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Pillow Talk...

I can't seem to find the right pillow! I could swear I had one when I was a kid that never gave me nightmares nor did I ever wake up with such sore neck.. I just can't recall what it looked or felt like.. I have been looking for a pillow for such a long time now and I'm tired of looking, no matter what I get I always end up with so much pain around my neck and shoulder that no massage session can fix... I want my happy sleep.

am I the only one with this problem?!

Join the club, I find that they no longer create decent pillows, I like mine to at least elevate my neck but not hurt it. Ugh :/ I hate them! Make good pillows to sleep on!
Jacqui, we really should create a club!
i know how u feel..i lost hope so i put the pillow on top of my head instear of under...o 7alait el mishkila :)..

loved the post title,,,it reminded me of the movie...i luv it
Creating a club might conflict with the club created for insominacs or people who would have difficulty falling asleep I guess ;P Don't you agree?

But I'm serious when I say that if the bed is too low and the pillows are lower and flatter then I won't get much sleep. I prefer to feel as if I am floating up up up and above! :p
me, there was a movie with that name?! didn't know that.

Jacqui, aaah that's what am asking for, to sleep on a cloud.. that is all am asking for.
i used to have one of those oh so perfect pillows, and i cant find one now either, a9lan i have 7 pillows on my bed :P (u can say am a pillow collector lol) everynight i sleep on a different pillow HOPING to get a nightmare-less neck pain-less sleep!
Samboosa, GET OUT! I have 7 pillows too!! actually I didn't know I had 7 pillows until you told me and I counted mine =P they're all 7 different pillows and I do sleep on a different one every night.. nothing works ={ I need to go pillow shopping again soon..
a few days ago i was cussing at my pillows when i woke up!
i went for a small pillow hunt, nothing decent. If you find the perfect pillow, pleeeeeeeeeease post :P
Yazeed, I so am ganna! believe you me.
baby i love your bed ! ,, alor of "welcome in" signs ;P
bb, ermm let's just say that's not my bed =}
URE KIDDING :P LooOl!! and the're all different shapes & different colors?? mines r 7ADHOM mragi3een .. actually my whole room is mraga3a :P
Samboosa, they're of 2 colors mixed with different shapes, I feel like it's time for a change though..
hmmm.. well i have a solution ,, i put one in horizontally and one virtically .. like an inversed letter L and i hug it away .. very comfy ..
beside have u ever thought that the problem may not be the pillows.. but the mattress itself ? hmm.. wish u all a restful sleep :)
sponta, try the pillows in faihaa co-op the first floor, good prices and good qulaity!
Sloth, I thought you were ganna say maybe the problem is with me! hehe, walla maybe! now it got even more complicatged! ={

Brava Valentia, I am so ganna, will update you, thanx for the tip =}
that childhood pillow is one of innocence and freedom from all worries and concerns..
no one can get this pillow after the age of 8 i think :)
stop thinking and smile, you have a beautiful smile you know :)
sponta.. isn't it always :P
it's could be the matress!!

anyway, mine is from marks and spencer and i love it.
* it could be
Sloth, meany mean you =/

Flam, yeah.. maybe.. it's becoming too general to handle now =/
WhiteWingy, *sigh* not tat I had hopes, but I just hit rock bottom ={ is that true!? my worries and thoughts?! sounds very possible, maybe I'll stop looking.. =/

and hey thanx, I think you have a gorgeous smile too =} a very real one unlike many others =} inshalla we'll always see this smile on your face forever =}
My pillow was perfect when I first got it...but now its become oh so normal...I gotta get a fresh one...
Alllaaaah ! That fresh pillow and sheets feeling, makes you wanna sleep forever!
Aurora, I love the smell of clean sheets, that's one story, but the perfect pillow is way outta my reach =/
Hope u find ur match pillow as soon as possible .. :)

and since u find it u'll never let it go away BElieve me .. ;)

NICE blog too ;)
thanx breeze =} welcome to my blog glad you like =}
Spont, sounds like a literal pain in the neck problem.

You remind me the days I used to go to Wal-Mart to buy a pillow. One million option to choose from and I had no idea which one is what :)
Go to center point and ask for their medical pillows; take the cotton filled one, take on thin and one thick. Since doing that I have no neck problems.

Sweet dreams :)
Hitman1, see what I mean? why make so many options!

True Faith, jeez thanx hon, I have been to central point but didn't get that pillow, will =} appreciated.
Just use your arm and sleep on it :P
True you might wake up and it is numb but better than any other pillow :D
Hopeless Poet, you obviously don't move alot in your sleep, I did that one time and when I woke up I couldn't use my arm for an entire evening, so I guess I'll pass but thanx for the thought =}
I had no time yet to go there ={ the nasty sleep contiues ={
im a pillow freak ! i cant sleep without my 5 beloved pillows
i have the same problem! but before 5 years ago taqreban, ones i found the magic pillow! it was fyy Le Meridien! loool! nemt 3adel that day, and when i woke up at morning ma gedart akhaleha o amshyy:p soo i put it in my bag and went out! la men dery wala men shaf :P bs i wont do it again now hehe!
Fuzzy, you sleep on 5 pillows?!! what are you a zarafa?!

PeacefulMind, your behaviour doesn't meet with your nickname hehe, I am tired enough to give it a thought, but I am not tough enough to actually go for it =/
Stop looking...
Eventually the right pillow will find you!!
Phoenix, LOL!! it's not true love! it's a pillow!
no ur not alone. please let me know when u find it! :/
msb, will post when I do find one, ed3eely =}
I like IKEA's pillows ..

I also like phoenix's comment
Alia, tried 2, they lose their fluffyness fast ={

regarding Phoenix's comment..
that is why i would never throw my pillow away !! cuz when i travel i suffer a lot with out my baby pillow !! i guess next time i will take it with me !!
Honey, hehe!! bel3ax hotel pillows are the best I love them, maybe I'll look into PeacefulMind's idea.. =/
sweet sponty
thank baby cous for your kind words
enjoyed our time together today
WhiteWing, aaah that's so sweet, I really had an awesome time too, I can't seem to get enough of getting togather with you guys =} allah layghayer 3alaina =}
I know its not true love.. but its a pillow.. you spend your whole night with, probably more time than you spend with humans sponty. So you have to love your pillow!!
Phoenix... speechless you leave me my love, speechless you leave me..

ها قنعتي؟؟
Alia, kany ga3da o 7atta eedy 3ala khady natrat-ha chood it arrives on a big white horse! =/
guess wat?!
u've been tagged ;p
ur problem is the pillow?!!!

mine is insomnia... much worse if u ask me.
Mine is worse, I actually fell in love with my pillow!
Samboosa, ana ma antagg =P

Still Breathing, yeah it is much worse, I will post later about when one of my friends had it and we all had to suffer from it =/
Mysterious, aaaw =/ very emotional hehe
I haven't had a good sleep since I finished redecorating my room. I got a new pair of pillows that are softer and thinner than the ones I had before so I guess I'm not used to them yet. Also the parquet floor makes the room a lot colder than before when I had a carpet.

The most comfy pillows I've ever slept on were feather pillows at The Palace of the Golden Horses hotel in Malaysia. I should've bought a couple. :/
oh stole! hehe
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