all in all usually lead to breakdown, I know it does to me, the key is not to show it and move on, hatha dowak o 3ala allah shfaak

*ay shay*
tkhayellay someone breaksup with me through my blog!!! LOL

I'll send mom
Did you notice how many breakups occurred on the anniversary? How hostile, how hurtful . . . it had to be intentional.
Paps, bs your mom? o khalatech o banat khalatech ba3ad!

Intptexeterkjshio, not only that! and all like joyous occasions! ya3ni laish el la'mana!

walla maybotoon el chabd?
10 , 13 , 14 :''''(((( !!

allah ekhaleelena a7baaabna AMEEEEEEEN :((((((( !!!

That's HURRRRRT !!!! :((
Breeze, Sorry honey =/ again allah layableena =/
Breakup Day ! I wonder how the celebration would be on that day ! with tissue paper and candy 3ashan a6alle3 7arety !

Wild_Mare, with icecream! old fashion breakup rule number one! always have icecream!
"national" breakup day.. so it only applies to the US :P..

دول عايــزين جنـــازه ويشبعــوا فيها لطم

any reason to celebrate anything!!
quite a post I tell ya ;P
US + لطم kelesh mo layeg!

3al aqal they're doing something about it mo e7na =P
e7na shfeena?


yayah min el habal :P
Then new fashion breakup should be with "krispy kreme" ?
Terrible, but I had good laugh, could not help it :)

Breaking-up by sms & so on... it's such disrespect!
But on the other hand, it can be much easier than anything else.

#15 & last... clever woman, yeah?:)))

#10 Just typical. He was a "dispersal field" for her.

#11 :)))))))))))

Thank you, Sponty! I have a lot of examples to choose the best for me :D
3abeer, see what I mean? manteragga3 hehe, yalla when are we getting togather =}

Wild_Mare, so get a guy who's always on diet =P

Sever, glad to be of help! =}
Well my story is different....am still suffering from it since 2003....
Maze, poor thing, time will only help if you let it, help yourself to let go
Worst kind of breakup is when two people love each other but circumstance gets in the way
Anony, excuses excuses...
My breakup will be in a poem :P
Hopless, sounds hopeless =P
9ooon we will ;)
I didn't know anybetter =P
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