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Samboosa el amoora tagged me, I don't usually go for tags but I thought this one should be fun.. check me out.. it really does look like Me!

oh and guess who fixes my computer when it gets messed up!

Naah I wish, would be fun to have pets in the office if you asked me, don't you think?

Regardless, the dude who does come to fix our computer in my company does share cuteness!! it's so weird but I think I have a crush on our computer.. fixing.. dude! it's fun to have a crush on someone I miss this feeling, I know he likes me too cause I just know,.. yes he does! .. yes he does!! shut up I know what am saying.. he's really cute! like in an adorable kinda way, that's usually not my type! you should see my face when I hear him walking in the company, I'd have a huge satisfied smile on my face for no reason plus a tickley feeling that I can't quite specify, and when he walks in my office I pretend like am busy with something and didn't even notice him walk in then go "Oh Hi you!" LOL ..am like that most of the time ..

am actually hearing him now talking to the secretary about his home town... aaah such a cute smile... LOL I can't believe me!

wait is she flirting with him!? that cow! oh well I'm not like going to do anything about it anyways as I don't mess around with boys at work, *e7imDARNe7im* so I'll enjoy the feeling till it goes away I guess..

crap! I better hurry up and post this then post something else before anyone could read it! yalla Bye!

ur southpark girlie is soooo cuuuuuuuuuuute ;p
and if u look like that no wonder that the computer...fixing...guy likes u :P oo itha he get to kno u akeed he'll fall in LOVE with u :P kila 5arbay ur computer 3ashan he cums and fix it!!! (6)
LOL!..Is it the uniform of the computer guy turning you on ;)

I don't like cats!!
Sambooosa, no guns allowed in my blog honey, you can't say shotgun or stapknife or any of that sort and not get in trouble for it =P

hehehe! aslan mo bs my computer, when someone else's computer breaks and I know how to fix it I'd say "oh I don't know how to fix it! call the computer fixing guy!" works like a charm ;)
howahkan, oh come on it's totally adorable, my friend doesn't like cats either but am sure he'd love a cat that works on his computer =P

and he does not wear a uniform, just reg jeans and t shirt =} a uniform if it's not military then it's not a turn on if you asked me
Allaaah! Crush butterflies!! Wanasaa a7la shaaay!
Delicately Realistic, shhh he'll hear you!

hehe I know I was telling my friend that today, am so enjoying the feeling =}

I am glad it really has been a while for me to smile goofyly
abe a crush ma3arfaa mooleya;p those r fun;p
um-mit3eb, really? I think the one you mentioned end up fast since you never get to see them again so you never actually get to the crushy part, this one is funner =}
Hi there.
How did you save that tag?
I was tagged too but I was unable to save the picture!

What is a crush anyway?
Blue Ice, what's what's a crush!? questionech ghareeb somewhat..

shofay, am sure by now you got it but I'll tell you anyways, you save the link then you paste it on your either print or whatever system you use, now you select the part you want then you paste it on another shisma.. okay that's why I shouldn't be a teacher.. ask someone who can explain things hehe
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abeee =(

i want to have a crush on Mr.Big, i don't seem to find one nowadays!!
Mr. Big?! okay! what if he wasn't big? LOL
hehe whomever feels awkward say aye!
lol, wicked!
too late, we all read it :)
be careful, don't hurt yourself, playing with boys could hurt sometimes you know ;)
WhiteWing, that, and the fact that we work togather, am just enjoying the feeling =} freshning really!
and the title fits the post like no other!

i miss the joy of having a pointless crush...
Still Breathing, I have been rewarded hehehe, I mentioned it's been long for me too =} you'll get what's comming to ya =}
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