Rien d'especial.. relax, kick back & feel at ease *^_^*



Trick Or Treat...


Cuuuuuuute ;p
sho6Gunnn ;p
Samboosa, khara3teeni!!
Waaay yumaa!
your dog must have the coolest costume in dogland ;)
hay snookums
happy halloween
breakfast my place this Friday at 10, ok?
see you soon
ya saaater
shenow hatha?
hehe adorable, and to you too sweets ;*
Delicately Realistic, kheftay min shino? akeed Samboosa.

abdulaziz, how do you know about dogland!

White Wing, would love to =} see ya cuz =}

aajel, hathaa kalbon.

Brava Valentina, hope it was a good one =}
laaaish? ana a5arii3? :P
Can u elaborate on your Q spont. ? :)
Samboosa, no I was still editing when you commented =P that's why..

abdulaziz, it was a joke, as if dogland was a secret that not many know about, nevermind it's ruined now =P
happy halloweeen 2 u 2...what costum did u choose ;)??
me, I went as myself, scary huh =}
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